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Su Pollard - The Archers star June Spencer, 103, retires from BBC drama after 72 years in iconic role -
The Archers star June Spencer, 103, retires from BBC drama after 72 years in iconic role
BBC Radio 4 show after 73 years.The actress, 103, has played the iconic matriarch Peggy Woolley (formerly Archer) since the programme launched back in 1951 but has now confirmed she'll be stepping down.However, June, also explained that she had been planning to retire for around a year but hadn't found the right moment to depart the role.READ MORE: TV legend and Hi-De-Hi star Su Pollard slams BBC over 'political' comedy showsJune became the longest-serving soap actor in the world, surpassing her former The Archers co-star, Lesley Saweard.Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, June said: "I've been trying to retire for at least a year."They didn't want to lose her character, every time I tried to stop, they gave me more episodes."The idea was that the country characters having to explain things to Peggy educated the listeners."Peggy also shared how she believes the long-running soap opera should announce her departure from the show.She went on to tell the publication: "The simplest thing is if (Peggy has) a fall or something and goes into The Laurels (a fictional care home), she can languish for years there."Her character, Peggy, was seen as a traditionalist, conservative character in the fictional town of Ambridge.Over the years, she's amassed many fans but most famously, the Duchess of Cornwall, who had previously invited June and her co-stars to her London residence, Clarence House to celebrate the show's 70th anniversary.Sharing her thoughts on June, Camilla said: "[June is] a true national treasure who has been part of my life, and millions of others, for as long as I can remember."June's final episode was broadcast on June 31, with the episode being recorded from her home in Surrey to save her making the journey to