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Which couples are still together from Love Is Blind Season 2?
Love Is Blind hit the streaming platform on Wednesday (October 19).The series follows 15 men and 15 women hoping to find love. But the catch is that they cannot see each other before deciding to get down on one knee.For 10 days, the men and women date each other in purpose-built "pods" where they can talk to each other through a speaker but not see each what the other looks like.Couples can only meet face-to-face once a marriage proposal is accepted, with the engaged couples heading to a resort to get to know each other better and test whether there is any physical attraction.The first series produced some matches that have lasted the four years since it first aired.The second series was not quite so successful when it came to matching couples for the long haul, however.Here is a look at who is still together from the season two match-ups.No one from the second series of the Netflix show is still together.The brightest hope seemed to be Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson.But, despite tying the knot in June 2021 and openly talking about having children as recently as July, it has been confirmed that Danielle has filed for divorce.The split occurred after the reunion show, After the Altar, had been filmed.Since the break-up, Danielle has opened up about her divorce from Nick to her Instagram followers, claiming that it was a "mutual decision" due to "personality compatibility differences".
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'Love Is Blind' Star Iyanna McNeely Says She 'Went to Sleep Crying' After Comments About Her Split
season 2 star and husband Jarrette Jones announced their separation in a joint statement on Instagram. In a new episode of her podcast,, Iyanna spoke about the backlash following the announcement with her podcast co-host Kayla Scott and their guest, fellow alum Natalie Lee. «Of course, the announcement came out this week of Jarrette and I's divorce. I should have did what Jarrette did and just turned off all my comments to begin with, but I just couldn't help myself and, by the end of the day, I went to sleep crying,» Iyanna revealed. She said that most of the comments involved people «making assumptions about people that you don't know.» One aspect of her time on the show that she's struggled with is people blaming her split on how her relationship was portrayed. «The annoying part is basing their opinions off an hour combined screen time from a 10-episode show and kind of using whatever that excuse is to explain a year and a half relationship,» she said. Iyanna noted that she has turned off her notifications, adding, «And I feel fine ever since.» Following the announcement, she has been leaning on several of her fellow female co-stars, including Natalie, Deepti Vempati, and Danielle Ruhl, who filed for divorce from Nick Thompson that same week after the pair also got together on the show. «We went out with the whole crew  — you, me, Deepti, Danielle — and I was like, 'This is good,'» Iyanna said.
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Love Is Blind star Danielle Ruhl files for divorce from husband Nick Thompson
Danielle Ruhl has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Nick Thompson, shortly after tying the knot one year earlier in June. The reality stars met on season two of Netflix hit series Love Is Blind. The premise of the show follows individuals attempting to fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face. TMZ confirmed that the 29-year-old beauty filed the divorce papers earlier this week on Monday at the Cook County Circuit Court located in Illinois to separate from the product marketer, 35.  Split: Danielle Ruhl, 29, and her husband, Nick Thompson, 35, have split after the brunette beauty officially filed for divorce earlier this week on Monday in IllinoisThe couple wed at the end of season two of the reality series and celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this summer on June 8.  Danielle had jumped to her Instagram to celebrate the special day with an adorable and loving compilation video of the two with the caption, 'one year married!!!' Despite the recent celebration, the beauty filed for divorce in Illinois at the start of the week.  Recent wedding anniversary: The couple recently celebrated one year of marriage earlier this summer in June  Last month in July, Danielle sat down with Us Weekly to discuss how she and Nick had plans to hold a second wedding, and hinted at starting a family sometime in the future. 'At either our two, or three-year anniversary, we really wanna redo a reception, to make sure all of our families can be there,' she stated. 'Like, I’ve always dreamt of my dream wedding and wedding planning and a bachelorette party.