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Sharon Osbourne claims she was 'abused' after being branded racist on live TV
Sharon Osbourne has spoken out against her former friends and CBS co-stars after they accused her of being a racist live on air.The outspoken TV star was appearing on Fox News’ Outnumbered where she finally spoke out about the shocking TV moment that saw her lose her job on American chat show The Talk.Sharon, 69, was seen at the time defending close pal Piers Morgan following his blistering rant about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.READ NEXT: Meghan and Harry 'floundering in LA' and 'lost' without royals, says Sharon OsbourneHer defence of Piers led to her co-stars confronting her on live TV and accusing her of being racist.She claimed that she was asked by producers if it was “okay for her co-stars to disagree with you about Piers” just eight minutes before going on air.Sharon agreed, but had no idea she was about to smeared by her fellow panellists.“It was 20 minutes of them just abusing me. I had nobody in my ear they turned me off and just left me out there to dry,” said Sharon.Speaking of her colleague Sheryl Underwood, who launched the attack, Sharon claimed she was totally blindsided as she had thrown birthday parties for her, taken care of her when she was in England and had a “really good relationship together.”“As they say, you never know anyone.
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Archie and Lilibet 'not expected' to receive royal titles as they aren't 'relevant'
King Charles III sits on the throne.Speaking to the Express, Jonathan said: "I wouldn't expect them to be given the HRH styling. Not because of any falling out, but because I don't think it would be particularly relevant to their lives.READ MORE: Prince Harry's memoir could be out 'at Christmas' after getting legal sign-off'"I think that Meghan and Harry made it quite clear even before they left as working Royal Family members that they wanted their children, or at that time their child Archie, to have a sort of protection from the less attractive side of being in the Royal Family."He added that it would be “strange” if Harry and Meghan pressed for their children to have their HRH titles after their parents had stepped away from their titles.He said: "And I think, given that was their aim and one of the biggest factors in the decisions they have made since then, it would actually seem strange for them to want to try to style their children that way."He cited Princess Anne as a "good example" of a royal who did not want her children to be "encumbered by titles" when they were born.The Queen's only daughter decided that her children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, would not be styled HRH when they were born, saying it was "probably easier for them"."I think that shows that there are two sides to having these honours, stylings and privileges," said Jonathan.
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William 'cannot forgive Harry' for trouble he's caused as 'Fab Four rift looms large'
"just cannot forgive" younger brother Prince Harry for the trouble he’s caused the Royal Family over the last couple of years.Katie Nicholl, author of book The New Royals, said that despite the brothers and their wives, Kate and Meghan, putting on a united front following the death of the Queen the rift within the ‘Fab Four’ still looms large.The damage was allegedly done following multiple incidents of Harry and Meghan talking to the US media, Nicholl claims, and it is just all too much for Prince of Wales Wills to put to one side.READ MORE: 'Hurt' Queen Elizbeth was 'exhausted by the turmoil' of Harry and Meghan, claims new bookThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex used the interview to allege racist treatment and said they wanted to break the cycle in the way they brought up their children.Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Ms Nicholl said: "Ultimately William just cannot forgive his brother, not just for his behaviour and what he’s done and how he’s done it, but look at how much now rests on William!“He always thought Harry would be his wingman, now he’s doing it on his own."She also claimed that the constant distance between Harry, Meghan and the rest of the Royal Family had made the Queen “exhausted” despite efforts to “force a reconciliation”.Nicholl said: "It’s incredibly sad that the twilight years of her reign were marred by this awful family rift that doesn’t show any sign of being healed.”In her new book, Ms Nicholl said that the Queen had said to a close pal on the matter: "I don’t know, I don’t care, and I don’t want to think about it anymore”, and “was very hurt.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.
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King Charles plots shake-up of Royal Family with bitter snub for Prince Harry
Royal Family roles and a bitter snub is set for Prince Harry, it's been reported.King Charles III is apparently set to make changes to the law preventing non-working royals being counsellors of state. Under new plans, Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice would all become ineligible to stand in for the monarch, with a change up to the 1937 Regency Act outlined by the King.READ MORE: The Queen 'left hurt and exhausted' by Harry and Meghan's antics, friend saysThe Act states that the spouse of a monarch or the next four adults in line to the throne can act as counsellors of state, filling in for the Monarch should they become indisposed.That role was filled in for the Queen in her later years by the Prince William, the at-the-time Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew as well as Prince Philip before his death in 2021.If changes to the Regency Act go ahead, then Prince William would be the only counsellor of state to have also served under the Queen.It would also mean that Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice would be counsellors as well as non-working royals, something King Charles is likely to change.It would appear relevant steps are being made to have the law changed as soon as possible, The Telegraph reported.Siblings of the King including the Earl of Wessex and Princess Royal are the rumoured likely candidates to fill two of the positions, with wider reformations to royal lineage also expected.New requirements are to be set out defining what a non-working royal can and cannot do, while also shoring up the expected counsellor positions.
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Prince Harry's body language at Queen service 'shows he wanted to do more' - expert
Prince Harry wanted to take more of a lead role at the service held for the Queen yesterday, according to a body language expert.The Duke of Sussex took more of a back seat and watched as Her Majesty's coffin was carried into Westminster Hall in preparation for her lying-in-state.And body language expert Judi James says the prince - who wasn't even permitted to wear a military uniform during the service - wanted to do more and even help carry the coffin, his body language revealed.READ MORE: King Charles III hailed as 'badass' over calm reaction to failed assassinationJudi told The Sun Online: "Harry’s fingers seemed to clench and unclench a couple of times as though steeling himself for the sight of the coffin and his eyes took on a rather haunted expression, with steepled brows illustrating his sadness."As he watch the coffin being lowered at the end of the walk, one hand stroked his frock coat in a self-comfort ritual and his shoulders rolled gently as though miming the act of loading and carrying the coffin, suggesting he would have liked to be the one helping to carry it." The Duke then followed brother Will and his wife Kate Middleton out of Westminster Hall following the service, holding hands with wife Meghan all the while.In a procession prior to the service, "feuding" brothers William and Harry walked next to each other alongside their father King Charles III behind the Queen's coffin.