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Jay Brown - Max Bowden - Billy Mitchell - Tom Parker - Jamie Borthwick - Lola Pearce - Danielle Harold - EastEnders Lola Pearce's heartbreaking exit inspired by The Wanted's Tom Parker's death -
EastEnders Lola Pearce's heartbreaking exit inspired by The Wanted's Tom Parker's death
EastEnders will kill off the character Lola Pearce played by actress Danielle Harold, it has been reported.The straight-talking Lola, who first appeared in 2011, will allegedly die from a brain tumour mirroring the real-life death of The Wanted's Tom Parker, reports The Sun.They claim that Lola will finally settle down and fall in love with her former boyfriend Jay Brown before her illness takes hold and leaves her in a dire situation.READ NEXT: EastEnders real-life scandals - 'triple firing', webcam scandal and murder convictionViewers of the BBC One soap will be heartbroken as they watch the lovebirds torn apart by her terminal diagnosis.Jay, played by Jamie Borthwick, will nurse Lola until her final, heartbreaking end, to be screened later this year.BBC soap bosses are determined the exit of the popular character will be handled with “grace and care”, and have worked alongside a brain tumour charity to create the emotional scripts.Lola first made her debut on Albert Square over a decade ago as the granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and Juliet Perkins.Her biggest storylines include a teenage pregnancy after a one-night stand with her cousin Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe/Harry Reid/Max Bowden) and fighting to keep newborn daughter Lexi out of care.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Danielle returned to the role of Lola in 2019, and her most recent plotline was as the love interest of Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula), who was battling schizophrenia.Loyal fans have taken to social media to share their upset about the rumours regarding Lola’s exit.One wrote on Twitter: “Noooo. Danielle is a fantastic actress.
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BBC responds to EastEnders viewers' complaints over Ben Mitchell rape scenes
BBC has issued a statement in response to a number of complaints about a recent episode of EastEnders in which Ben Mitchell was raped.The scenes were part of a pre-announced storyline to raise awareness of male rape.During the upsetting story, Ben, played by Max Bowden, came to blows with his husband Callum Highway, played by Tony Clay, over Ben's vigilante actions against homophobes.This caused a rift between the couple, with Ben going home with online hook-up Lewis Butler, played by Aidan O'Callaghan.Ben tried to leave but sex attacker Lewis refused to let him go and raped him in disturbing scenes.A number of viewers took to Twitter to respond to the pre-watershed scenes.One person wrote: "That was awful to watch. Made me feel physically sick."Another said: "This was not suitable TV before the watershed," while another put: "That genuinely made me feel sick to the core."The BBC has now responded to a host of viewer complaints over the soap's storyline.The broadcaster has confirmed they received complaints from viewers who were unhappy with the content in the episode.They have issued a statement in response, writing: "EastEnders has been a pre-watershed BBC One staple for over 37 years and has a rich history of dealing with challenging and difficult issues and Ben’s story is one of these."We have worked closely with organisations and experts in the field to tell this story which we hope will raise awareness of sexual assaults and the issues surrounding them.
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EastEnders fans 'traumatised' by Ben Mitchell's devastating rape scene
EastEnders fans were left "traumatised" following Ben Mitchell's harrowing sexual assault during Monday (May 23) night's episode.Over recent weeks, the character - played by Max Bowden on the BBC One soap - has been going through a difficult patch with his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay).After yet another fight with Callum, Ben decided to drown his sorrows and download a dating app where he made contact with the new manager of The Prince Albert and bartender Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan).Ben and Lewis grew close as they spent an evening together, with Ben opting to go upstairs with Lewis as soon as The Prince Albert closed. While heading upstairs with Lewis, Ben received a text from Callum which saw him and Lexi pose for a selfie.After receiving the text, a sobering Ben could be seen having second thoughts and decided to call off his date with Lewis.While Ben tried to leave, Lewis refused to let him up and events soon took a horrifying turn.In harrowing scenes, the bar manager decided to rape Ben in the same location his mother Kathy was raped by Wilmott Brown years ago.The tough scenes had a devastating impact on EastEnders viewers.Posting to Twitter, fans of the soap said they were "traumatised" by the "sad" scenes and expressed their horror at the awful situation.One gutted viewer wrote: "Seeing Ben sobbing and fighting is so sad."Another tearful fan replied: "The MULTIPLE times he said no, saying it once should ALWAYS be enough!"Broke my heart watching how traumatised Ben was to the point his face was blank, he couldn't move, couldn't react, he couldn't believe THAT just happened to him."Meanwhile, a third fan said: "I'm traumatised.
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EastEnders Ben Mitchell stars now - devastating recast, famous girlfriend and vile rant
EastEnders this week, when he is assaulted by Lewis.Following an argument with Callum, with both left wondering if this is the end of their relationship, Ben meets up with Lewis for drinks - but the night takes a devastating and harrowing turn.It is one of the many huge storylines that Ben Mitchell has been involved in throughout the years, since arriving on Albert Square in 1996 - including the murder of Heather Trott and the fake death of his mum Kathy Beale.During that time he has also been played by a total of six actors in EastEnders, including current star Max Bowden.Here Daily Star, takes a look at where the actors who played Ben Mitchell are now.Phil Mitchell and Kathy Beale's son Ben arrived on our TV screens in 1996, played by baby Matthew Silver.Matthew featured in over 14 episodes of the soap between 1996 to 1998, before the young child actor was replaced by Morgan Whittle.However, EastEnders is listed as Matthew's only acting role according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), and little has been reported about what he has gone on to do since.In 1999, Morgan Whittle arrived on our TV screens as toddler Ben Mitchell, playing the role for two years until 2001.Although he only starred in 11 episodes of the soap during that time, his stint was one of the most dramatic, after mum Kathy Beale took Ben to South Africa - with viewers later believing that Kathy had died in an accident.Like Matthew Silver, the first actor to play Ben Mitchell, Morgan Whittle's only acting role is the soap according to IMDB - and it is not known what career Morgan later moved into, or what he is up to now.One of the actors to have played Ben Mitchell for the longest period of time was Charlie Jones, who took on the role in 2006 for