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Kanye West sympathises with UK as he 'lost my queen too' after Kim Kardashian split
Kanye West took to social media on Monday (26 September) to share his sympathy's with the UK following the tragic loss of The Queen. The rapper took to his Instagram story and shared a cryptic message that read: "London I know how you feel, I lost my Queen too."The UK has been collectively mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II however it seems that the Runaway rapper was talking about a different monarch in his life. READ MORE: Pete Davidson realises Kim Kardashian fling wasn't 'meant to be' after whirlwind romance It is not known who Kanye is referring to with his post however it is likely that he is talking about either his ex wife Kim Kardashian.Kim and Kanye confirmed their divorce is February 2021 and Kanye has had several social media outburst since the break up.In his most recent post he shared screenshots of text messages with his ex wife.He also tried to recruit some of the other Kardashian sisters ex's including Khloe’s ex Tristan Thompson, Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick and Kylie’s partner, Travis Scott.He called out to them by saying: “Calling my fellow c** donners, We in this 2gthr.”He then shared a picture where he had googled "Become a Sperm Donor - Earn Up To $1500."The 45-year old didn't stop there as he later shared a snap of text messages between himself and Kim Kardashian.The reality star wrote: "From my mom - PLEASE tell him to stop mentioning my name.