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Inside Masked Singer's studios - prison, Hollywood movies to 'haunted' Dancing On Ice
The Masked Singer contestants under wraps is a tricky business, especially as viewers have their eyes wide open for the tiniest of clues.Filming at a busy studio in central London could make it even trickier, as the stars have to hide who they are as they come and go from rehearsals and fittings to make sure there aren't any leaks.But show bosses had clearly thought of all that as the programme is shot at a studio facility at an old RAF airfield in Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. And The Masked Singer certainly isn't the first big production to grace the sound stages of the base.We have a look at what else has gone on inside the studio.The base, which was used during World War II and up until the 60s, has three runways.So although flying there wrapped up in 1964 it's the perfect spot to film TV shows and films with airborne scenes.One of the most memorable segments filmed on the airfield was the flying car scene in James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun.The 1974 movie starred the late Roger Moore as the suave spy.Star Wars fans will be excited to hear that Bovingdon was used in Rogue One.The 2016 spin-off – which starred Felicity Jones and Diego Luna – was set shortly before the events of 1977's A New Hope and followed rebels who were aiming to steal some plans of the Death Star space station.The film featured the tropical planet Scarif, which was actually created at the airfield.The Radio Times quoted production designer Neil Lamont as saying: "We shipped in 2000 tons of sand in about 200 truckloads and imported over 60 palm trees from Spain and various greenery from the UK.