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Michelle Keegan - Michelle Connor - Liz Macdonald - Peter Barlow - Carla Connor - Emma Brooker - Tina Macintyre - Kylie Platt - Coronation Street's hottest ever barmaids - Michelle Keegan to Catherine Tyldesley -
Coronation Street's hottest ever barmaids - Michelle Keegan to Catherine Tyldesley
Coronation Street over eight years ago on this day (June 23, 2014).The star's cobbles character Tina McIntyre was tragically killed after her affair with Peter Barlow was exposed - with Tina meeting her end at the hands of Rob Connor.Since then, Michelle Keegan has appeared in hit TV series including Our Girl and Brassic, but she is still beloved by soap fans for her Corrie role.READ NEXT: Coronation Street viewers uncover 'psycho' Max's next moveHer character Tina left a legacy as one of the Rovers Return's most iconic barmaids, alongside other soap favourites including Michelle Connor and Liz McDonald.On the anniversary of Michelle Keegan leaving Coronation Street, Daily Star takes a look back at some of the soap's hottest ever barmaids.Brunette beauty Tina McIntyre began working at the Rovers Return in 2010, but her time as a barmaid came to a tragic end after she was murdered by Carla Connor's brother Rob.Along with brawls with Kylie Platt at the pub, and her affair with Peter Barlow, Tina's time on the cobbles was not without its dramas.Despite this, she still delighted local residents with her stylish outfits, cheeky wit and gorgeous smile during her time as a barmaid.However, after Rob Connor discovered her affair with Peter, he pushed her off the roof of the builder's yard, with Tina sadly dying in 2014.The gorgeous Emma Brooker may have left Coronation Street earlier this year, but her memorable moments at the Rovers Return live on - particularly that time she accidentally locked Gemma and Chesney in the basement of the pub.
Callum Logan - Kylie Platt - Grisliest soap deaths- Brookside body under patio, Corrie crowbar murder and bludgeoning - - Ireland - county Logan
Grisliest soap deaths- Brookside body under patio, Corrie crowbar murder and bludgeoning
EastEnders - with all eyes turning to who could have murdered her.Viewers already know that she was one of Gray Atkin's murder victims - but will this discovery finally lead to the serial killer's downfall?The shock discovery has echoes of other soap characters who have since been discovered following their murders, including Callum Logan in Coronation Street in 2016.Tina and Callum's murders are just some of soap land's most gruesome murders in the past twenty years, and Daily Star has decided to take a look at some of the most grisliest.Brookside were never afraid to push their story lines to new heights, and the body under the patio soon became one of soapland's most famous murders.Following years of horrific abuse towards Mandy and her children, husband Trevor Jordache's reign of terror came to an end in 1993, after Mandy and daughter Beth murdered him.They later buried him underneath the patio of their house, with help from fellow Brookside close resident Sinbad.However two years later in 1995, the body was discovered by new house owner Eddie Banks, after he was trying to find a leaking waterpipe connected to the house.Concerned for Mandy's safety, Sinbad took the family on the run to Ireland, but they were later arrested and charged with Trevor Jordache's death.Mandy was later acquitted of the murder when the horrific abuse she suffered came to light, but Beth sadly died off screen in prison of a genetic heart condition.Drug dealer Callum Logan terrorised ex-girlfriend Kylie Platt when he turned up in Weatherfield, and continued to harass the Platt family long after.While trying to get Callum to confess to his past crimes, he figured out Sarah's plan and tried to attack her - but not before Kylie killed him
Johnny Vegas - Kylie Platt - ITV Benidorm Chantelle star Hannah Hobley unrecognisable 15 years after show debut - - New York - Las Vegas
ITV Benidorm Chantelle star Hannah Hobley unrecognisable 15 years after show debut
Benidorm star Hannah Hobley looks worlds away from Chantelle Garvey 15 years after she first played the character.The actress was just 19 years old when she played Mick and Janice Garvey's teenage daughter.It was revealed during the first series of the hit ITV series that Chantelle was pregnant.Viewers were introduced to her son Coolio when she show returned for the second series when the family returned to the Solana Hotel the following year.Hannah, now 32, is active on social media and even has a TikTok account which shows her recreating the tune to popular TV show theme songs.She often shares behind-the-scenes snaps from her time on Benidorm, with appearances from the likes of Sheila Reid and Johnny Vegas on her profile.Hannah paid tribute to her time on Benidorm last week to mark the 15th anniversary on the first episode airing on ITV.Sharing an unseen snap alongside the rest of the Garvey family, she penned: "Yesterday marked 15 years since the first episode of Benidorm aired… The show that changed my life!"Her post caught the attention of fans of the ITV show, with some begging for it to come back.One fan penned: "We need a reunion episode of the family living the millionaire life in Las Vegas."Another suggested: "Benidorm reunion would be soooo good"A third person posted: "Loved Benidorm.
Kylie Platt - Coronation Street's Kylie Platt 'to return' as fans 'work out' major death twist -
Coronation Street's Kylie Platt 'to return' as fans 'work out' major death twist
Coronation Street's Kylie Platt could soon return to the ITV cobbles, as fans reckon they've worked out a major twist in her death storyline.Kylie, played by Paula Lane, died in her husband David's arms back in 2016 after being stabbed by Shona's son Clayton Hibbs.The Platt family were left reeling after her loss, with David struggling to find love again until getting together with Shona.But now fans think Kylie could be returning despite the tragic twist - as she could return as a "ghost" for an extended storyline involving David, Max, Lily and the rest of the family.Taking to Facebook, one fan theorised: "Is it possible in any way for Paula Lane to return? I just thought it was a big mistake killing her off and in my opinion the biggest mistake Corrie has made!"Someone quickly responded: "Would be great if soaps would bring dead characters back as their ghosts full time, and have them continue to live as ghosts. Soaps have never done this have they?"They let Vera return as a ghost to take Jack away with her, but that was only one scene."Another added: "Yeah I'd love to see Kylie's ghost!""As a ghost maybe or in a flashback scene?" another viewer ponded.However, others thought an easier way for Paula to return would be as another character entirely - or even as Kylie's long-lost twin.One fan guessed: "She could come back as someone else, another character - as she is probably forgotten now as Kylie?""Maybe come back as Kylie's twin?" another wondered.As a third said: "They do that all the time in the States.