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Hailey Bieber accused of 'cultural appropriation' as makeup tutorial sparks fury
Justin Bieber, shared all of her tips for mastering the look that she’s labelled as 'brownie glazed lips'. READ MORE: Why has Justin Bieber cancelled Justice World Tour – as he opens up about health battle The look, which is a technique which Hailey is credited for by her fans online involves a combination of brown lip liner and clear gloss.Hailey first began the trend after she posted a video to TikTok back in August when she showed her users ways to create the look whilst promoting her skincare line.She captioned the video: “The lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall @rhode skin,”She later posted a second clip which showed the results of the technique where she exclaimed: “Ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips”The video has been credited as a nod to the ‘glazed donut aesthetic’ messaging behind her Rhode range as her fans praised her for creating an autumnal look.However she has come under fire from other users online for cultural appropriation as Hailey reportedly failed to credit the source of the look.Beauty enthusiasts have noted the look has been popular for decades since the 90’s especially from women within the black, brown and Latina communities.Many outraged users took to twitter to comment on the trend.One wrote: “Brownie glazed lips is a "Hailey Bieber" look?! As if that s**t was invented by her...