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Archie and Lilibet 'not expected' to receive royal titles as they aren't 'relevant'
King Charles III sits on the throne.Speaking to the Express, Jonathan said: "I wouldn't expect them to be given the HRH styling. Not because of any falling out, but because I don't think it would be particularly relevant to their lives.READ MORE: Prince Harry's memoir could be out 'at Christmas' after getting legal sign-off'"I think that Meghan and Harry made it quite clear even before they left as working Royal Family members that they wanted their children, or at that time their child Archie, to have a sort of protection from the less attractive side of being in the Royal Family."He added that it would be “strange” if Harry and Meghan pressed for their children to have their HRH titles after their parents had stepped away from their titles.He said: "And I think, given that was their aim and one of the biggest factors in the decisions they have made since then, it would actually seem strange for them to want to try to style their children that way."He cited Princess Anne as a "good example" of a royal who did not want her children to be "encumbered by titles" when they were born.The Queen's only daughter decided that her children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, would not be styled HRH when they were born, saying it was "probably easier for them"."I think that shows that there are two sides to having these honours, stylings and privileges," said Jonathan.
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Queen didn't want royals 'locked away in palaces' following devastating death
The Queen is believed to have not wanted her family to shy away from the public view during the Royal mourning period following her death.Since her death on September 8, the country and the realms of which she was Monarch for have been in national mourning, while the Royal Family are going through their own extended mourning period.Throughout her life, the late Queen who died aged 96 said she needed to be seen to be believed and according to Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, this is still the case following her death.READ MORE: Prince Philip scolded Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in brutal no-nonsense swipeJust one day after the Queen passed away, the new King Charles and Queen Camilla met their subjects outside Buckingham Palace, while other royals met crowds outside Balmoral where she died.Speaking exclusively ahead of the Monarch's funeral, Laurence said: "If you look back in history, the royal family at the death of a Monarch, the royal family would be locked away in a castle for weeks grieving without ever showing their face in public."But I think that's very much something that the late Queen didn't want and I would imagine, something that the new King doesn't want."He wants all of us to understand that he's now there for us, and I think that's really powerful."But Laurence feels as though the Mountbatten-Windsor family "learned a lesson" following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, when the family remained at Balmoral.The family stayed at their private residence before returning to London, Princess Anne stated her late mother "did exactly the right thing".Laurence continued: "They all learnt that the country needs that help, I think in many ways, yes we're sad but we don't have [the grief when Diana died].You can leave your