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Nicky Campbell - Davina Maccall - ITV's Long Lost Family guest believes she was switched at birth in air raid shelter -
ITV's Long Lost Family guest believes she was switched at birth in air raid shelter
Long Lost Family continues tonight with a special episode.Long Lost Family special: Switched at Birth will explore the story of Rosemary Rawlings who suspects she may have been accidentally swapped as a baby in an air raid shelter during the Second World War.In order to uncover the truth about her extraordinary upbringing and her identity, the team will do a thorough search for any biological family members she may have and for the girl with whom she may have been exchanged with.Rosemary's story will hopefully provide her with the answers she always longed for but it may potentially have huge repercussions for everyone involved.Speaking more about her situation in the show that will air on ITV tonight at 9pm (May 6), Rosemary explains that she always felt she was switched at birth.Speaking directly to the camera, she said: "I don't know how I knew and I don't know when I knew but I've always known that I was swapped at birth."The first time I can remember mum saying something, which when I look back at it, it's very peculiar."Providing more details, Rosemary continued: "We were on holiday in Weymouth and we were actually in the theatre. There was a lot of noise and I just remember mum saying 'oh that family down there, that could be your family.'"I sort of looked and thought yes there is a girl there with her mum and dad and that was it."I didn't think about it anymore, the show began and yes it never worries me.
Nicky Campbell - Davina Maccall - GMB fans in tears as Nicky Campbell praises dog for 'getting him through' a breakdown - - Britain
GMB fans in tears as Nicky Campbell praises dog for 'getting him through' a breakdown
Good Morning Britain viewers were left in tears after Nicky Campbell's appearance on Thursday's show (March 3).The 60-year-old TV star who is better known for his role alongside Davina McCall on Long Lost Family, opened up about a deeply heartbreaking moment in his life when he suffered an emotional breakdown.Recalling his mental health struggles, he spoke about how he had collapsed in tears on a patch of grass outside Euston train station on day.Nicky explained that his Labrador seemed to understand that something wasn't right and offered up unconditional love to him at a time when he most needed it.He praised his dog as being the one to provide him with comfort when he didn't even know how much that would mean to him, as he unveils his new book about his dog being a major part of his family.Taking to Twitter fans not only hailed him for sharing his deeply personal story but also shared their experiences.One person penned: "He’s not alone in that. For almost 14 years my dog has been the only one to love me unconditionally, understand my fears without judgement and I’ve never once felt he wants me to pull myself together so he can get on with HIS life.Another added: "Thank you for being a friend" that just brought a tear to my eye @NickyAACampbell @susannareid100 @GMB #GMBA third asked: "Was Nicky OK in the end there? he looked rather upset #GMB."While a fourth said: "Always liked Nicky Campbell, all round nice bloke.