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EastEnders Hayley return 'sealed' as Alfie's 'secret woman revealed' after Kat reunion
EastEnders fans are convinced Alfie Moon is hiding a secret lover as he vows to win back ex Kat Slater.Alfie turned up on the soap this week just hours before Kat was set to wed Phil Mitchell, ultimately ruining their wedding and stirring up trouble between the pair.On tonight’s episode, as Alfie spent the day with Kat and their kids before vowing to hit the road, he returned and planted a surprise kiss on Kat, vowing to win her back before she ties the know with Phil.READ MORE:EastEnders Big Mo star's life - Famous brother, life saved by co-star and stripping offBut fans are convinced Alfie is hiding a big secret after a mysterious phone call led viewers to believe he has a secret lover.Alfie was seen informing a mystery person on the other end of the line of his decision to stay put in Walford.The unidentified caller relayed a message to him from this mystery woman, and he told the caller to tell this person that he ‘loves’ her.Fans immediately began theorizing about who the woman is, believing Alfie is likely up to his old tricks, or even hiding another child. “Oh Alfie, now is that another woman, or a little daughter I wonder?*! #Eastenders ” “Bloody hell Alfie’s got a secret love hasn’t he of course has! Stay clear Kat!!”Others believed he was still in a relationship with Hayler Slater, the mother of his daughter Cherry.“I bet you Alfie is still with Hayley,” predicted one viewer.
Peggy Mitchell - Ian Beale - Karen Taylor - Kat Slater - Dot Cotton - EastEnders most complained about moments - sick grooming plot, swearing and Covid row - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders most complained about moments - sick grooming plot, swearing and Covid row
EastEnders has been keeping the nation entertained since 1985.Across three decades we've grown to know and love the residents of Albert Square past and present from Ian Beale and Kat Slater to the late Peggy Mitchell and Dot Cotton.Although they provide some light-hearted entertainment, the soap also covers a range of sensitive topics from sexual abuse, bullying, eating disorders, racism and homophobia.However, not every single storyline has been well-received by viewers at home and some have even resulted in getting thousands of complaints.We're taking a look back at some of EastEnders' most complained about storylines and episodes.One of the most controversial storylines that EastEnders has ever had was in 2011.The plot saw the character Ronnie Branning swap her baby, who sadly died, for the newborn son of Kat Moon.After watching the story unfold, viewers quickly rushed to Ofcom and the soap was hit was 13,400 complaints.This was one of the show's most complained about plots across its entire history as many slammed the “distressing” scenes.People said that the scenes were an "inaccurate, insensitive and sensationalised portrayal" of cot death.However, Ofcom said the soap was not in breach of the rules when you considered the full context of the four-month storyline.In the end, the plot concluded when the baby was given back to his birth mother and Ronnie was put in prison for child abduction.An anti-vaccination row in EastEnders recently became the most complained about moment on the soap in 10 years.During an episode, which aired on March 22, viewers saw a conversation take place between Patrick Trueman, Suki Panesar and Karen Taylor.After Patrick revealed he had his second Covid vaccination, Suki replied she was due
Phil Mitchell - Kat Slater - Tina Carter - EastEnders' fans terrified over Tina's 'creepy' body as they spot Phil blunder - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders' fans terrified over Tina's 'creepy' body as they spot Phil blunder
EastEnders fans were left baffled when Walford hardman Phil Mitchell finally discovered Tina Carter's decomposed corpse.The shocking moment came as Phil ran to the aid of fiance Kat Slater's son Tommy Moon when his bullies launched an attack on him.The terrified youngster ran from the gang as they set upon him in the square, while cousin Lily Slater went to get help from Phil.As Tommy searched for a place to hide he forced his way into the Argee Bhajee to try and hide from his attackers.While it initially seemed he had lost them, as he clambered out of his hiding place he was confronted by the gang who set upon him with a scaffolding pole.However, Phil wasn't far behind and burst through the door to save the day, rushing to his future stepson's aid.Earlier in the day, Phil had attempted to teach Tommy to defend himself, teaching him boxing moves in the gym, but the skills fell short of helping him when he was heavily outnumbered.Tommy instead tried to use Ben Mitchell as a deterrent screaming out: "My brother has been to prison for killing someone," as the gang leader began striking him, at which point Phil burst through the door.Grabbing another large metal pole off the ground Phil began repeatedly striking the floor with such strength the wood began breaking away as he roared "come on then" at the offending youths.The terrified group then ran off past him as they fled the scene, leaving Phil and Tommy grinning at each other.However, Phil's smile was short-lived as he glanced down at the hole in the floor and spotted the long skeletal fingers of Tina's corpse beneath him.Phil was then seen outside the Argee Bhajee as the police turned up to investigate - but unexpectedly found himself being arrested.Shocked fans were
Phil Mitchell - Steve Macfadden - Kat Slater - Sharon Watts - EastEnders Steve McFadden's love life - childhood sweetheart, co-star ex and fatherhood - dailystar.co.uk - city Salisbury
EastEnders Steve McFadden's love life - childhood sweetheart, co-star ex and fatherhood
EastEnders, when he decides to break up with Kat Slater.Although Kat has told him that her feelings will not change if Phil is sent to prison, Phil is scared to tell her the truth about his sentence, and calls off their relationship.Since arriving on Albert Square in 1990, Phil Mitchell has had multiple relationships with residents including Sharon Watts and Lisa Fowler.Actor Steve McFadden has also had a wild love life off-screen too, including becoming a father with his childhood sweetheart, multiple relationships, and dating one of his EastEnders' co-stars.Long before dating one of his co-stars, Steve was in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart Sue Marshall.Together the couple had one child called Matt, but sadly their teenage romance did not last and they parted ways.After dating Sue Marshall, the actor began a relationship with Angela Bostock, who he had met at a party in Salisbury in 1995.During this time however, the couple split when Steve McFadden began a relationship with EastEnder's co-star Lucy Benjamin in 1999.However, Steve and Angela got back together after Steve's relationship with Lucy came to an end, and the couple later welcomed two daughters called Teona and Mollie Jane.Steve and Angela parted ways in 2005, with the actor going on to date Dr Rachel Sidwell.It is reported that their romance blossomed after they bumped into one another on a school run in 2008, with the couple dating for over a year.They also had a daughter called Amelie Tinkerbell in September 2009, with the actor telling Ok! Magazine following her birth: "I'm happier now than I've ever been.
Phil Mitchell - Kat Slater - Jessie Wallace - Alfie Moon - Shane Richie - EastEnders Jessie Wallace's wild life - 'boozy' behaviour, throwback snap and romance - dailystar.co.uk - London - city Enfield
EastEnders Jessie Wallace's wild life - 'boozy' behaviour, throwback snap and romance
EastEnders relationship is set to come to an end this week, as Albert Square residents Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell call it quits.Both Kat and Phil have been through ups and downs in their relationships throughout the years, including affairs, births and now, Phil's impending prison sentence.Since arriving on the square in 2000, Kat has also had relationships with a number of residents, including her memorable coupling with Shane Richie's lovable Alfie Moon.Actress Jessie Wallace's life has been just as wild off-set as it has on screen too, including multiple relationships, a suspension from the soap and wowing fans with a childhood throwback snap.Born in Enfield, London on September 25, 1971, Jessie Wallace landed her first TV role as PC Lace in popular ITV series The Bill.From there, she won her best known role as the outspoken Kat Slater in EastEnders in 2000, famous for storylines including her on-off relationship with Alfie Moon and the "you ain't my mother" scene, where she revealed she was actually her so-called sister's mother.Aside from playing Kat Slater, Jessie Wallace has also appeared in various TV programmes throughout her career including Wild At Heart as Amy Kriel, A Class Apart as Candy Jerome and The Dinner Party as Jackie.She even had a rival soap role in ITV soap Coronation Street, playing Pat Phoenix in the TV film The Road to Coronation Street.In 2020, Jessie Wallace was suspended from EastEnders for two months after an incident on set, where it was reported that the star had been drunk while filming.A source told Daily Star on Sunday: "Scriptwriters are currently coming up with a storyline to explain Kat’s temporary exit from Walford."They added: "Bosses were left with no choice but to discipline
Kat Slater - EastEnders characters who went to prison – murders, surprise verdicts and fraud - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders characters who went to prison – murders, surprise verdicts and fraud
EastEnders, after he fails to confess the full extent of his prison sentence to Kat Slater.Worried he might be put on remand, DCI Keeble later revealed his fate to him, and asked him to become a police informant - otherwise he would go to prison.However Phil said he was not a "grass" and told DCI Keeble that he would not go through with it.With Phil's prison fate seeming more and more likely, will he agree to the deal? Or will he be put behind bars?Many of Phil Mitchell's fellow Albert Square residents have served time in jail before him, and here, Daily Star takes a look at some of the most memorable characters who were sent to prison.'Dirty' Den Watts has had a villainous past and was part of some of the soap's biggest storylines, including handing divorce papers to wife Angie Watts and fathering a baby with Michelle Fowler.However in 1988, the pub owner was forced to turn himself into the police after a criminal gang called The Firm intended to kill him.The only way he could escape The Firm, was to turn himself in and take the rap for an arson attack that happened a few years before.He was later remanded in custody in prison at HMP Dickens Hill, but on his way to his trial in 1989, The Firm hijacked the vehicle and kidnapped Den.Though he managed to escape, he was later shot by an unknown gunman and fell into a canal, leaving viewers presuming that he was dead - until his shock return to the square 14 years later.