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Inside Barbara Windsor's will and who she left her eye-watering fortune to
Barbara Windsor quickly became the nation's sweetheart after appearing on stage and on screen.Rising to fame at the age of 13, the star later became known for her role as a schoolgirl in The Belles of St. Trinian's in 1954.After receiving a Tony Award nomination for the 1964 Broadway production of Oh, What A Lovely War!, Barbara went on to become a household name starring in a number of Carry On films.READ NEXT: Neighbours fans call for Karl Kennedy to join EastEnders as Alan Fletcher visits setHowever, fans will also remember her for her iconic role in BBC's EastEnders playing the legendary Peggy Mitchell from 1994 to 2016.But although things were flourishing for Barbara on screen, Alzheimer's disease gradually started to take hold of her life from as early as 2006.In December 2020, the British actress died from the awful condition leaving the world devastated by her loss.So as it would have been Barbara's birthday today, Daily Star has taken a look inside her will and who she left her millions to.Barbara married her younger husband Scott Mitchell in the year 2000 and he helped care for her during the years she battled Alzheimer's.So it came as no surprise that the actress decided to leave most of her fortune to her Scott.According to reports, Barbara's husband was left £4.6 million of her estate.Talking to the Mirror last year, Scott revealed that he had planned to a memorial event to celebrate Barbara's life.He explained at the time: 'I'm definitely getting something together for next year.
Alan Fletcher - Charlene Robinson - Kylie Minogue - Jason Donovan - Karl Kennedy - Scott Robinson - Neighbours cast's next jobs – Toadie could fly your plane to real medical job - dailystar.co.uk - Australia - Britain
Neighbours cast's next jobs – Toadie could fly your plane to real medical job
Neighbours fans have been left wondering what will happen to the cast after the beloved Australian soap came to an end last month – and it turns out, quite a lot.The final episode of the long running soap aired on July 29, 2022 and saw the return of many familiar faces including Guy Pierce's Mike Young and Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan as Scott and Charlene Robinson.While fans will be delighted to meet a lot of the cast on the Neighbours Farewell Tour, which visits the UK in 2023, it has left viewers wondering what is next for them.READ NEXT: Neighbours Scully family now - billionaire husband, suing show and career U-turnAfter huge stars including Toadie actor Ryan Maloney and Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher hinted at their future career plans, Daily Star decided to take a closer look at what the cast could do next.Ryan Maloney became an instant fan favourite as Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours – but did you know that was not always his first career choice?The actor had a childhood dream of becoming a pilot and revealed that if he had not become an actor, he would have joined the Australian Air Force.It is reported that he began taking flying lessons during breaks in filming for Neighbours, with a view to fly planes commercially in the future.Speaking about his passion on This Morning, he said: "I do have my pilot's licence, I'm going for my commercial licence now.
Margot Robbie - Guy Pearce - Kylie Minogue - Jason Donovan - Karl Kennedy - Neighbours boss explains why scenes were cut from finale after backlash from fans - dailystar.co.uk - Australia - Britain
Neighbours boss explains why scenes were cut from finale after backlash from fans
Neighbours fans have been left fuming after finding out that some scenes were cut from the season finale. The iconic Australian show wrapped up on Friday night, where fans saw some touching scenes such as a speech from fan favourite Karl..However in the episode that was aired in Australia included a video message from Sky Mangel as well as a touching scene where Dr Karl Kennedy told Toadie that he was a son to him but British fans didn't get to see these touching moments. READ MORE: Ex-Neighbours soap star savages star-studded finale as ‘unwatchable’ Another scene where Beth Brennan mentioned her son Ned Willis was also cut.Explaining the reason, Herbison said that the finale was 'always intended as a one-hour special' but the Australian channel Network 10 decided to give them a 90 minute episode to wrap things up.He said: “As you can imagine, with so much story at play, there was a lot of material left on the floor."There is easily another 15 minutes of unseen footage in the last episode, including the video messages.“Perhaps one day we can do a special cut and cover such important questions as – how did that street party come together so quickly?”Neighbour has been a popular Australian soap for 37 years.Fans have been left begging for a reboot of the soap after its final episode saw over 3 million viewers tune in to say goodbye.The grand finale saw past stars returning to the soap including Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce as the residents of Ramsay Street said a fond farewell to Erinsborough.The same episodes in Australia aired on Thursday and drew the biggest ratings in over a decade.UK ratings enjoyed an average of 2.6 million viewers, hitting a peak of 2.9 million.
Alan Fletcher - Karl Kennedy - 'Never be the same' Doctor Karl actor Alan Fletcher shares sadness as Neighbours finishes - express - Britain
'Never be the same' Doctor Karl actor Alan Fletcher shares sadness as Neighbours finishes
Neighbours and is one of the longest-running actors on the soap.The Doctor Karl Kennedy star has spoken to Express.co.uk about what he will miss about the show now it's no longer being made.Neighbours premieres its final episode this evening after 37 years, due to Channel 5 axing the show.Filming ended in June and Express.co.uk caught up with Alan to ask him what he would miss the most on set.He said: "Working relationships I think more than anything."I mean, besides Jackie Woodburn of course she’s the best, most dearest friend and we have loved working together."We have such a great onscreen and offscreen relationship."But the friendships, the laughter.The crew and that cast were one big family, we just laughed all day and we all looked out for each other."He continued: "We will stay in contact but it will never be the same."We will never see each other anywhere near as much as we used to."Alan also shared an insight of what to expect on this evenings final episode.He remarked: "There's so many characters that are coming back from the past."So people are going to be spellbound by it, it's going to be incredible."Even for those who stopped watching the show, it's a wonderful opportunity for them to come back from an astounding point of view because they will see the characters they remember."Having played Doctor Karl for over 27 years, Express.co.uk asked the actor if he will feel a void in his life as the show discontinues.He replied: "Well, the interesting thing was I didn't actually work on Neighbours for more than 32 weeks of the year anyway, I was busy doing other things."But with Neighbours finishing I will be doing the Doctor Karl tour in the UK and probably doing it again in 2023."Besides that, I will also be
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Ryan 'Toadie' Moloney reveals how Neighbours ends
Neighbours, will come to an end on July 28.And with anticipation steadily building, actor Ryan Moloney has been able to give the fans a little bit of extra gossip about the ending they’ve been waiting to see.WATCH BELOW: Kylie Minogue discusses her return to NeighboursSpeaking to radio’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Ryan – who has played Jarrod Vincenzo ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi since 1995 – let slip who will have the last word in the finale.“I’m not allowed to but I’m going to,” he said when he was asked live on air.“Is it you?” Wippa asked him.“No, it’s not me,” he said. “It’s Susan and Karl.”Susan and Karl are played respectively by Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher.Susan and Karl Kennedy began on Neighbours in 1994, and have been mainstays on the show ever since.With so many episodes, storylines, and influence under their belts, it’s only fitting they would get to deliver the final line of the series.However, there will be a lot more to see in the finale before the final words, which was also teased by Ryan this morning.Toadie took time to share some details from the finale.When asked about the actors returning to the show as guest stars, Ryan revealed: “There’s so many, I think there’s about 60 in the last scene.“I had to write down a little cheat sheet.
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Neighbours fans 'work out' ending of Channel 5 soap days before finale episode
Neighbours fans are convinced they've worked out how the Australian soap opera will end this week.Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) were left gobsmacked during Tuesday's episode of the Channel 5 show as they noticed all their fellow Ramsay Street residents have put their houses up for sale."What on earth?", exclaimed Susan, hoping her husband could provide some answers.READ MORE: Neighbours fans 'in tears' at surprise flashback scenes as soap begins final weekChloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) returned from Adelaide last week, deciding to put No.24 on the market, which led to the return of Paige Brennan (Olympia Valance), who is now operating as an estate agent.Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has also followed suit, as she and Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) have decided to buy and move to River Bend.Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) come to the realisation that wife-to-be Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) was struggling with the thought of living on a street filled with memories of the past and therefore made a decision to sell up.Wendy Rodwell (Candice Leask), meanwhile, decided that, despite her family having just moved into the street, that she would also put her house on the market.Elsewhere, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) took a leap of faith, as they decided to leave Erinsborough and start a new life in New York, and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) agreed to join them.Unhappy fans are now convinced the award-winning continuing drama will end with everyone simply moving away from Ramsay Street.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Very vocally not a fan of the idea of an everyone moves away ending."Another added: "Aww all these for sale signs is making me feel
Margot Robbie - Karl Kennedy - Neighbours' Izzy star’s life - pop career, grandmother paternity twist and bullying hell - dailystar.co.uk - Australia - London - New Zealand
Neighbours' Izzy star’s life - pop career, grandmother paternity twist and bullying hell
Neighbours icon Natalie Bassingthwaighte is just one of the huge names returning to the soap ahead of its finale this week.The 46-year-old actress made her debut as blonde bombshell Izzy Hoyland back in 2003.She left the soap in 2006 but made a brief return to film a few episodes set in London in 2007.READ MORE: Margot Robbie's Neighbours return confirmed for 'fulfilling' star-studded finaleThe TV star again reprised the role for a guest appearance in 2018 and now again in 2022 for the serial drama's final episodes.With Izzy's new relationship with her ex-lover Karl Kennedy's (Alan Fletcher) son Mal Kennedy (Benjamin McNair) set to tear about the family, Daily Star has taken a look into Natalie's life away from the show.Natalie's first television role as an actress was in a 1998 episode of the hospital-based drama series All Saints.However, she rose to prominence in 2003 as Izzy in Neighbours, which earned her three nominations.The actress left the soap three years later and in 2008 she made her debut as a television presenter hosting So You Think You Can Dance Australia for its first three seasons, which earned her another three Logie Award nominations.From 2011 until 2014, Natalie was a judge and mentor on The X Factor Australia and briefly joined The X Factor New Zealand in 2015. In 2017, she became a contestant on the third season of the reality series I'm a Celebrity...
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Neighbours Kennedy kids now - Rival soaps, terrifying health battle and £8m net worth
Neighbours fans were recently delighted to find out that Malcolm Kennedy was returning to Erinsborough for the soap's final episodes.However, shock and surprise was in store after it was revealed that Malcolm had a new girlfriend - and it was his dad's ex Izzy Hoyland.Even as the finale approaches, Neighbours is still full of surprises - and many fans are wondering if they will also see Malcolm's brother and sister make a return to Ramsay Street too.READ NEXT: Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly's famous dad - and huge rock band you know him fromThe Kennedys became instant fan favourites since they arrived in 1994 - with the stars playing the Kennedy kids leading busy lives away from the soap in the years since.As viewers prepare to get their tissues as the ready, Daily Star takes a look at where the Kennedy kids are now.Kym Valentine rose to fame as Karl and Susan's daughter Libby Kennedy - fast becoming a fan favourite in the soap.During her time in Erinsborough, she was caught up in a love triangle with boyfriend Darren Starke, as well as leaving viewers heartbroken following the death of her husband Drew Kirk.However, Kym decided to leave the soap over 10 years later in 2004, after reportedly wanting to return to the theatre stage.She has made a number of return appearances in Neighbours since then, including her failed rekindled romance with Darren Starke, marriage to Daniel Fitzgerald and surrogate pregnancy storyline.She later departed the soap in 2010, before making a guest appearance in 2014 to celebrate 20 years of on-screen parents Karl and Susan Kennedy.The star had a number of health battles during her time on the soap, including in 2008 after she contracted pneumonia and one year later, when she suffered a
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BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty tells off co-star for cutting off guest live on air
Naga Munchetty was left unimpressed as her BBC Breakfast co-star Charlie Stayt interrupted their guest live on air.The dynamic duo were back on television screens on Friday (July 15) morning to wake up the nation with the latest headlines.They welcomed Neighbours legend Alan Fletcher onto the famous red sofa to discuss the upcoming finale of the Australian soap.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty hits back after troll brutally brands her a 'w****r'With the show ending this month, Naga and Charlie were keen to look back on his time working on the show as fan favourite Karl Kennedy.However, before they could delve into his time on Neighbours, Alan reminisced about his first job in the shearing sheds of Western Australia.And in doing so, Alan began to sing the jingle he and his colleagues used to do while working away.The Neighbours star didn’t miss a beat as he replied: “Click, Click Goes the Shears we used to sing."But before he could continue, Charlie jokingly cut him off: "I think we’ve heard enough of that one!"Alan and Charlie shared a giggle, but Naga was keen to hear more, as she hit back: "No, I was enjoying it!"The moment came as Naga and Charlie heard the latest from weather reporter Matt Taylor who warned of the imminent heatwave and scorching temperatures set to grip the country.“You know what, Matt, if you wanted advice to keep cool… you’d turn to Australia, wouldn’t you?” Naga teed up.“They’re better fixed really so they should have some good advice, yes,” Matt replied.Naga continued: “If you wanted advice and wanted to ask someone from Down Under, say, Dr Karl Kennedy, what would you ask him?”“Well, a doctor isn’t it? So I can ask him anything…” Matt replied.
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BBC Breakfast star Jon Kay unrecognisable in 90s throwback snap on Neighbours set
BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay looked utterly unrecognisable in a throwback snap taken a quarter of a century ago.The star is used to appearing on the iconic red sofa alongside the likes of Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood, and tends to rock smart suits and ties for his time on the show.But in the snap shared with his Twitter followers, Jon looked completely different in a dark green fleece and a cheeky grin, as he posed alongside Neighbours stars on the Ramsay Street set.In one snap, Jon could be seen posing alongside Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, and Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy.Jon stood with his hands in the pockets of a pair of black slacks as he grinned at the camera, wearing his brunette hair buzzed a little closer to his head than he does in the present day.The star added a backpack to his ensemble and wore his shirt open at the collar while grinning open-mouthed in another snap, taken aback by being on the Neighbours set.Jon wrote alongside his snaps: “Loving the #Neighbours nostalgia on @BBCBreakfast. This is me backpacking in Melbourne 25 years ago and bumping into the *actual* Kennedys filming on the *actual* Ramsay Street!”Fans simply couldn’t get over how different Jon looked in the pictures, with one writing: “You look sooo young… and a bit Australian! I can see you with a surfboard under your arm (on a sunnier day!).”Another added: “Amazing pic!”“You don’t age!” added someone else, while a fourth said: “Quality! You look so excited!”Another social media user said: “Amazing Jon.
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Neighbours Karl Kennedy star's life - forgotten soap role, famous wife and music career
Neighbours, after Karl hides a huge lie from his wife this week.Karl has recently invested a huge amount of money, but has hidden the scheme from Susan.Anxious about lying to Susan, will she find out? And how will this affect their relationship when she does discover the truth?It is yet another twist and turn for the couple, who have become one of Neighbours' most iconic soap couples - taking viewers on the ups and downs of their family and love lives.Away from Ramsay Street, Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher has led an equally interesting life away from the soap - from marrying his famous wife to an incredible music career.Neighbours would not be complete with Karl and Susan Kennedy - but many viewers may not know that Alan also had another role on the soap in the eighties.In 1987, he also starred as a boxer called Greg Cooper, who worked in the garage owned by Robinson family patriarch Jim.It was one of the actor's first roles after appearing in 1982's Cop Shop, TV series The Love Boat and films including Mercy Mission.However in 1994, he and Susan Kennedy actress Jackie Woodburne arrived on Ramsay Street - where they have continued to delight viewers ever since.Between numerous affairs, their hilarious bedroom antics and being the parent figures to residents in Erinsborough (and viewers at home), the couple have become one of the soap's most iconic couples.Alan and Jackie also have a close bond off-set too, having worked together prior to appearing on Neighbours, recalling their first day on set to Daily Star, saying: "Alan [Fletcher] and I knew each other, we'd worked together before, but it was the first time that the five of us had shared a scene together and there was just this beautiful, instant connection and