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Matty Barton - Rebecca Sarker - Leyla Cavanagh - Suzy Merton - Emmerdale Leyla 'set for prison' as fans of ITV soap predict devastating drugs twist - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale Leyla 'set for prison' as fans of ITV soap predict devastating drugs twist
Emmerdale are feeling rather fearful for Leyla Cavanagh as some believe she could be facing time behind bars.During the latest episode of the popular ITV soap, Leyla took a bag filled to the brim with drugs handed over to her by dealer Callum.Although she was given payment for the deed, Leyla was rather scared to take the proposition.READ MORE: Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker showcases impressive muscles as she poses in teeny shortsDespite her apprehension, Leyla decided to hide the drugs anyway but some think that her unthinkable act could soon land her in prison.Taking to Twitter, one fan shared: "I bet Leyla will get caught with those drugs she's gonna hide for her dealer and she will end up going to prison for quite a while and will probably be sharing a cell with Meena."Another shared: "If leyla gets caught with that bag of coke she could be going down for a while." While another chimed: "Leyla's agreed to do Callum's job to store the drugs. This isn't going to end well."After agreeing to keep Callum's stash, Leyla decided to keep the bag in Take A Vow.But a sneaky Matty Barton, who has a vendetta against Suzy Merton decided to sneak around the wedding business and came across Callum's drug stash.Surprised, Matty decided to take some of the drugs out of the bag, but ended up leaving the venue with the full stash.With things starting to heat up, fans commented on this too.One person wrote: "Oh Matty what the hell are you doing.
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Emmerdale fans point out major David blunder as he leaves village after nasty accident
Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads during the latest visit to the village as David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) left the village.The shop owner went to visit Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) during Tuesday's (August 2) episode to inform her that her sister Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson) had suffered a nasty accident in Portugal.He said she injured herself while taking a selfie, ended up in hospital and now needs his assistance to help her recovery.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Clemmie actress was rejected from roles through self-tapes multiple timesHowever, as David fled the village to help his ex, viewers at home were left confused as he recently admitted he was struggling for cash.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "David was skint the other week, now he’s booking flights lol."Another added: "Portugal ? He was skint 5 minutes ago."A third person posted: "How can David afford to do to Portugal?"While a fourth social media user said: "The other week David was struggling for money now he’s setting off to Portugal to look after an ex.""Could the writers not come up with something at least a wee bit believable for David's disappearance? He is up to his eyes in debt, yet can jet off to Portugal at the drop of a hat, supposedly to look after an ex?," a fifth said.David's shop has been knocked by the Coronavirus pandemic.Just like the Woolpack, the businessman failed to take in enough money back in 2020 due to the lockdowns.Last year, David and his partner Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) were also away from the Dales for a considerable amount of time.This left Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) to primarily run the shop on his own.While Jacob managed, he was incredibly stressed and far too focused on everything else
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Emmerdale newcomer Suzy 'to help Meena escape prison' as fans twig connection
Emmerdale newcomer Suzy could have a vital connection to serial killer Meena, after the villain was sentenced to 75 years behind bars.Some even think she could help the killer escape from prison after discovering one vital connection.This week, Suzy has been growing closer to Vanessa Woodfield - and was left put out on Wednesday (April 20) when she accidentally stood her up on a date.Vanessa was having issues at home that meant she wouldn't be able to make it on time, but thankfully Suzy was understanding and agreed to rearrange.It has also been confirmed in spoilers that Suzy is linked to Leyla Cavanagh - with the latter desperate to hide their secret link.But could she also be something to do with Meena? Meena did shoot Leyla on the bridge at Billy and Dawn's wedding, along with murdering her stepdaughter Leanna - which means Leyla was desperate to see her sent down.So could Suzy be out for revenge if she really is Meena's friend? One fan certainly seemed to think so, as they proposed on Twitter: "Know this is a bit out there but convinced Suzy is connected to Meena and could be helping with her escape, Leyla could be trying to stop her?? #Emmerdale." The same fan went on: "It kinda makes sense if she’s Meena’s pal and blames people in the village for taking her down."Another even suggested Suzy could be Meena's first victim Nadine in disguise, come for revenge after the killer 'failed' to murder her properly."I think she is Meena's friend who is supposed to have died first!" someone echoed on Facebook - though someone else was quick to shoot them down, responding: "Nadine?! She's dead!"More still think Suzy could simply be a serial killer in her own right, with one guessing: "…Not another serial killer?"While another
Vanessa Woodfield - Leyla Cavanagh - Emmerdale's Leyla rocked as secret connection to Vanessa's love interest Suzy exposed - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Leyla rocked as secret connection to Vanessa's love interest Suzy exposed
Emmerdale favourite Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) is set to be rocked to the core with the arrival of newcomer Suzy (Martelle Edinborough).They will come face-to-face in upcoming scenes and viewers will be made aware that the pair have crossed paths before.Fans of the ITV soap know that Suzy has been enjoying getting to know Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).The two women got friendly after Vanessa accidentally bumped Suzy who was carrying a cake and the knock caused it to fall on the floor.They argued but have since put the past behind them and shared a few drinks.Next week, Vanessa accepts an invitation to dinner but her world is thrown into chaos when she spills wine over her phone.With her young son Jonny sick, she has no way of calling new love interest Suzy to cancel.The next day Vanessa wonders what she can do to make it up to Suzy and she soon dresses to impress for a wine tasting at David’s Shop.The date goes well and they soon move onto the Woolpack for another drink but Leyla’s rattled to see Suzy and Vanessa together.A confused Vanessa is curious how the pair know each other and Suzy explains its through work.However, Leyla’s clearly shaken and Suzy promises to keep her secrets.Teasing her upcoming storyline, Martelle told Daily Star and other press: "Viewers are going to be very shocked. It's going to be very good."There's more than work stuff that connects the characters.
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Emmerdale Meena Jutla’s fate 'sealed' as police officer Ian Beaker's real job 'exposed'
Emmerdale fans predict serial killer Meena Jutla’s fate is “sealed” after police officer Ian Beaker’s real job was “exposed.”During Monday’s (April 11) instalment of the popular ITV soap, viewers were in for a nail-biting episode as Dr Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) took to the stand to share his experience with deadly murderer.Despite a whopping 25 charges against her name, the psychopath pleaded not guilty to the murders of her friend Nadie, Andrea Tate, Ben Tucker and Leanna Cavanagh.She is also accused of the attempted murders of Victoria Sugden, Leyla Cavanagh, Vinny Dingle and her sister Manpreet Sharma.But the criminal was in high spirits as she joined the rest of the court in the heart of Beckindale after she manipulated a new prison officer to work with her against the justice system.However, viewers have theorised prison officer Ian Baker may not be falling for her usual tricks as they predicted the soap newcomer is actually working for the police. One user penned: “Does anyone else think ‘Ian’ is an undercover copper getting info on meena # emmerdale.” Another user asked: “Is Ian a double agent? #emmerdale” as they also predicted the prison officer was faking his affection for the criminal.A third theorised: “Now I've been thinking … Ian the ‘prison officer’ who is actually a police officer who’ll be called as a last minute character witness to wipe the smug smile off Meena’s face, once & for all.
Andrea Tate - Leanna Cavanagh - Leyla Cavanagh - Emmerdale’s Andrea Tate ‘still alive’ as eagle-eyed fans spot major Leyla phone clue - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale’s Andrea Tate ‘still alive’ as eagle-eyed fans spot major Leyla phone clue
Emmerdale’s Andrea Tate could still be alive after she was supposedly murdered in the maize maze by serial killer Meena Jutla.In Friday’s (April 8) episode of the ITV soap, fans saw Leyla Cavanagh speaking in hushed tones on the phone to somebody, arranging to meet them at a later date.Leyla insisted it was a work call, but whispered into the phone: "Hi, I thought I was supposed to be ringing you? No, I can’t, not right now. Do you know what? I’ll meet you later, okay?"And many fans think Leyla could be harbouring Andrea, ready to whisk her to Meena’s trial next week and help deliver a guilty verdict for the murderer.Meena is currently accused of murdering Andrea, along with Ben Tucker and Leanna Cavanagh - as well as attempting to kill her sister Manpreet and Vinny Dingle.But Andrea’s testimony could be just what is needed to finally bring her to justice.Another key hint fell as Gabby and Dawn discovered Andrea’s ex Jamie was still alive after faking his own death - and could see the parents of Millie reunited, after their house was left abandoned.Taking to Facebook, one eagle-eyed fan penned: "So who wonders who called Leyla tonight? I’m still thinking it’s Andrea!"Another agreed: "There was no fuss or funeral mentioned for Andrea, so I’ve thought all along that she was alive.""Did the actress who plays Andrea do a leaving video? I can’t remember seeing one.