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Jedward branded 'hypocrites' as they praise Queen in unearthed clip amid anti-monarchy row
"For two people that seemingly despise the monarchy, Jedward seemed pretty excited here that they performed for Her Majesty," Tweeted Abzxbennet34."Excited to perform for the monarch as and when it suits," added Jcooper1987. "They are only taking digs at the monarchy cause they got ripped the p**s out of over here whilst on X-Factor,” said MxMcoroth2. More users are calling the pair "hypocritical" while others are claiming the singers are just involved in "one big publicity stunt".The twins, who rose to fame on The X Factor, took to Twitter last Saturday to share their opinion, as they urged King Charles III to "give the people real democracy", after he was named the new King of England.The 30-year-olds wrote: "Abolish the monarchy and give the people real democracy!"They then shared a second tweet which said: "King Charles should hand back the six Irish counties on his visit to Northern Ireland – No war! Just words! It's time."While many Twitter users retweeted and liked the comments, others went after the pair for their opinions.Twitter user Maeve7ryn replied: "Guys your embarrassing yourselves now enough enough."Alex18K1n6: "Whoever is babysitting these two clowns needs to be reprimanded.“This is the time where 'children should be seen and not heard'."Other people seemed open to the debate, with H3nryatkins0n98 tweeting: "Don’t disagree in an ideological sense but in practice would be hard.""Money used for coronations and funerals that could go to the poor," replied TaharaMunt58. Jedward are an Irish singing and television presenting duo.They are best known for being on X-Factor in 2009. The pair finished in sixth place and were managed by Louis Walsh, who was their mentor during The X Factor. 
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Louis Walsh's love life - Caroline Flack 'wedding' to addressing his sexuality
X Factor for a number of years.Louis wasn't afraid to give his honest opinion during his time on the show, which often landed him in hot water with the contestants and his fellow judges.READ MORE: Louis Walsh takes swipe at Cheryl and Girls Aloud as he says he 'never wanted them'But in regards to his own personal relationships, the manager behind Boyzone and Westlife hasn't been particularly outspoken.So, what's the truth about Louis Walsh's love life? Here, Daily Star looks into the music manager's past relationship confessions, as well as his Vegas 'wedding' with former colleague Caroline Flack.While Louis has remained fiercely private about his personal life, he hasn't been afraid to poke fun in the past.In 2012, he jokingly walked down the aisle with Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack during a spoof on the show.The pair got hitched at the infamous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas by an Elvis Presley impersonator.After arriving in Sin City ahead of the judge’s house stage, Louis and Caroline exchanged vows at the chapel before sealing their romance with a kiss.However, the union was disrupted when Sharon Osbourne made a dramatic entrance.But while the hilarious spoof was clearly staged for the show, Louis has always been fond of Caroline.Following her tragic death in February 2020, the music manager paid a touching tribute to his former colleague.He said: "I really liked her, she was great fun and just a pleasure to be around. She spoke her mind and was always up for a laugh." Louis and Sharon were thick as thieves whilst judging on the X Factor.
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Louis Walsh drops massive hint he won't return to X Factor because of 'woke' culture
X Factor judge claims that nobody speaks what is on their mind nowadays due to fears of being "cancelled" due to the rising "woke culture".Louis, 69, is no stranger to reality television having been a main member of The X Factor judging panel and appearing on shows such as Celebrity Juice and Ireland's Got Talent.READ MORE: X Factor's Rak-Su's Myles says bitter Syco fall-out was 'massive weight off shoulders'Despite this, it appears the Irish star has had a change of heart and prefers how television used to be with people being brutally honest.Speaking on Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time podcast, the pair reflected on their time on the programme together, with Louis speaking fondly of Kate's brutal honesty.He said: "It was [an important part of pop culture], it really was and the shows are never going to be as good as that again."It was real, it was funny, it was everything, everything is too perfect now, everyone is afraid to have an opinion."Louis went on to hint that he may not be returning to The X Factor following the news that the show may be moving to Channel 5.He explained to Kate: "I couldn't do it, I don't have a great filter, I like to say it as I see it."You know the people at home are thinking the same thing as you."The music manager who is responsible for the likes of Boyzone, Westlife and HomeTown added that telly was "boring" now.He added: "Everyone is wonderful, 'you're going to be a star' and all that, they're not going to be a star, there's very few stars out there."I think you have to be honest, that's the one thing about Simon [Cowell], he's honest and people might not like that."It's very hard to make it in this business, even if you're good – I don't know, I like to say it like it
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Girls Aloud's jaw-dropping career – BRITs outburst, £14m tour to Sarah Harding tribute
Girls Aloud dominated the charts for ten years from 2002 to 2012 with their catchy songs and easy-to-pick-up dance moves.The group who found fame on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals faced harsh criticism in their early days, with former manager Louis Walsh admitting he didn't want the group and students chucking things at them during university gigs.But they defied all the odds against them, with the chart-toppers going on to become one of the most successful girl groups in British history.READ MORE: Kimberley Walsh and Jay McGuinness supporting each other after co-stars' deathsAs the girls join forces today (July 24), to celebrate the Race For Life for Sarah, Daily Star has taken a look at some of their biggest moments.Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts all dreamed of becoming the next big popstar during their younger days.In 2002, each girl auditioned for a new ITV show, Popstars, which aimed to create a boyband and a girlband to compete with one another for the Christmas Number One.The group, which was formed on November 30, 2002, competed each Saturday night to win the public vote before the five girls were announced as members of Girls Aloud.Sound of the Underground, their debut single, instantly topped the charts before spending four weeks at Number One, later being certified platinum.After the initial shock of winning Popstars, the girls spent five months locked away in the studio, working on their debut album, Sound of the Underground.The record which was finished in April of 2003, was released just one month later, instantly landing at Number Two on the official charts before it was certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry,Following the success of the album,
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Cher Lloyd - UK's most hated teen to doting mum and what she's up to now
Cher Lloyd's unforgettable audition on the X Factor.The young Worcestershire singer impressed Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole with a performance of Soulja Boy's Turn My Swag On that rocketed her to fame overnight.But the then-16-year-old's bad-girl attitude also made her a controversial figure on the show.Her tantrums, alleged diva behaviour and fallouts with fellow celebs saw her once labelled as the country's "most hated teenager", with judge Louis Walsh saying she was "too big for her boots" after her backstage attitude.She went on to finish fourth in the seventh series of X Factor and signed with Simon Cowell's Syco Music, but instead of becoming the next big star, the singer continued to struggle with her public image.So where is Cher Lloyd now? Here's everything we know about the stroppy teenager-turned-doting mum.After signing with Simon Cowell's record label, Cher Lloyd went on to release her first album Sticks And Stones in 2011, but she left the label shortly after in 2012.Speaking about why she left to Larry King, Cher said that she and Simon didn't agree about her career path in music.Cher then moved to the US and got a number 12 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with Want You Back, but her second single wasn't a hit and the singer split with her US label in 2014 after being unhappy about delays to the release of her second album, Sorry I'm Late.After leaving her American label, Cher moved back to the UK and took a break from the music scene.While her US career was crumbling, Cher was having luck in other areas of life as she met her husband, London hairdresser Craig Monk.The pair married in a secret ceremony after less than a year of dating when Cher was just 20 years-old.Speaking about her relationship on
Nicole Scherzinger - Thom Evans - Simon Cowell - Louis Walsh - Nicole Scherzinger reportedly engaged to boyfriend Thom Evans after romantic Mykonos proposal - metro.co.uk - USA
Nicole Scherzinger reportedly engaged to boyfriend Thom Evans after romantic Mykonos proposal
Pussycat Dolls legend Nicole Scherzinger is reportedly engaged to boyfriend Thom Evans.The singer, 44, and rugby star Thom, 37, have been together for over two years, since meeting on the set of X Factor: Celebrity in 2019.Nicole and Thom have been inseparable ever since, and it now appears the pair are preparing to spend the rest of their lives together.According to The Daily Mail, sports star Thom got down on one knee on the island of Mykonos after whisking Nicole away for a romantic holiday.A source said to be a friend of the couple told the outlet ‘they are getting married,’ adding that Thom has always known Nicole was ‘the one.’The couple first met when Thom was a contestant on X Factor: Celebrity, where Nicole was judging alongside Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh.Thom joined up with fellow rugby players Ben Foden and Levi Davis to form supergroup Try Star, finishing up in fifth place.While they didn’t win, Thom did hit instantly it off with Nicole, and before too long the couple were discussing the future together.A year into their relationship, Nicole described Thom as ‘the man of my dreams,’ revealing she wanted to have children with him.She told The Mirror: ‘I definitely want kids, at the right time.’‘It is all about timing,’ she added.Gushing about Thom, she said the rugby player was her ‘ partner in crime, my best friend.’Nicola had marked their one-year anniversary with a sweet post on Instagram, thanking Thom for answering her prayers.She penned: ‘Happy Anniversary my love. Who knew my whole world would change a year ago.
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'You're from Watford!' Spice Girls’ Geri Horner accused of 'going all posh' by Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh, 69, has claimed Geri Horner, 49, has “gone all posh” since her Spice Girls days.The Irish media personality insinuated the singer wasn’t always “very posh” based on the fact that she is originally “from Watford”. Louis opened up about the various TV stints throughout his career to friend and former colleague Kate Thornton, 49, last week. The pair spoke about his time managing boybands and appearing on ITV’s The X Factor on Kate’s podcast White Wine Question Time.Reflecting on his X Factor days, Louis insisted: “It was never in my dreams to be on TV.”Kate, who used to host the show, replied: “But you did Popstars: The Rivals before that…”Popstars: The Rivals was a talent show on ITV in late 2002 that helped make the group Girls Aloud one of the biggest girl bands in the UK. It was the second UK series of the international Popstars franchise, which previously saw the formation of winning group Hear'Say, featuring the likes of Myleene Klass and Kym Marsh.Speaking about Popstars: The Rivals, Louis confirmed he had appeared on the show “with Pete Waterman and Geri Halliwell, who's now gone all posh”.“Have you seen her?” Louis continued cheekily.
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X Factor's Sam Callahan admits feud with mentor Louis Walsh who told him to 'f*** off'
X Factor star Sam Callahan has addressed an altercation with Louis Walsh which left him in tears after the ITV show judge told him to “mentor himself”.Sam spoke exclusively to Daily Star in a Facebook Live interview in which he openly spoke about his former mentor, Louis.He candidly admitted that there were "situations on the show" that proved themselves to be "difficult" to navigate.The 27-year-old star revealed that he’d had "an argument with his mentor" Louis, who "basically told him to f*** off and mentor himself".Sam said that Louis was "negative" towards him for three days afterwards and the singer told the music manager that he "needed to get in the zone".The singer revealed: "He went on and on and on, he kept telling me I was going out. He said: ‘You’re going out this week,’ how does he know that? You don’t know that, there’s a public vote, so you shouldn’t know that."Sam, who made it to week six of the competition, then said that Louis "didn’t know that" because he was kept on the show, so the singer went to confront him.He recalled: "I sad 'I really can’t deal with the way you handled this, how you’ve been talking to me this week,' he told me to 'f*** off and mentor myself."Sam then noted that Louis came to him to resolve the issue after the singer sought help from staff behind the scenes.Sam admitted he was "in tears and emotional" when he spoke to his family and his father wanted to "pull him off the show," so they went and spoke to Richard Holloway, who "runs the show from behind the scenes".Richard then asked Louis to talk to Sam but the musician said he wasn't sure how genuine it was at the time.
Simon Cowell - Louis Walsh - Carly Hacon - X Factor's Stevi Ritchie talks backstage bonking rumours and 'sex god' reputation - dailystar.co.uk
X Factor's Stevi Ritchie talks backstage bonking rumours and 'sex god' reputation
X Factor's Stevi Ritchie has discussed his "sex god" reputation and racy backstage rumours.During an exclusive Facebook Live chat with showbiz reporter Carly Hacon, he opened up about his TV persona and him allegedly bonking a dancer backstage.Stevi, 41, discussed TV mentors Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh branding him a "sex god".he said: "I was single in X Factor and 'sex god ' I mean, yeah women used to say 'sex? god...'"I don't know it was a name that got stuck with me because there were a lot of rumours that said I went off with dancers and honestly the truth is I had a wee and everyone thought I went off and went somewhere but I didn't."Two minutes before the doors opened and it went live, I went for a wee, but that was what the rumours were because they thought I went off with such and such but then it stuck and Simon said 'you're my guilty pleasure, you're the sex god, Stevi Ritchie.'"He added: "But yeah, the nerves got the better of me and there were 10 million viewers and you've got to remember so much so I buggered off and then I came back and that's how the rumours started about randy Ritchie and everything else."Talking about the attention he got post-show, he said: "Well, I got a lot of attention but I wouldn't say they were throwing themselves at me, more like throwing themselves away from me actually.
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X Factor's Wagner says Simon Cowell's 'Mr Nice Guy' transformation ended ITV show
X Factor legend Wagner has said Simon Cowell becoming "Mr Nice Guy" was one of the things that killed the show.The ITV singing competition was pretty much axed in 2021 after 17 years, with ITV saying at the time that there were "no current plans" for another series.Singer Wagner - who was a contestant on the programme back in 2010 - has now said he thinks Simon's move away from being TV's Mr Nasty was one of the reasons its popularity waned.He told the Daily Star's Carly in Convo he thought the fact people don't buy records any more was also a factor."The other thing which I think contributed to the show losing its popularity was the fact that Simon had to become Mr Nice Guy," he went on."Before he would say horrible things to people singing badly."But now more and more the world is becoming a very boring place, where you have to be politically correct at all times."Wagner, 65, said Simon "had to change" as the landscape changed but that it probably had an impact on the talent show's ratings."People enjoyed watching him say horrible things, which is wrong," he chuckled."That was something that I think attracted people to watch the show."The singer made it all the way to the quarter finals in 2010 as part of the Over 28s category, which was mentored by Louis Walsh.And he said he had a blast being part of the contest, which was won by Matt Cardle that year.Since then, the Brazilian-born singer - who was regarded as something of a novelty act - has been making a living selling video messages to eager fans and practicing karate to keep fit."It's amazing how time flies and how things that happened a long time, sometimes they feel like they were yesterday," he said."I loved being there," Wagner added, saying he loved Simon and