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Karren Brady gushes over Kate Middleton and Prince William’s ‘healthy’ relationship
 Royal Family – had a blast at an outdoor market in Belfast during their surprise visit to Northern Ireland this week."William and Kate, both 40, laughed as they raced each other to mix up a particular drink, before the prince was declared the winner."I’ve often noticed that these two seem like they have got a healthy – and funny – level of competition in their relationship."The Apprentice star concluded in her column for The Sun: "I wonder if that is perhaps one of their secrets to happiness."Elsewhere, a body language expert has heaped praise on Kate over her "elegant traits", which she combines with "relatability".Judi James explained exclusively to Express.co.uk why she believed the Princess of Wales will be ready for her role as Queen when the time comes.She said: "It would be hard to imagine someone with body language that is more suited to the role of Queen than Kate."She brings many of the more traditional, formal and elegant traits that the Queen was known for, but blends them with some touches of her own that update her image to suit this age of relatability, accessibility and video communications."Judi went on to reflect on how Kate isn't afraid to have fun or get her hands dirty during her royal engagements.She questioned whether this could potentially change as she moves from Duchess to Princess and Princess to Queen Consort.She posed the question: "Kate does A-list glamour and elegance perfectly, but will she need to drop some of her more casual looks, like her sporting gear or even shorts that she tends to wear on some of her visits?"Judi went on: "Kate always looks totally happy and confident joining in all the sporting action as part of her royal roles."Earlier this year she became patron of the Rugby
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Kai Widdrington hid his 'devastation' over Strictly loss to girlfriend Nadiya, expert says
 Music! Music! Music! by Dorothy Provine in a bid to impress the judges and stay in the competition. Meanwhile Matt and Nadiya performed their Samba to Night Fever by the Bee Gees. After both couples had danced for a second time, the judges delivered their verdicts, with Craig Revel Horwood choosing to save Matt and Nadiya.Body language expert Judi James claimed that Kai was “devastated” by the elimination despite keeping a stoic frame. She told The Mirror, firstly speaking about Kaye’s body language: “There was an air of resignation and defeat about Kaye’s body language to the point where her routine fell apart as she seemed to accept the fact that she would be the first to go."Kaye will be badly missed by the other celebs.”Going on to discuss Kai, she said he was confronted with a “wretched” experience in having to compete against his girlfriend. Judi added: “Kai applied a mask of pure charm and generosity as he told Kaye ‘That’s alright’ as their names were called but his subtler body language gestures suggested he was quietly devastated."Being in the dance-off is bad enough but he was also competing with his real-life partner Nadiya, which looked like a wretched experience for both of them."Judi said: "Kai’s metronomic thumb tap on Kaye’s arm suggested tension building as they waited to be chosen and as he applied a smile of bravado his squeezed eye expression and his bared teeth formed a very fake-looking, overkill smile that failed to convince."She added that Nadiya’s body language became “lifeless” after it was revealed the dance-off would be against her boyfriend.
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Strictly's Katya Jones 'frustrated' with Tony Adams as 'win slips out of her hands'
Strictly Come Dancing's Katya Jones is showing signs of "frustration", according to a body language expert.The pro was paired with former footballer Tony Adams for the 2022 and on Saturday night (September 24) performed her first routine with him.However it didn't go too well and Katya asked the judges if they could have another go, which of course they could not.READ MORE: Strictly's Craig Revel Horwood defends Matt Goss after Anton Du Beke's catty remarkNow, body language expert Judi James has said that Katya can "feel that glitter ball slipping from her grasp once again".Judi told The Mirror: "Katya always looks like the dancer with the strongest urge to win Strictly and when she saw she’s been paired with Tony Adams, a hero on the pitch but looking mightily leaden-footed on the dancefloor."Her body language signals suggested frustration. Her smile of greeting looked more like a baring of the teeth as she clasped and shook his hands as she told him, ‘We’re a team now’."She added: "Poor Tony stood waiting for her with his hands stuffed into his pockets in a gesture that suggests a desire to hide."Judi believes that Katya's face gave all the clues away, despite a "reassuring" pat on Tony's shoulder.On Saturday night, Katya and Tony performed a Tango to the song Go West, but the judges weren't too impressed.Anton Du Beke told Tony: "As you come out, we don't know what your routine is, and as it turns out, neither do you."Katya slapped back: "He does! Can we have another go please."But former pro dancer Anton replied: "That's the unfortunate thing about this show, you only get one go."Despite that, fans reckon Loose Women star Kaye Adams will be the first to be eliminated.One fan tweeted: "Oh dear Kaye.
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Prince Harry's body language at Queen service 'shows he wanted to do more' - expert
Prince Harry wanted to take more of a lead role at the service held for the Queen yesterday, according to a body language expert.The Duke of Sussex took more of a back seat and watched as Her Majesty's coffin was carried into Westminster Hall in preparation for her lying-in-state.And body language expert Judi James says the prince - who wasn't even permitted to wear a military uniform during the service - wanted to do more and even help carry the coffin, his body language revealed.READ MORE: King Charles III hailed as 'badass' over calm reaction to failed assassinationJudi told The Sun Online: "Harry’s fingers seemed to clench and unclench a couple of times as though steeling himself for the sight of the coffin and his eyes took on a rather haunted expression, with steepled brows illustrating his sadness."As he watch the coffin being lowered at the end of the walk, one hand stroked his frock coat in a self-comfort ritual and his shoulders rolled gently as though miming the act of loading and carrying the coffin, suggesting he would have liked to be the one helping to carry it." The Duke then followed brother Will and his wife Kate Middleton out of Westminster Hall following the service, holding hands with wife Meghan all the while.In a procession prior to the service, "feuding" brothers William and Harry walked next to each other alongside their father King Charles III behind the Queen's coffin.