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Inside ‘derealization,’ the psychological disorder affecting Landon Barker
spent time in a Los Angeles hospital earlier this week, fans of the young musician worried that it might have been due to a psychological malady that makes you feel like you are living in a dream.Landon Barker, 18, told his 1.9 million Instagram followers earlier this month that he suffers from “derealization” — a little-known psychological disorder that affects 2% of the population, with many saying it makes them feel like robots, according to studies in the US and the United Kingdom.Derealization affects 6.4 million people in the US, according to the studies.People who suffer from the ailment have described feeling as though they are observing their life through a piece of glass or as if they are appearing in a movie or a dream.Also known as “depersonalization,” the ailment mainly affects teens and young adults, making them feel emotionally disconnected from loved ones and distorting their perceptions of time, shape and distance, according to reports. Symptoms can become so severe that they interfere with a person’s ability to maintain relationships and, in some cases, can require hospital stays and medication.“Depersonalization-derealization disorder occurs when you persistently or repeatedly have the feeling that you’re observing yourself from outside your body or you have a sense that things around you aren’t real, or both,” according to a post on the Mayo Clinic’s website.
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Travis Barker’s health update: Hospitalization caused by pancreatitis after colonoscopy
Travis Barker has all the support of his friends and family amid the recent news of his hospitalization. Now that it has been reported by TMZ that the musician is suffering from pancreatitis, and doctors believe that it was triggered by a recent colonoscopy.It was also revealed that the hospitalization on Tuesday was the result of an inflammation of the pancreas, which may cause intense stomach pain, and even nausea.Kourtney Kardashian and Travis were photographed entering the hospital, with the singer being wheeled around in a stretcher and Kourtney walking behind him, as the medical staff helped him.The singer was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, with his 16-year-old daughter Alabama Barker staying by his side, and posting an update on social media, sharing a photo of her dad while resting in a hospital bed with the caption “Please say a prayer.”Alabama also posted to Instagram Stories a message, showing concern for her dad, writing “please send your prayers.” Travis’ son, Landon Barker, was not able to join his dad at the hospital as he was in New York City preparing to join Machine Gun Kelly at Madison Square Garden.The singer was in a lot of pain, as he wrote on his Twitter account “God save me,” earlier on Tuesday, making fans concerned about his health.