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‘Extraordinarily kind’ Richard E Grant praises King Charles III for treatment of late wife
King Charles III had arranged to visit his late wife, Joan Washington, before she died from lung cancer last year.The star said in his recent memoir that the king and former prince was “extraordinarily kind”. Joan Washington was a celebrity voice coach who had trained the likes of actresses Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz. The actor's beloved wife sadly died last September at the age of 74. In Richard’s new memoir, A Pocketful of Happiness, he praised the new King for his unfailing kindness. He said Charles and his wife Camilla had sent long letters and also arranged to visit Joan in Highgrove House at the time. Richard, who is an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust, told the Mail On Sunday’s You Magazine: “He’s a well-documented fan of accents and The Goon Show.“As my wife was an accent coach he loved her ability to do different voices.“They were both extraordinarily kind, visiting and so on, given how busy he is.”It comes as the former Prince of Wales ascended to the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday in Balmoral. Richard, in the new book, went on to praise a series of other celebrities who didn’t leave his side during the grieving period. He said TV chef Nigella Lawson would personally send over comfort food for him every Sunday. Gabriel Byrne, who played an alcoholic father in Richard’s 2005 film Wah-Wah, sat for hours chatting with Joan in their Cotswold cottage.Speaking about his grief, Grant said: “Like the weather, it changes a lot every hour.Something can trigger you completely unexpectedly.Britney Spears 'cyber romance' with Prince William unearthed[LATEST]Jennifer Coolidge flaunts curves dancing at Emmys as she's cut off[PICTURES]Megan Stalter risks wardrobe malfunction in very sheer
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Masked Dancer fans 'work out' Tomato Sauce is popular Channel 4 star after flirty clues
The Masked Dancer fans think Tomato Sauce is Channel 4 star Steph McGovern after "working out" the character's identity from their flirty clues.Viewers of the ITV programme have heard the character describe themselves as "the heart of the table," adding: "many an important conversation is had while breaking bread."They also teased that they "put the sauce into saucy" and were a "staple at meal times."READ NEXT: The Masked Dancer's Pig unmasked as Gavin and Stacey star as she gets the chopThe cheeky character continued: "Have a squeeze, I won't judge what you put it on."From the clues, fans think that they have 'worked out' that Tomato Sauce is presenter Steph McGovern, who hosts popular Channel 4 talk show programme Steph's Packed Lunch.One fan said: "Tomato I'm saying @StephLunch from @PackedLunchC4," while a second added: "Tomato sauce is Steph McGovern."A third agreed, saying: "Ketchup Steph McGovern."Steph regularly welcomes a variety of guests onto her lunchtime talk show, which could be linked to Tomato Sauce's clue that "a good sauce can be paired with anything."She also previously hosted BBC Breakfast, before leaving in 2019 to join Channel 4, along with BBC's Watchdog and Can Britain Have a Pay Rise?However, other fans have taken to social media to guess that Tomato Sauce could be a famous TV chef.Viewers think that the character's real identity could be Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay, with one fan saying: "If Tomato Sauce isn't Nigella Lawson I'll eat my hat."A second commented: "I think it could be either Nigella or Gordon Ramsay.""OMG Nigella makes perfect sense now! But I don't know if she's too cool to do this show," added a third.Meanwhile, another fan said: "Imagine Gordon under that costume! Stranger
Nigella Lawson - My Kitchen Rules - Who wins My Kitchen Rules 2022? We already know -
Who wins My Kitchen Rules 2022? We already know
My Kitchen Rules had only just premiered when fans realised they may have already figured out exactly who wins the 2022 season.WATCH: My Kitchen Rules 2022 - Meet Janelle and MonzirWith ten teams joining the cast alongside judges Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson this year, viewers were thrilled to have the show back after a three-year hiatus.The season promised more excitement, kitchen drama and good food than ever before, with contestants eagerly preparing to prove their worth at their instant restaurants.And with so many strong contenders, it really seemed like anyone's game… until some very telling details leaked online.Every year, betting sites like Sportsbet list the odds of who will win any given reality TV show, including MKR.Who will tkae home the prize?With rumours that these outlets are told who will win ahead of time, fans have been using the odds to predict who will win shows like MasterChef, The Masked Singer and more for years.The odds for each of the MKR couples dropped almost immediately after the first episode aired, so who is set to win the 2022 season?It looks like loved-up couple Janelle and Monzir have the best chances of winning this year, with Sportsbet odds currently sitting at $1.80.But best friends Kate and Mary are hot in their heels with odds of $5, while foodies Nicky & Jose are coming in third and currently have odds of $7.50.While fans believe the Sportsbet odds usually predict the winner of shows like MKR perfectly, the other places aren't always guaranteed.Teams in third, fourth and lower places often jump around as the season goes on and fan-favourite couples are eliminated.Steven and Frena were sitting in the top four but became the first team sent home in the 2022 season, so it's not a
Rachel Riley - Elizabeth Hurley - Nigella Lawson - Deborah James - Nigella Lawson 'distraught' as she issues emotional plea after pal Salman Rushdie stabbed - express - Britain - New York
Nigella Lawson 'distraught' as she issues emotional plea after pal Salman Rushdie stabbed
The Booker Prize winner was speaking at an event New York State Police said a male suspect ran up onto the stage and attacked Mr Rushdie and an interviewer."Rushdie suffered an apparent stab wound to the neck," the police statement said."Rushdie suffered an apparent stab wound to the neck," the police statement said.The author was transported by helicopter to a local hospital and his condition is not currently known.The Indian-born novelist catapulted to fame with Midnight's Children in 1981, which went on to sell over one million copies in the UK alone.But Mr Rushdie's fourth book, in 1988 - The Satanic Verses - forced him into hiding for nine years.The surrealist, post-modern novel sparked outrage among some Muslims, who considered its content to be blasphemous, and was banned in some countries.Literary events attended by Mr Rushdie have been subject to threats and boycotts in the past.Deborah James’ husband Sebastien Bowen recalls final months together[LATEST]Rachel Riley's tearful row with husband Pasha amid 'horrible abuse'[ADMISSION]Elizabeth Hurley, 57, ethereal in white dress for World Elephant Day[PICTURES]In a statement, the Chautauqua Institution said "it is currently coordinating with law enforcement and emergency officials on a public response following today's attack of Salman Rushdie on the Chautauqua Amphitheater stage."They added: "We will provide more details as we know them".Nigella and Salman have known each other for a number of years and the TV personality recently addressed the moment she offered to cook for him but agents of national security unit Special Branch had to wait for him in her bedroom.At the time, Salman was in hiding following the release of his book, The Satanic Verses.She said:
Nigella Lawson - My Kitchen Rules announces premiere date! -
My Kitchen Rules announces premiere date!
My Kitchen Rules is coming back with a bang, bringing new contestants, judges, and lots of excellent food with it.WATCH BELOW: First look at My Kitchen Rules 2022And we finally have a premiere date for the new and improved MKR, which will come to our screens on Sunday, August 7 at 7pm.This time, it will be state versus state as the beloved cooking show gets back to what it does best: showcase real people, cooking real food at home – sharing both their culinary expertise and their love of food.The judges this time around will be Manu Fieldel and Nigella Lawson, who seem equally excited to be a part of the fun and treasured cooking show.Nigella Lawson has shared her excitement at her new judging gig."Going to restaurants can be a treat, but for me, the true story of food is told through the cooking we do at home,” Nigella said of the new gig.“So, to have the chance to champion home cooks and be given the intimate privilege of being invited into people’s homes to eat their food fills me with gratitude and excitement in equal measure!”Nigella also spoke on her excitement to work with Manu.“Although he’s a chef and I’m a home cook, the fact is we both just want to eat good food,” she said in a statement released by the Seven Network.“I feel I’ve got a lot to learn from him, but just know we’ll have a lot of fun in the process. I can’t wait!”WATCH: My Kitchen Rules 2022 | Meet Peter and AliceChannel Seven has also been teasing us with the new cast, revealing the home cook pairs two by two.We’ve met father-daughter duo Alice and Peter, who work together in a family café, who have reiterated that to them, “food is family.
Alison Hammond - Alexandra Burke - Nigella Lawson - Itv - Alison Hammond joins in Easter giggles as This Morning star sees egg shaped of her face - express - Britain
Alison Hammond joins in Easter giggles as This Morning star sees egg shaped of her face
This Morning star Alison Hammond, 47, has been honoured with an Easter egg dedicated to her.The presenter took to Twitter to join in the giggles as fans receive their funny Easter treats.Alison took to Twitter last night to laugh with one social media user who shared a video as he opened his Alison egg.The fan looked ecstatic as he opened his egg with an Alison cut out in the background.Responding in view of her 415,900 followers she shared three laughing face emojis.This is not the first time Alison has taken to the social media site to share her excitement over her own Easter egg.Twitter page London on the Inside shared a promotional image of the egg with the caption: "We all know what we really want for Easter is a hot pink, raspberry flavoured @AlisonHammond head."Alison replied: "The moment you become an Easter egg."Further, social media users Ed James tweeted: "@AlisonHammond have you seen this? Nice ears!! @AcornsHospice."Alison then joked: "Yes, can you believe it! They have made me into an Easter egg!"I'm an Easter hunny!"The Instagram page Love of Huns ran a poll asking their followers to vote for their favourite hun.In the running was chef Nigella Lawson, Alexandra Burke, Kate Slater and many more.Alison came out victorious and the Instagram page partnered with Deliveroo to offer the Easter Hunny treat.A benefit of the incredible Easter Hunny egg is all proceeds are going to Acorns Children's Hospice.The charity provides a network of care and support to life-limited and life-threatened children and their families across the UK.Deliveroo spokesperson Aisha Jefferson said: "It’s no surprise to us that Alison Hammond was crowned the nation’s number one ‘hun’, she’s an icon!"We have loved having her as the
Nigella Lawson - Nigella Lawson showcases ageless beauty and radiant skin during scorching getaway - - Australia - Britain - city Melbourne - Victoria
Nigella Lawson showcases ageless beauty and radiant skin during scorching getaway
Nigella Lawson wowed audiences in Australia at the launch of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival on Wednesday night (March 23).The TV chef and author, 62, showed off her ageless beauty and glowing complexion as she posed for photographs, wearing hardly any make-up and flashing her signature dazzling smile.She also wore a long a-line lilac dress that flowed over her gorgeous curves, and showed off her beautiful figure with a cinched waistline and plunging neckline.The dress completed Nigella's stunning spring look at the festival, where she joined the hosts of Masterchef Australia at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.Nigella looked radiant throughout the day and was said to be in high spirits as she attended the highly anticipated event - looking none of her 62 years of age.She recently revealed to British Vogue the secrets behind her iconic hourglass figure, including eating well and not denying yourself culinary pleasures, saying: "I love food too much not to eat a great deal of it."Nigella also revealed that she indulges by mixing controlled portions of vegetables with flavour-heavy meals, as well as including ingredients such as white wine in dishes such as her mushroom risotto and crab linguine.The TV chef also revealed a secret behind shifting any weight gain over the festive period too - Instead of takeaways, Nigella stands by luxurious meals to blast the festive pounds.Nigella added during the interview: "It helps not to feel deprived if you make each meal last longer."Staggering the various components rather than eating them all on the same plate at the same time gives you a sense of eating more than you are."The trick is not to become bored and therefore to use as varied a collection of vegetables as possible.