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Raging Martin Lewis fumes over government 'zombies' and calls excuses 'bull'
Martin Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to talk about the cost of living crisis.The Money Saving expert appeared on Wednesday's edition of Good Morning Britain after shock figures have been released from analysts that have predicted energy bills will rise even higher than expected this winter.Bills are now expected to reach approximately £3,582 per year for the average household from October - up from the £3,359 predicted earlier this month.READ MORE: Mobile companies could rinse you with surprise charges this month, Martin Lewis warnsMartin Lewis has blasted the Conservative government, saying that "this is a national crisis on the scale of the pandemic".The government claimed it is currently unable to introduce any immediate measures due to the leadership race between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss.The financial expert has labelled this excuse as "bull".In Wednesday's interview, show host Charlotte Hawkins said to Martin: "The government are adamant that nothing can be done until the new PM comes in?"Martin Lewis responded by saying: "What a load of bull, that's complete bull.."That's simply not true."This is a national crisis on the scale of the pandemic."The government is sitting there like zombies."Martin called on the two leadership candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, to reach an agreement of what will happen to avoid a "national crisis".He said: "The idea they can't do anything is wrong.
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Liz Truss reveals Geri Horner told her ‘go for it’ at Lionesses match amid leadership contest after Spice Girls star posed with Nadine Dorries
Geri Horner appears to be backing Liz Truss in the leadership contest after reportedly giving the candidate warm words of support. The Spice Girls singer is already facing backlash after photos were shared of her hugging Tory minister Nadine Dorries at the Lionesses’ historic match last night, which saw the women’s England football team bring home the trophy in the Euro 2022 final against Germany. Many of Geri’s fans quickly expressed their disappointment that the Wannabe singer would align herself with the Conservative Party. However, Ms Dorries wasn’t the only Tory MP that Geri was seen mingling with as a photo has also emerged of the popstar hugging Ms Truss while posing for a photo at Wembley Stadium. Ms Truss, who is Foreign Secretary, is currently going up against former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the battle for Prime Minister after Boris Johnson resigned last month. Not only was Geri happy to pose for a photo with the candidate, but Ms Truss has also revealed the encouraging words she received from the pop icon. ‘She said “go for it”, she was very positive,’ the minister told Mail Plus. It comes after Ms Dorries shared the photos of her and Geri giving each other a tight squeeze in the stands, with the caption: ‘Girl power radiating from Wembley tonight.’ The post didn’t go down well with some of Geri’s fans, with one tweeting: ‘Geri has reached peak Tory. V upsetting,’ while another commented: ‘Finding out ginger Geri Halliwell Spice is a massive Tory , has ruined my day.’Another Twitter user weighed in: ‘Geri Halliwell actively embracing a woman who voted against gay marriage, who was only recently demonising the trans community, is 100% not shocking.
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Paul O’Grady gives health update as he blasts ‘these two planks’ Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak
Covid, discussed his health amid the ongoing battle for our next Prime Minister.The TV presenter, 67, was not afraid to share some scathing remarks about Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, who are the two candidates left in the running to become the next prime minister.O’Grady insinuated that, while his Covid symptoms were a pain, they were not as bad as his experience watching the latest debate between Truss and Sunak.Sharing a picture of the two politicians with his 696,000 Instagram followers, Paul didn't hold back.“I’m still a bit done in from this bloody Covid although I’m no longer contagious and haven’t been for a few days,” he began.The star then went on to add he was tuning into the Tory leadership debate like many others across the county.“I’m watching these two planks trying to persuade us why they’d make a wonderful Prime Minister,” he wrote“Truss is banging on about Turbo Charged Toffee, am I hallucinating or what?“Whilst the other one is insistent that we know he once had a Saturday job in a chemist.“To hear him you’d think he’d been forced to work down the mines since he was a child.“What a carry on, I’d laugh if it didn’t send me off coughing so I’m making do with a scornfully curled lip.“Once again, thanks for all your kind messages when I was away from home and feeling like I’d been dug up and belted with the shovel," the star ended his post.After a series of knock-out rounds, only Truss and Sunak remain in the running to be Prime Minister.The final five also included hopefuls like Penny Mordaunt, Kemi Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat.Plenty of other famous figures have given their opinion on the leadership race, including Jeremy Clarkson.“How can we have ended up having to choose a leader from a shortlist made up
Michael Gove - Liz Truss - Rishi Sunak - Deborah Meaden - Deborah Meaden rages at Sunak and Truss' response to climate change 'They have no idea!' - express
Deborah Meaden rages at Sunak and Truss' response to climate change 'They have no idea!'
Climate change was pretty weak from both of them," she declared after watching one of the pair's televised debates.She added: "They clearly have no idea of the scale…."Rishi Sunak has already been slammed for "economic illiteracy" over the issue.In previous government debates, he consistently voted against policies aimed at minimising the perils of climate change and global warming.And just before the pandemic began, he dismissed the idea of a proposal to cut almost all transport emissions by 2030.Back in 2016, he chose not to vote in favour of lowering the maximum carbon emissions for new homes.Meanwhile, he even stood against plans for a windfall tax against oil and gas companies.However he did create incentives for those who installed eco-friendly insulation in their homes, and cut VAT for those who chose to install solar panels on their homes.Plus he also grabbed attention when his Budget Statement announced he would like to divert £1 billion to a Net Zero innovation fund.When asked what members of the public could do in the fight against climate change, Mr Sunak simply suggested recycling - a technique that many have argued would not go far enough.Meanwhile Liz Truss was keen to let the world know that she had been an eco-warrior "before it was fashionable"."I was a teenage eco warrior campaigning against damage to the ozone layer," the leadership candidate proudly announced.However, some of her critics believe her policy ideas on the matter have barely progressed since those teenage years.She previously held the position of Environment Secretary, but during that time, she cut subsidies for wind farms and dismissed Michael Gove's ideas for cutting air pollution.Ms Truss also announced in March that she would
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Psychic pig 'Mystic Marcus' wrong about next PM after Suella Braverman knocked out
Boris Johnson, got the “big calls” right in the past – predicting the outcome of the last World Cup, the result of the 20160 Brexit referendum and even the election of Donald Trump. But when he was called upon to pick the winner of the Conservative party’s current leadership tussle, Marcus missed by a mile.READ MORE: Video of young Rishi Sunak saying he's 'no working class' friends goes viralShown a range of apples labelled with the names of the likely winners of the contest, including former Secretary of State for Defence Penny Mordaunt and multi-millionaire chancellor Rishi Sunak, Marcus made his choice.He strolled over and carefully selected the apple representing the Attorney General for England and Wales, Suella Braverman.But Ms Braverman was knocked out of the running in a vote today, leaving the remaining candidates scrambling to scoop up her supporters to bolster their own bid.The contest appears to be settling into a two-horse race with Mordaunt and Sunak well ahead of the remaining contenders, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Former equalities minister Kemi Badenoch and widely-respected backbencher Tom Tugendhat also still in with an outside chance.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Marcus made his prediction live on ITV’s Lorraine show yesterday morning (Wednesday, July 13).
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Boris Johnson looked very different during his first speech as Prime Minister
Boris Johnson has stepped down as Conservative Party leader after a string of mass resignations made his already precarious position unsustainable.Addressing the public today, the Prime Minister looked sullen and tired as he expressed sadness at giving up "the best job in the world".Wearing a navy blue suit and patterned tie, he revealed plans to serve as PM until a new successor is brought in the autumn.READ MORE: Who will replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister? Next PM odds and most likely successorIt's a stark contrast to BoJo's first speech as PM back on July 24, 2019.Less than three years ago, Johnson wore a similar smart suit, crisp white shirt and blue tie as he promised to "restore trust in democracy" and "prepare for a post-Brexit future".His signature blonde locks weren't as wild as they looked today, nor did he have dark circles under his eyes.BoJo had plenty of obstacles to deal with during his two years and 348 days in charge of the nation – from the pandemic to Partygate.But it was Johnson's decision to promote ally Chris Pincher to deputy chief whip that proved the final nail in the coffin.The PM approved the appointment despite widespread allegations of inappropriate behaviour.Johnson claimed he was unaware of the complaints but was accused of dishonesty – as it was shown he was told about allegations numerous times.