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Corrie fans will recognise Leo's dad Teddy star Grant Burgin from past ITV soap role
Coronation Street fans will see Leo Thompkins falling out with his dad Teddy Thompkins next week after he warns him to be cautious of his girlfriend Jenny Connor.The pair are set to argue over Leo's commitment to Jenny with Teddy issuing him a stark warning over committing his life to a woman twice his age.Teddy will also voice his concerns that Jenny can't be trusted after she was caught out for her recent kiss with Stephen as he tried to protect his son's best interests.READ NEXT: ITV Corrie fans fume as intense scenes between Kelly and Gary 'too dark' to seeViewers of course first saw Jenny and Teddy together back in January when she rushed to A&E after being told Leo had been injured while playing rugby.When she arrived at the hospital she saw old school friend Teddy there and the pair began catching up unaware that they were both waiting for Leo.At the time Teddy even confessed to Jenny that he had a crush on her at school and asked her out for a drink proclaiming that he wasn't about to let her go again – just as Leo emerged from the treatment room and they realised they were both waiting for him.Eagle-eyed Corrie fans may have recognised Teddy actor Grant Burgin – as this actually isn't his first role in the soap.He originally appeared in Weatherfield back in 2017 playing a building site foreman who became embroiled in a sexism row when one of his workers, Zack, catcalled Rosie Webster.The incident led to her mum Sally Metcalfe staging a protest and when Rita Tanner chained herself to some railings he was forced to admit defeat and warn Zack that he may have to sack him for his actions.Elsewhere in his career Grant has appeared in a string of big-name shows including The Bill and Doctors where he has played
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Coronation Street's Jenny in danger as evil Stephen woos her amid Leo heartbreak
Coronation Street's Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) manipulates Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) next week as he makes a discovery about the Rovers Return landlady.Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) takes up a labouring job with Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges)but he’s sour about being stuck in Weatherfield.Jenny tells toyboy boyfriend Leo that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of his future.READ MORE: Corrie's Ryan Thomas sparks soap return rumours as he reunites with on-screen mumAs Jenny assures Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) it was fun while it lasted but she’ll get over Leo, Rita’s not taken in by her bravado.Meanwhile, Stephen and his niece Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) pour over their business plan.When Sarah reveals that Jenny is the sole owner of the pub, Stephen’s interest is piqued.Scheming Stephen later turns on the charm and flirts with Jenny.A tipsy Jenny invites Stephen through to the back and handing him a drink, kisses him passionately.Having had a talking to from Rita and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell), Leo returns unexpectedly holding an engagement ring.However, as Gemma heads through to the back room with Leo will they find Jenny and Stephen in a clinch?Fans have been suspicious of Stephen ever since he returned to Weatherfield.His friends and family believe that he’s got plenty of money and his business in Milan is more successful than ever before.Viewers know this is not the case as in a recent episode he wasn’t able to extend the overdraft with his bank and had to use Gabrielle Reid's card in order to pay for Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) afternoon tea with her friends.With the mystery of who Gabrielle is aside, fans were left wondering if Stephen is hiding more than a few money problems.Is Jenny putting herself in