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Adam Barlow - Leanne Battersby - Kelly Neelan - Imran Habeeb - Abi Webster - Coronation Street spoilers tease Toyah's fate as Spider's real identity revealed - dailystar.co.uk
Coronation Street spoilers tease Toyah's fate as Spider's real identity revealed
Coronation Street resident Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor) will find out if she'll be heading to prison following the death of her husband Imran Habeeb next week.Abi Webster (Sally Carman) asks Toyah if she’d like to have Alfie for a couple of hours ahead of her trial.An emotional Toyah cries over Alfie’s pram, telling him how sorry she is for taking his daddy away.READ MORE: Corrie's Georgia Taylor spills dark Toyah car crash secret as truth about Imran exposedBack at home Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) walks in to hear Toyah confessing to Spider Nugent (Mark Hancock) that she lied to the police, crashed the car on purpose and intended to kill her husband.As both Spider and Leanne reel, what will they do with Toyah’s confession?As they head to court later in the week, Toyah’s a bag of nerves and Leanne begs her not to say something she’ll regret and let her solicitor do the talking.As the prosecution barrister paints her as a murderer, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) are called as witnesses.Next, Imran's mum Saira Habeeb (Kim Vithana) tells the court how she saw Toyah kissing Spider and suspects she was having an affair behind Imran’s back and killed him on purpose.Leanne does her best to defend her sister but as Toyah listens, awash with guilt, she decides she has to take the stand.In the court, the jury delivers their verdict.Spider announces he intends to stick around and meets up with DS Swain to discuss his job.Viewers of the ITV soap were horrified when Toyah and Imran were involved in a car crash earlier this year,It seemingly came after the solicitor confessed to lying about Abi in order to get custody of their surprise son, Alfie.
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Coronation Street Jess Heywood star has played three different characters in ITV soap
Coronation Street actress Donnaleigh Bailey is best known as police officer Jess Heywood on the ITV soap.The soap star, 39, made her first appearance as the character back in 2017 when she was introduced as Craig Tinker's (Colson Smith) mentor.But appearing as Jess wasn't the first time she set foot on the cobbles, having played two separate characters prior to landing the role. READ MORE: Corrie's Sally Carman and Joe Duttine host second wedding bash attended by co-stars In 2015, Donnaleigh played an unnamed nurse who worked at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre and tended to Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) after he badly cut his arm.Simon was brought into the hospital by Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) after her attempt to physically restrain him from leaving their flat went terribly wrong.The nurse told Leanne that Simon needed stitches but they would use the butterfly ones because they were less painful.She assured Leanne that there was no permanent damage to his arm and explained that Simon couldn't play football while his arm was still healing.Donnaleigh's second appearance on the Cobbles would last longer than her first, starring in six episodes across eight months as PC Woodruff.She arrived alongside her colleague PC Tyms in April 2016 after they were tipped off by Sharif Nazir (Marc Anwar) that steroids were being dealt through the gym, V Court Fitness.After pulling up in their police vehicle and witnessing a deal between Gary Windass (Mikey North) and his associate Dane Everton (Gary Hanks), the two officers conducted a physical search and arrested Gary for possession of cannabis.Both PC Woodruff and Tyms were questioning Gary when Izzy Armstrong arrived at the police station to confirm that the Cannabis belonged to
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Coronation Street Stephen theories - will plot, Audrey leaves and character killed
Coronation Street fans have become suspicious of Audrey Robert's son Stephen Reid, following his sudden arrival on the cobbles recently.Stephen rescued Audrey from underneath a motorcycle at the salon, and since then, Audrey has entrusted him with looking after her money and trust funds left to the Platt family.However, fans think that Stephen could have a hidden motive behind his return.READ NEXT: Corrie fans baffled as they raise new questions over Eileen's mystery 'house blunder'From murder plots to plans to steal Audrey's money, fans have taken to forums and social media to discuss Stephen's unexpected arrival.Here, Daily Star takes a look at fan theories surrounding Stephen Reid in Coronation Street.Fans have grown suspicious of Stephen Reid since his arrival on the cobbles - and many think that he is hiding a huge secret from mum Audrey.Although he has not let on what this secret might be, one fan tweeted: "Stephen is definitely up to something, you don't come back after all these years out of the blue without a motive."A second added: "I still don't trust him though and he gives me the creeps."Another said on a forum: "What secret is he gonna bring back with him."Viewers have since speculated about what Stephen could be up to, with one suggesting he could be making a move to purchase Underworld."I wonder if he will make a move on the factory," said one viewer on a fan forum.Other fans think his previous links to Leanne Battersby through Nick Tidsley might lead to a potential storyline too, with one fan saying on a forum: "He has connections with Leanne, Toyah and Sally and it would be a good storyline for Sally."A second viewer on the same forum agreed, adding: "Bringing him back would certainly give Sally a
Michelle Keegan - Kym Marsh - Graham Norton - Leanne Battersby - Jane Danson - Corrie bombshells who won Rear Of The Year - Michelle Keegan, Kym Marsh and Tracy Shaw - dailystar.co.uk
Corrie bombshells who won Rear Of The Year - Michelle Keegan, Kym Marsh and Tracy Shaw
Coronation Street stars have taken the title?After Maxine Peacock star Tracy Shaw first won Rear Of The Year in 1996, the doors opened for a wave of cobbles stars to win the award in the decades since.The Coronation Street cast have also narrowly beaten one another to the post, with Kym Marsh and Michelle Keegan in close competition with one another in recent years.READ NEXT: Celebs transforming into sexy Barbies - Liz Hurley plunging gown to Love Island lingerieFrom Tracy Shaw to Michelle Keegan, Daily Star looks back on the Coronation Street stars who won Rear Of The Year.One year after actress Tracy Shaw made her cobbles debut as Maxine Peacock in Coronation Street, the star won Rear Of The Year in 1996 - alongside fellow winner and Gladiators star Hunter.The blonde bombshell posed for photographs in a sexy blue dress with thigh high split, as she flashed her signature smile for the cameras - framed by her stunning blonde curls.She also became a regular model for "lads mags" during her time on Coronation Street, before departing the soap after her character was brutally killed by Richard Hillman in 2003.Coronation Street icon Jane Danson has delighted fans as Leanne Battersby since 1997, before leaving the soap three years later and making a surprise return in 2004.Following in the footsteps of former co-star Tracy Shaw, Jane Danson also won Rear Of The Year in 2000 - with the star showing off her peachy bum in a pair of light blue jeans.She accepted the award at London's Hyatt Carlton Hotel, where BBC presenter Graham Norton won the same award alongside her.The Rear Of The Year awards kept on coming for Coronation Street, when in 2012, Sunita Alahan star Shobna Gulati won.
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Coronation Street viewers predict Toyah will kill husband Imran after sinister threat
Coronation Street fans predict that Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) could end up getting lethal revenge on husband Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo).On Tuesday's episode (May 31) of the hit ITV soap, Imran confessed to setting Abi (Sally Carman) up and making it look like she was still using drugs.Imran then told Toyah but begged her not to go to the police after realising that Abi was preparing to flee the UK with their baby son Alfie.Toyah was baffled about why Imran didn't want to involve the authorities and confided in her cousin Leanne Battersby about the situation.Toyah said to Leanne: "It just doesn't make any sense, all along he's the one that's been pushing for this, for us to get custody. I swear if he's been lying to me again, I'm gonna kill him."A concerned Toyah then asked Leanne to watch Alfie while she headed to the police station to tell them about Abi's plan.Imran panicked when he realised where she was going and jumped in his car to stop her but left her a heartfelt voicemail before driving off.He desperately pleaded: "Look, you don't know the whole story, there are things about me that you don't understand.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here"But everything I did, I did for you, I did for us.
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Corrie fans spot Beverley Callard's 'secret role' on ITV soap away from Liz McDonald
Beverley Callard's 'secret role' on Coronation Street, years before she joined the ITV soap as Liz McDonald.Beverley joined the soap as Liz McDonald in 1989 but has been spotted by viewers in an unearthed clip from 1984 as a character called Julie.In the scene, Gail and Brian go to the local casino to meet with some gambling-savvy pals called Gary and Julie.Beverley looks worlds apart from what she does now and was difficult to recognise, hence why it has mainly gone unnoticed for all of these years.A user shared an old clip of the show on Reddit and said: "1984 - Gail and Brian go to a casino with Brian's friends - look at the actress!"To which another user replied: "Is that Bev Callard?""It is! Five years before she came in as Liz," they answered.Revelling in the news, other fans joined in the discussion, with one saying: "I’m watching the 1990s straight thru and Liz is my favourite character right now! I even have a picture of her on the Lock Screen of my phone."Another added: "Of all the characters who have left the show, Liz is the one I've missed the most."While a third penned: "Amazing!! I love moments like that.""I'm at February 1980. Gail and Brian just got married," a fourth shared.Beverley left the ITV soap in 2019 and her last episodes were aired in 2020.
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Corrie Frankie Baldwin star now - royal link, Bradley Walsh 'affair' and stealing boobs
Coronation Street when The Chase star Bradley Walsh opted to join Soapland.The Underworld tycoon also brought with him wife Frankie, played by Debra Stephenson - who definitely held her own in terms of storylines.From her affair with Danny to working at Roy’s Rolls, Frankie was at the forefront of Weatherfield life as Danny became engaged in a range of affairs - including one with Leanne Battersby which ended their relationship for good.Frankie eventually began an illicit romance with her step-son Jamie, before fleeing off-screen to Romania in 2009 with her footballer husband.Though she was only in the soap for two years from 2004 to 2006, Frankie made an indelible impression on the cobbles - but where is actress Debra Stephenson now? We take a little look…Originally known as a comedian, Debra has made her name as a famous impressionist away from her acting career.She’s been in everything from The Impressions Show with Jon Culshaw to Dead Ringers and Newzoids - and starred as a team captain on The Imitation Game.Debra also achieved fame starring as Shell Dockley in Bad Girls, along with acting as a news reporter for GMTV back in 2007 for The Richard Arnold Show. In 2011, Debra danced the American Smooth with professional partner Ian Waite for the Christmas special of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing - and revealed that she wants to do a full series if she gets the chance.