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Oti Mabuse - Janette Manrara - Ruth Jones - Strictly fans gobsmacked as Gavin and Stacey's Nessa unveiled as 'contestant' for show -
Strictly fans gobsmacked as Gavin and Stacey's Nessa unveiled as 'contestant' for show
full-line up for Strictly Come Dancing 2022 has finally been revealed.However, fans of the BBC One show were left confused by a social media announcement issued by an official Twitter account.A message shared on BBC Three's page read: "Oh! What's occurring? Nessa is bringing Barry Island to the ballroom as the 20th celebrity contestant confirmed for Strictly 2022."READ MORE: Strictly Come Dancing 2022 full line-up - soap icons, X Factor beauty and sporting stars The tweet also included a snap of Ruth Jones' iconic Gavin and Stacey character against the Strictly backdrop, similar to the pictures released of all the confirmed celebrities taking part this year.A message was later shared on the BBC Three account admitting the announcement had been a prank, not least because Nessa is a fictional character.Unsurprisingly, a number of Strictly fans rushed to their keyboards to reply to the post.While some guessed it was a joke, others shared their excited after being duped by the fake announcement.The channel later replied to its original tweet, tagging the official Strictly Come Dancing account as they wrote: "Sorry @bbcpress and @bbcstrictly our hand slipped."Some disappointed fans went on to share their hopes that Nessa star Ruth will take part one day.One fan replied: "Cruel. Very cruel."Another said: "So funny.
Ruth Jones - Gavin and Stacey's Rob Bryon heckled by audience baa-ing at him during nightmare gig -
Gavin and Stacey's Rob Bryon heckled by audience baa-ing at him during nightmare gig
Gavin and Stacey star said the crowd started the mickey-taking heckles after he opened the gig with some “whimsical Welsh things”.The 57-year-old Welshman confessed he had no idea how to deal with it – so ignored it and carried on with his set.But the star now admits that was the wrong decision to make.Speaking on his own Brydon & podcast, father-of-five Rob explained it was when he “played [London comedy club] Up The Creek”.He went on: "I was doing these very weak, whimsical Welsh things, and one person goes ‘'Baa', and I ignore it."Then another one, ‘Baa’, and I swear to you the whole room started."The worst thing was that I didn’t address it, I just carried on as if it wasn’t happening."Terrible – it’s the worst thing you can do. I know that now."Last year, Rob finally spoke out about his Gavin and Stacey character Uncle Bryn's sexuality.He's played the fan favourite since the BBC sitcom first launched back in 2007.Over the past 14 years, Bryn's sexual orientation has been questioned by fans.While creators Ruth Jones and Jams Corden have never confirmed Stacey's uncle is homosexual, Rob says he'd be shocked if he wasn't gay.Speaking on the Tablr Manners podcast, Rob explained: "There's a part of me that doesn't want to say anything because I think it should be in the mind of the audience."Obviously they have written it...
James Corden - Ruth Jones - Alan Titchmarsh - Larry Lamb - 'Upset by it' Alison Steadman slammed 'political correctness' at Gavin and Stacey backlash - express - Britain - China - Japan
'Upset by it' Alison Steadman slammed 'political correctness' at Gavin and Stacey backlash
BBC show, said that criticism over the sitcom had been taken "too far", adding that nicknames on the show were simply "fun names".The star is set to appear on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh today, where she may discuss her time on Gavin and Stacey alongside other acting projects.Alison has played Gavin's mum Pam since the first episode aired back in 2007.She starred opposite Larry Lamb, who played the role of her husband, Mick.Despite being loved by viewers generally, the favourite BBC programme recently sparked backlash due to Pam's friend's nickname, "Japanese Margaret".Addressing the criticism in autumn 2020, Alison said: "I was shocked and upset by it."It's like, Pam's got a friend called 'Japanese Margaret', but it's not because she is being racist."They are fun names and we all do it with friends," she added.However, the star also said she understood some of the backlash.Alison went on: "I can understand why suddenly people start going, 'Argh'."But come on, no one wants to be racist."No one wants to be disrespectful."I think sometimes we take political correctness too far," she said to Belfast Telegraph.Two years ago, the BBC confirmed that Gavin and Stacey episodes would be staying on iPlayer in spite of social media backlash over past episodes.The hit BBC comedy, written by James Corden and Ruth Jones, was criticised over the names of its characters, such as "Seth, the black fella", "Big Fat Sue" and "Chinese Alan".The broadcaster removed Little Britain from the streaming platform for its past blackface sketches, but is standing by Gavin and Stacey.Programme writer Ruth Jones, who also stars as Nessa on the show, previously defended an anti-gay slur in the Christmas special.Defending the remarks, she said
Ruth Jones - Rob Brydon - 'Family comes first' Rob Brydon shares stark warning that forced him to turn down roles - express - Hollywood - George
'Family comes first' Rob Brydon shares stark warning that forced him to turn down roles
Saga Magazine in their latest issue, Rob revealed he has turned down West End musicals after receiving a warning about the impact this could have on his family life.He said: "I've always wanted to do something... proper."I would have signed up for a big West End musical, but I was warned about the impact that has on your family."My two youngest, Tom and George, are 13 and ten, so it's an important time for me to be with them."Similarly, Rob also detailed the reasons why he has not tried to make it in Hollywood.He continued: "When anyone asks me about going to Hollywood, I give them the same answer."If it means being away from Clare and the kids for six months, I'm not interested."Maybe when they've finished school but, at the moment, family comes first."Rob and Clare married in 2006, with the pair meeting when she was working on The South Bank Show.Their son Tom was born in 2008, and George in 2011.Rob has three children Katie, Amy and Harry from his marriage to Martina.The marriage lasted from 1992, with the pair's divorce finalised in 2000.The actor was actually school friends with Ruth Jones, the creator of Gavin & Stacey.They both joined the drama group at Porthcawl Comprehensive School in South Wales.Detailing when Ruth asked him to play Bryn, he said: "Thank god she did."I'd been auditioning and knocking on doors for over 20 years."At one point, I was even a presenter on a shopping channel.