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Coronation Street's Aaron abusive dad 'exposed' by viewers as familiar face on cobbles
Coronation Street's Aaron Sandford revealed the extent of his horrific abuse to girlfriend Summer Spellman this week.Though Aaron insisted he was beaten up in the street, he was later seen fielding a suspicious phone call in which he vowed to be back soon - insisting he'd lost track of time.And his attempts to lie to Summer only ended in heartbreak.READ NEXT: Coronation Street fans floored as Jack's real age revealed during academic milestoneNow fans are sure he's being abused by someone at home - and that his parental figure could be closer to the cobbles than first expected.Though a relative newcomer who Summer met at her diabetes support group, Aaron has become a fan favourite after landing a job at the garage and promising to take Summer on holiday.Various theories have floated around on social media, with some fans suggesting that Audrey's son Stephen could be behind the abuse after spotting Aaron's doppelgänger in the police station behind him.Stephen headed to make a statement regarding Kevin Webster smashing up his car, but sitting behind him at the station was a boy who looked suspiciously like Aaron, gone to report his abuse - though the pair never saw each other.One fan posed the question: "At the end of last night's episode was Aaron sat beside Stephen when he went to give a statement to the police? Only saw the back of his head so it probably wasn't."Another said: "It could have been. That's why it was noticeable for us to see.
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Coronation Street fans confused as Kevin completely changes appearance mid-episode
Coronation Street fans have been left puzzled after Kevin Webster appeared to grow a 'full beard' in less than an hour.In Friday nights episode the character seemed to go from a clean-shaven look at the beginning of the episode to sporting a 'full beard' by the end.Soap watchers had recently seen Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, reunited with his wife Abi after Kevin discovered the grieving mum had a one-night stand following the murder of her son Seb Frankin.Drug addict Abi relapsed and in shocking scenes she gave birth to a baby boy after going into labour at the side of a road.Kevin is now supporting his wife, who he married in November, in her custody battle for baby Alfie after he was placed in care following the death of his father Imran Habeeb.Kevin admitted he still had feelings for Abi as she planned to flee with Abi to Costa Rica before the horror crash that killed Imran.In dramatic scenes Kevin was by Abi's side as she went back to court to plead for custody of Alfie. However Corrie fans noticed that Kev managed to change his look by the end of the hour-long episode.Viewers noticed that he had short facial hair at the start by the end, as Kevin waved an overjoyed Abi off to make a new start with Alfie, fans clocked he had a 'full beard.'Fans have taken to twitter to talk about the continuity error.One person tweeted: "Lack of Kevin beard continuity tonight." Whilst another said: "#Corrie #kevwebster Amazed how Kevin can grow a full beard in three or so hours.
Kevin Webster - Corrie’s Toyah ‘pregnant’ after Imran death as fans predict huge baby twist -
Corrie’s Toyah ‘pregnant’ after Imran death as fans predict huge baby twist
Coronation Street’s Toyah Habeeb could be pregnant in a huge twist after the death of her husband Imran this week.The lawyer was killed in a horror car crash with Toyah behind the wheel, and managed to escort his new wife to safety before dodgy scaffolding collapsed on top of the car.But shortly after, Imran suffered a cardiac arrest and despite the best attempts of paramedics to save him, succumbed to his injuries while Toyah was rushed to hospital.Toyah was visibly in shock as doctors told her the tragic news, and later police quizzed her about the crash - with the young widow suggesting Kevin Webster might have tampered with the car's brakes.But police later informed Kevin there was no way of checking the brakes because the car had been so badly damaged in the crash.Now fans are sure one more twist could be in store with Toyah - who hasn’t been able to carry biological children due to problems with her uterus - falling pregnant.Doctors have told her in the past that she is “very unlikely” to ever have a biological child - but nothing is impossible in Soapland.Taking to Facebook to air their theories, one fan posted: “I think Toyah is pregnant!”Another agreed: “There is always a twist, time will tell! If she is I’ll be happy for her!”A third fan echoed: “It can happen, she’s happy, relaxed (for a TV character) and not stressing about getting pregnant, sometimes this is when it can happen.”As another said: “Could be, in Soapland anything could happen!” - with more fans still thinking Spider Nugent, who is returning to the cobbles, could father Toyah’s child.But another social media user pointed out: “Only person I feel sorry for is that little child Elsie.
Kevin Webster - Coronation Street’s Imran was ‘murdered’ as fans certain culprit isn’t Kevin Webster -
Coronation Street’s Imran was ‘murdered’ as fans certain culprit isn’t Kevin Webster
Coronation Street fans are sure they’ve twigged Imran Habeeb’s murderer - and it isn’t Kevin Webster.During Wednesday’s episode (June 1), Imran was pronounced dead at the scene after a horror car crash involving his wife Toyah, with CPR attempts failing.Though Imran made it out of the car alive and managed to rescue Toyah, he collapsed soon afterwards.Later, Toyah was interrogated by the police because she hadn’t applied the brakes when the car was careening towards the scaffolding - but she quickly suggested they may have been cut.With Abi’s husband Kevin the one who tampered with the car originally, fingers were pointed to him, with the police arriving at his home shortly afterwards.But eagle-eyed fans spotted a black car quickly driving past the wreckage of the car, and think Imran’s dodgy pal Ben could have done something to the car instead.Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: “If Kevin had tampered with the brakes, how did Imran get to the police station without noticing the brakes not working? Someone (Ben?) has messed with the car while they were inside the station perhaps.“Also, there was a black car checking the scene before the police came.”Another quickly echoed: “Could Ben have actually messed with the car potentially after Kelly’s confrontation? If he thought Imran was in danger of confessing, landing them both in it?”Someone else said: “#Corrie so I have a theory… the person who tampered with the brakes was Ben (the one who followed Abi).
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Coronation Street Molly Dobbs star now - Emmerdale, career U-turn and marriage confession
Coronation Street residents said a tragic goodbye to Molly Dobbs.During her time on the cobbles, Molly was involved in some of the soap's biggest storylines including her marriage to Tyrone Dobbs and her affair with Tyrone's best friend, Kevin Webster.However in 2010, Molly was involved in a devastating tram crash that not only took her life, but also killed fan favourites including Ashley Peacock.Since then, many fans may be wondering what happened to Molly Dobbs actress Vicky Binns since her dramatic Corrie exit - and here, Daily Star takes a look at where the soap icon is now.Long before Vicky Binns rose to fame as Molly Dobbs in Coronation Street, the actress was already a familiar face on our TV screens in a popular children's programme.At the age of 17 years old, she landed her debut TV role in Children's Ward as Natasha, starring in multiple episodes from 1998-1999.From there it was onwards and upwards, with Vicky going on to land roles in series including Casualty, Crime Stories, The Mill, Moving On, Doctors and most recently, the video for Early Doors: Live.Eagle-eyed soap fans might also recognise Vicky Binns from another popular ITV soap - Emmerdale.After leaving Children's Ward, Vicky played Olivia 'Ollie' Reynolds in Emmerdale for over four years between 1999-2003.Vicky's stint on the soap wasn't without it's drama, with Ollie getting involved in huge storylines including accidentally sending Mandy Dingle to jail, learning about her father Sean Reynold's affair with Lady Tara Oakwell and the death of her mother in a car crash.The character also had a brief relationship with Emmerdale fan favourite Cain Dingle in one soap storyline too.That's not all, as her father Sean Reynolds was played by none other than
Michael Le-Vell - Kevin Webster - Asha Alahan - Abi Webster - Corrie baby Alfie's future uncertain as Toyah and Imran fight for lives after crash -
Corrie baby Alfie's future uncertain as Toyah and Imran fight for lives after crash
Coronation Street fans can expect plenty of drama next week following the devastating car accident.The street reels in the aftermath of the car crash as Alfie’s future seems increasingly uncertain.Suspicions quickly mount about the circumstances surrounding the crash and police investigate the incident.Corrie spoilers have confirmed that Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby lives will hang in the balance as a car crash ensues.Abi Webster (Sally Carman), meanwhile, sets in motion her escape plan, as she intends to do a bunk, kidnapping baby Alfie and setting off for a life elsewhere.Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) pleads with her to stay, telling her that he still wants to be with her.Abi responds, telling him she’d love nothing more than to get back together, but she can’t lose another son and therefore she’s going through with her plan to kidnap Alfie.Imran convinces Toyah not to report Abi’s abduction to the police, which leaves her concerned about just what it is that he intends to tell her when they return home.Imran and Toyah’s find themselves in major danger as their smashes into a building.Scaffolding and bricks fall onto the vehicle, as a desperate Imran pleads with the energy services to arrive as soon as possible.Abi and Kevin are later escorted out of their homes and taken to the police station.They realise the seriousness of the situation, as they are taken to separate cars.Fans of the ITV soap are aware that Abi fell pregnant as a result of her one night stand with Imran.The pair have since found themselves in a custody battle over baby Alfie.Elsewhere in Weatherfield.