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Sonny Jay - Roman Kemp plots wild night out with Harry Styles but fears missing Capital radio show - - London
Roman Kemp plots wild night out with Harry Styles but fears missing Capital radio show
Roman Kemp has started planning a future night out with his pal Harry Styles - after being forced to miss out on the pair's Wembley afterparty.The Capital FM presenter had made plans to party with the former One Direction star after the Summertime Ball at Wembley, but sadly the bash fell through as poor Roman had to work the next day.READ MORE: Roman Kemp reveals emotional reason he signed up for Celebrity Gogglebox with dad MartinRoman and his Capital co-stars Sonny Jay and Sian Welby have to get up at the crack of dawn, 4am, to ensure they're ready to entertain the nation on the Capital Breakfast Show from 6am to 10am.Roman, Sonny and Sian chatted to Daily Star's Sam Huntley and other press at the 2022 TRIC Awards at Grovsenor House in London.Asked if he got to to the Wembley afterparty, Roman replied: "No we didn't, to be fair we didn't.Sian chimed in: "We had to work the next day and get up at 4am. We couldn't live the rock and roll life!"Roman: "They say I don't like partying anymore."However, it seems the pair will reunite soon as Roman told Daily Star he will "100%" be partying with Harry soon at an undisclosed location.Grilled on whether he's ever pulled an all-nighter before his Capital show, Roman said: "They all hate me because I don't drink on work nights."Sian quipped: "He does what we like to call a Kemp Exit where one minute he's there, the next minute he's gone.
Simon Cowell - Amanda Holden - Sonny Jay - Colin Jackson - Where are BGT's Loveable Rogues now - Dancing on Ice, voiceover fame and R&B star - - Britain
Where are BGT's Loveable Rogues now - Dancing on Ice, voiceover fame and R&B star
Britain's Got Talent audition in 2012.The band - consisting of members Sonny Jay, Eddie Brett and Té Eugene Qhairo - won over the hearts of judges Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden with their originals songs Lovesick and Honest.Impressing the public in the semi-finals, they also bagged a spot in the BGT final that year, finishing in fourth place behind eventual winners Ashleigh and Pudsey.On the back of their success in the competition, the band landed an impressive £500k record deal with Syco.Alas, it wasn't to be.After being dropped from Syco in October 2013 due to poor record sales, the boys announced their intent to disband in November 2014.They said in a statement at the time: "The three of us, who you’ll know as the Loveable Rogues, have made the tough, but self-assured decision to part ways at the end of the year. "We've had the most incredible time as a band; performing, touring, playing, writing and laughing together for half a decade, but the time feels right to head in different directions and take on new endeavours."So, where are The Loveable Rogues now? And, what exactly are they up to?Sonny Jay is perhaps the most recognisable of The Loveable Rogues today.Following the band's split, the 28-year-old landed a radio presenting gig on Capital FM alongside Ronan Kemp and his career has since gone from strength to strength.In 2021, Sonny competed on and won Dancing on Ice.He skated with professional ice skater Angela Egan in the series, beating Coronation Street star Faye Brookes and Olympic legend Colin Jackson to the crown.Speaking about his gruelling experience on the show, Sonny recently told Daily Star: "The biggest challenge for me was...
Liam Payne - Sonny Jay - Will Smith - Harry Styles reacts to One Direction bandmate Liam Payne's weird Oscars accent - - Britain - London - Los Angeles - USA - Ireland
Harry Styles reacts to One Direction bandmate Liam Payne's weird Oscars accent
Harry Styles has come clean about the 'transatlantic accent' after his One Direction bandmate's bizarre Oscars interview this week.Fans were left baffled after Wolverhampton-born Liam Payne was filmed speaking with a new accent in his red carpet chat with Good Morning Britain, with many on social media asking afterwards why his voice had changed.Liam had spoken at length about Will Smith's dramatic slap on Chris Rock and revealed that he lives close to the Hollywood actor, saying he believed there were "three losers in one fight" — Will, Chris and Jada.Some confused viewers commented that he had appeared to have taken on a Los Angeles way of speaking, while others also heard unexplained Irish and Welsh intonations in his delivery despite him being from England.While on Sonny Jay and Roman Kemp's Capital Breakfast show on Friday morning, Harry was asked if he had also started to get a "transatlantic accent from America", which he replied to by saying: "Well don’t think in the time that I just got here, because I only got in yesterday for Coachella rehearsals, so in the space I’ve been here this trip I think I’ve survived" "I think it’s a little bit all over the place because I’m from up north and I’ve lived in London for 10 years and I’ve spent a lot of time in America and stuff and I think when I’m with Americans they don’t think I sound American at all, and then I think sometimes when I’m with English people they expect me to sound American, I don’t think I do, but I try and translate for whoever I’m with!"The singer was also asked by Roman whether he sees himself as "an artist first or an actor first", and said he thought he was a "musician first" "I feel really lucky to get to do a job that I love and I feel very
Sonny Jay - Bradley Walsh - Mark Labbett - Shaun Wallace - Bradley Walsh admits he ‘cheated’ producers to bag his job hosting ITV's The Chase -
Bradley Walsh admits he ‘cheated’ producers to bag his job hosting ITV's The Chase
Bradley Walsh has been the famous face of The Chase for 12 years, but he's finally revealed how he really bagged his job hosting the hit ITV show.The cheeky host has presented the show since it first aired in 2009, and he's known for bantering with his players and breaking character when he spots rude names in his questions.However, it turns out he 'cheated' his way into his hosting role - and it involved cutting corners with dirty tricks to 'outsmart' the show's genius Chasers in a quiz.Bradley, 61, told his tale of trickery when he appeared on Capital Breakfast.Radio DJ and Dancing on Ice 2021 champ Sonny Jay asked him: "‘I have to ask you, Bradley, obviously you do The Chase, now you must have so much knowledge and have learned so much from doing the show."However, do you think that you might be able to outsmart them on something on your subject? Have you got a subject where you think, 'Actually I don’t think they would know the answer to that'?"Bradley reckoned his Chasers would be strong in every subject area, but soon confessed to how he won his job on the show.Bradley said: "I’ve gotta fess up as well. When we first did the job, the only two choices that were first there were actually The Beast and The Dark Destroyer, right?’ he began, referring to quiz masters Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace."And we were doing an office run through, and this is to get the job up and running.
Holly Willoughby - Sonny Jay - Jason Donovan - Angela Egan - Dancing on Ice's Sonny Jay spills ITV show gossip - rituals, injuries, co-star bonds -
Dancing on Ice's Sonny Jay spills ITV show gossip - rituals, injuries, co-star bonds
Dancing on Ice 2021 winner Sonny Jay had a blast on the ITV show and he's now spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets fans didn't get to see on camera.The Capital FM DJ won the show in 2021 alongside his pro-skating-partner Angela Egan - an amazing moment he described as "surreal" and "mental".Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Sonny talked about brutal injuries on the ice, backstage chats with stars like Jason Donovan, and what he thought about show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.The radio presenter revealed that training sessions on the ice can last up to a whopping seven hours, and he'd have to get up at 4am to pack everything into his day.He had to fit his tiring training sessions around his Breakfast slot on Capital FM - which is from 6am to 10am.Sonny said: "The biggest challenge for me was... I was doing the breakfast show at the same time as Dancing on Ice so every single morning I'd get up at 4am anyway, the show starts at 6am, finishes at 10am and it always feels like a day's work when you go and do that...""And then I just remember having to then go to a seven hour training session on the ice, and I do genuinely look back and I think 'i don't know how I did it'."Injuries on the ice rink are commonplace on Dancing on Ice, and Sonny said his time was no different as he fell over "so many times".In fact, 24 hours before his first skate, he sprained his wrist after a cartwheel lift went horribly wrong.Talking about injuries, Sonny said: "When you sign up for a show like that, you sort of know an injury's going to happen at some point.
Sonny Jay - Jason Donovan - Vanessa Bauer - Angela Egan - Dancing on Ice’s Bez forced to wear safety gear on launch night in show first after DISASTROUS rehearsals - - Australia
Dancing on Ice’s Bez forced to wear safety gear on launch night in show first after DISASTROUS rehearsals
NINETIES icon Bez has been such a disaster in training Dancing on Ice bosses are making him wear a helmet when he performs on Sunday night.  The Happy Mondays groover, 57, will be the first celebrity ever to wear safety gear live on the ITV show.  He said: “Falling over is a daily occurrence to me.  “If I don't bang my head on the ice, I don't feel I've been doing it properly.” Photos from training have shown Bez’s helmet fly off because he struck the ice so hard. And bosses are concerned how bad his fall could be under the pressure of live TV, when the show returns on Sunday.  A show source said: “Health and safety is obviously of utmost importance and Bez has had some spectacular falls.  “While it’s all part of the show - and he does it with a smile - when his helmet flew off and he bashed his head on the ice, producers took the unusual step of asking him to perform wearing a helmet.  “It’s not ideal, actually it’s quite embarrassing for him, but Bez has taken it on the chin like a trooper.” Bez is dancing with Angela Egan, 34, who reached the final last year with Sonny Jay.  Bez said: “On Wednesday I'd made a huge step and I only fell over once, which is really good for me.  “Today, I'm hoping to get through a full session without falling.  “But I definitely have more Frank Spencer moments than any man I know.” Last year the show was forced to skip a week, and then were forced to cut the show short after seven stars were forced to drop out, including five celebrity contestants, through injury and Covid.  Australian actor Jason Donovan picked up a back injury, while Joe-Warren Plant and his partner Vanessa Bauer had to leave the series after testing positive for coronavirus.