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Laurel Thomas - Emmerdale Faith's secret exposed, Nicola attacked and lesbian mum bombshell -
Emmerdale Faith's secret exposed, Nicola attacked and lesbian mum bombshell
Emmerdale fans best prepare themselves for shocking twists and turns as many revelations will finally come to light next week.Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Nicola King will be forced to recall the gruesome attack she endured in the car park, but will she have the courage to tell her family and friends who the perpetrators were?Meanwhile Rhona Goskirk's mother Mary has been hiding a huge secret for many years, but how will Rhona react when she finally comes out?Elsewhere, Faith Dingle desperately wants to mend her broken relationship with her son Cain before it's too late but is struggling with the fact that he can't stand the sight of her.But will Faith reveal the reason why she is so desperate to get their relationship back on track?Due to the two sisters not being able to see eye to eye regarding their council rivalry, Laurel Thomas decides to take Nicola and Bernice out to a bar.But Nicola decides to head off early, leaving Bernice and Laurel behind.As she makes her way back to her car, Nicola is soon accosted by a group of teenage girls in the park.While in the parking lot, Nicola is mugged, beaten and left bloodied and unmoving on the ground.Later on, a beaten and bruised Nicola is laying in a hospital bed.Husband Jimmy, Laurel, Bernice and dad Rodney anxiously wait for answers as to what might have happened.When a groggy Nicola finally wakes up, Jimmy questions her on the attack but Nicola refuses to tell her the truth and tells him she can’t remember who attacked her, embarrassed to have been attacked by teenage girls.But the truth is later bought to light when a disturbed Gabby reveals a video she’s found of Nicola being attacked by a group of young girls.Seeing the footage, Jimmy is heartbroken for Nicola,