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Joe Tate - Ross Barton - Manpreet Sharma - Meena Jutla - Emmerdale's most complained about episodes - dog-napping scandal, acid attack and Meena - - city Sandhu
Emmerdale's most complained about episodes - dog-napping scandal, acid attack and Meena
Emmerdale turns 50 years old on October 16 and it has repeatedly pushed the boundaries for decades.The ITV soap has been hit with several complaints over the years due to dramatic scenes and hard-hitting storylines.To mark the milestone, a storm is set to rip through the village and leave many villagers in grave danger.READ MORE: Emmerdale star teases Love Island role ahead of ITV soap's 50th anniversaryWhile some will make it through to another day, it has been reported that at least one death with occur over the next few episodes.With fans set to be left heartbroken, Daily Star has taken a look back at Emmerdale's most complained about episodes from years gone by.Back in 2016, Ross Barton (Michael Parr) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) ran a dog-napping scam.ITV viewers were left disgusted and claimed the storyline would encourage copycats.Between the two main episodes the storyline featured in, Ofcom received more than 550 Emmerdale complaints showing that the soap fans public will not tolerate harm coming to their beloved pooches.Ross was doused with acid in his face in horror scenes in 2018.It was a case of mistaken identity with Debbie Dingle’s (Charley Webb) plan to get revenge on ex Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) going horribly wrong.Fans of the continuing serial drama were horrified at the scenes, but the show was cleared after Ofcom assessed the 366 complaints thoroughly.Over 150 people complained to the watchdog during the dark storyline featuring serial killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).The evil nurse's attempt to gas her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson)in the woods after Misery-ing the for weeks was too much for some.Meena was sent to prison for life earlier this year
Joe Tate - Jane Hudson - Charles Anderson - Emmerdale fans frenzy as they ‘spot’ Joe Tate in dramatic 50th anniversary trailer - - county Tate
Emmerdale fans frenzy as they ‘spot’ Joe Tate in dramatic 50th anniversary trailer
READ MORE: Emmerdale fans baffled as they spot 'invisible' characters hiding out in Liv's house Liv and Vinny can be seen running through the woods as Vinny is swept away by a gust of wind, and later, some of the cake crumbles to the ground, plunging Marlon, Chas and Sam into oblivion.Elsewhere in the trailer, Noah and Charity are in their car when the storm hits, with a pregnant Amelia standing nearby, while Nicola can also be seen wide-eyed at the oncoming downpour.Charles Anderson and daughter Naomi fight to stay together, while Manpreet also falls into the chasm into oblivion and Moira fights against the storm.But one eagle-eyed fan spotted another figure who passed plenty by, apparently wearing a hood and disguised in the blustering storm.Taking to Instagram, one viewer penned: “Perfect return for Meena @paige_sandhu as a hooded figure is seen!”However, someone else quickly replied: “Or Joe Tate!” as another fan suggested: “Could be Jamie.”A fourth social media user said: “There is a hooded figure in the distance watching…”“Someone mentioned a hooded figure... Joe Tate? Meena? Jamie? Someone else?” another replied – though one Instagram user was a little confused as they posted: “I can’t spot the hooded figure?”For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.It comes after show boss Jane Hudson teased to Daily Star that a murderer could be lurking in Soapland once again as the 50th anniversary nears.
Joe Tate - Jamie Tate - Alexander Lincoln - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ identity of Gabby’s stalker as they spot clue it’s Joe Tate - - Morocco
Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ identity of Gabby’s stalker as they spot clue it’s Joe Tate
Emmerdale fans are sure they’ve solved the identity of Gabby Thomas’ stalker - and it isn’t her ex Jamie Tate.Instead, eagle-eyed fans are sure that the figure Gabby is watching on the CCTV tapes is actually former regular Joe Tate, especially after Kim mentioned him last year during the poisoning saga.With her son Jamie eventually revealed as the poisoner, Kim was sure that a bouquet of flowers had been sent to her by Joe, leaving fans certain he was set for a comeback.Though they ended up being from Jamie after all, the hype around Joe hasn’t yet died down, especially as he was never officially killed off.Teasers for next week’s batch of episodes have revealed that Gabby’s anxiety is set to rise after learning Jamie is still alive after faking his own death, with things ramping up as Billy and Dawn spot a mysterious figure on the CCTV at Home Farm.Gabby later spots the hooded figure for herself, and finds a suspicious gift for Thomas which convinces her that Jamie could be back for revenge - or to steal her son.But fans are sure it isn’t Jamie that left the gift.Taking to Reddit, one fan wrote: “Ok so I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers for this week coming but after seeing that CCTV footage I think that looked an awful lot like Jamie.“What do you think? Or who do you think it was?”Someone else was sure the character can’t be returning, as actor Alexander Lincoln has been busy filming other projects.They explained: “Unless they recast the role, then it's a fakeout.
Joe Tate - Kim Tate - Emmerdale Tate family stars now - co-star affairs, Bridgerton fame and untimely death - - county Lane
Emmerdale Tate family stars now - co-star affairs, Bridgerton fame and untimely death
Emmerdale has had many famous families join the ITV village throughout the decades.From the Dingles to the Tates, the lives of the families have kept viewers on the edge of their seats as we experienced the highs, lows and scandals of their lives.One of the original families to join the series was the Tates, with many fans hoping that members such as Joe Tate will one day make an appearance in the dales.Along with sudden deaths, arrests, jail time, affairs and romance heartbreak, the drama has seen many of the Tates come and go, with only grandson Noah and original matriarch Kim Tate left in the village.As one of the most famous Emmerdale families, Daily Star has taken a look at where the stars who played the original Tates are now.The original Tate family patriarch was Frank, played by Norman Bowler from 1989 to 1997, following the character's sudden death from a heart attack.However long before his Emmerdale fame, the actor already had a long and successful acting career in TV series such as The Avengers, Crossroads and Softly, Softly.Although his last credited role was in Living In Hope in 2002, it is reported that away from acting, Frank is dedicated to charity work and supporting adult education programmes.As part of these programmes, it is reported that he works with actors to stage amateur productions.In his personal life, the actor was also married twice - first to Henrietta Moraes until 1956 and then to Diane Bowler until 2012, following her death.He is also the son of the famous London jeweller Clifford Norman Bowler, who has a plaque dedicated to him on Mill Lane in the city.Chris Tate was the son of Frank Tate, played by Peter Amory between 1989 and 2003 before the character sadly died.However while appearing
Joe Tate - Emmerdale Joe Tate return 'sealed' as ITV soap fans spot huge haulage name clue -
Emmerdale Joe Tate return 'sealed' as ITV soap fans spot huge haulage name clue
Emmerdale fans are certain that business mogul Joe Tate is set for an explosive return, after one aspect of the soap clued them in.With Kim determined to restart the Tate Haulage company, choosing to pour money into it while Charity takes over The Woolpack, one name particularly stuck out to fans.The official name is Tate Haulage and Sons - though soap savvy social media users were quick to point out that the 'sons' part doesn't seem to apply any longer.For Kim to keep the name as it is, it would hint that either Jamie or Joe Tate could be making their return - and as Kim thinks Jamie is dead, it would make sense for it to be Joe.Tate Haulage originally went bust way back in 2004, when it was beaten to the punch by rival company Kings - now known as Home James Haulage after Jimmy King. But will Kim's attempts to resurrect it succeed - or will she need help from a former village resident?Taking to Twitter, one Emmerdale fan account posted: "Time for #JosephTate to make a return, we think!"One of our favourite moments in 2018 was when Joe Tate presented Robert Sugden with a new name for the haulage company, as 'Tate Haulage and Sons' We can't see #KimTate recognising the "sons" part, though!"Someone quickly responded: "Please make this happen @emmerdale would love Joe Tate to return!!!!"One fan account ran a poll to see whether fans would prefer to see Jamie or Joe take over the haulage firm.The account posted: "Welcome back #TateHaulage...