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Jesus Christ - Brit bloke who lost eye in Thailand says everything is 'half as good as it used to be' - - Britain - Manchester - Thailand
Brit bloke who lost eye in Thailand says everything is 'half as good as it used to be'
holiday turned into a nightmare when a mysterious infection meant he lost an eye after a bout of "excruciating" pain.Raymond Kay had been sunning himself in Pattaya, Thailand when he felt a strange sensation in his left eye, but put it down to his contact lense, the Manchester Evening News reported.The 68-year-old from Atherton, Greater Manchester took it out gave and it a scrub before continuing with his holiday, only to be stricken down with "excruciating" pain.READ MORE: Ultra-lifelike Jesus Christ 'with real human hair' created using Shroud of TurinHe rushed to a Thai clinic for eye drops but the dad-of-four's pain did't subside, forcing him to return to the UK.The retired plumber visited his local Specsavers where staff took one look at him and told him to go straight to hospital.There, he was subject to eye tests, swabs, medications and more - including treatment on Christmas day.They determined Raymond had developed a fungal infection and needed a cornea transplant.The dad had surgery on New Year’s Eve but despite the best efforts of medics, just months later the new cornea came loose.Doctors were forced to take the life-changing decision to remove Raymond’s eye.Raymond said: “I now have a fake eye. Everything is half as good as what it used to be but you get used to it.“It’s hard at first because you lose your peripheral vision.
Jesus Christ - Tiktok - Woman deadlifts twice her body weight in gym as gobsmacked bloke says 'what the f***' -
Woman deadlifts twice her body weight in gym as gobsmacked bloke says 'what the f***'
READ MORE: Men mock fitness influencer saying she can't match their deadlift – but are humiliated "Watching these guys react to me deadlifting twice my bodyweight," she said."I literally split the belt open!" She does one set and drops the bar on the mat before taking a short break.A man can then be seen resting on the bench and looks at her in awe, saying: "What's that? What the f***? That's just an obscene weight."How much is that? I'm dyslexic."Sydney turns to him and tells him it's a total of 140kg (22 stone).He drops the water bottle, saying on the floor and replies: "What the f***! What is it with all of these beast women? Jesus Christ, that's f***ing sick."Just f***ing units! Oh my days!"Sydney and her friend smile and she thanks him for the nice comment.Some eagle-eyed viewers recognised the man from another viral video on TikTok where he gave an equally astonished look to fitness influencer Alice Elizabeth, who did six repetitions of a 114kg deadlift.To get more stories from Daily Star delivered straight to your inbox sign up to one of our free newsletters here. One commented: "He's like aggressively respectful.""I want to see more videos of this man being wowed by different women doing big weight," a second wrote."I saw the other video while back and now this was in my #foryoupage," a third said.Sydney confirmed and added: "After that, he was like 'how has this happened to me twice'."READ NEXT:Woman who wants 'world's biggest bum' feels sick after intense booty-building workout
Jesus Christ - This Morning viewers slam 'pointless' A-level segment as coke bottle explodes in studio -
This Morning viewers slam 'pointless' A-level segment as coke bottle explodes in studio
This Morning viewers weren't impressed on Thursday morning when Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes discussed A-Level results day.Slamming a demonstration for being "pointless", fans were far from enjoying the segment about exam results that saw a bottle of coke exploding in the studio.Talking about how teenagers up and down the country will be opening their results today, Andi had some words of advice for students.He said: "The good lesson in life, most brown envelopes contain bad news."So if you get the results you want in a brown envelope, it's getting you ready for real life."READ NEXT: Andi Peters brutally slams This Morning guest chef as 'rude' as she makes assumptionRochelle then introduced clinical psychologist Dr Julie Smith, who appeared on the show to ease the nerves of the students around the country who will be opening their results today. Holding a bottle of coke, Dr Julie said that A-Level results day is "full of lots of emotions".She added: "When you work for two years on something, and building up to your exams, it's a bit like doing this to your stress response."As she spoke, she began vigorously shaking the bottle of coke, before opening it in a clear plastic box.The bottle of coke fizzed up and then exploded everywhere, with Dr Julie explaining that it demonstrated emotions on exam results day.But viewers at home weren't impressed by what they saw, with many taking to social media to criticise the segment."Good grief we are that dumb we need a visual aid to understand stress! Jesus Christ!! #thismorning," penned one viewer on Twitter.Another added: "The coke thing was utterly pointless.
Jesus Christ - Williams - Man pleads guilty after beating police officer with baseball bat in vicious attack - - Australia - city Victoria
Man pleads guilty after beating police officer with baseball bat in vicious attack
Australian police officers being attacked by a thug with a baseball bat, with one of the cops admitting he feared for his life.Body-cam cameras from the Victoria policemen, show senior constable Rowan Baldham being brutally beaten by Steven Clearly, before his partner constable William Ringin came to his aid, stopping the vicious assault.The attack, which happened last October, came after a teenage boy was being questioned for blocking traffic and not wearing a mask during the state’s period of coronavirus restrictions.READ NEXT: Putin recruiting Grandad's Army after losing 50,000 soldiers in UkraineThe 15-year-old-old boy could be seen asking for help on a walkie-talkie and not long after, Clearly pulled up in a white car, got out and told the lad to get off home.The 50-year-old man was armed with a baseball bat hidden in a black sheaf and when the cops told him to back off, the youngster then suddenly tried to grab Ringin’s gun.As it all kicked off, Clearly then proceeded to batter Baldham over the head with the weapon several times, with Ringing stepping into disarm him, and using the bat to knock Clearly – who by now had picked up a discarded taser – to the ground.As Baldham crouched on the ground with blood gushing from a head wound, Ringin then squirted capsicum spray into Clearly’s face, while both officers tasered him before he surrendered.Clearly could be heard saying: “Gentleman. I am the King.
Susanna Reid - Jesus Christ - Paige Thorne - GMB's Ed Balls 'disgusts' fans over bizarre banana offer to ITV co-star Ranvir Singh - - Britain
GMB's Ed Balls 'disgusts' fans over bizarre banana offer to ITV co-star Ranvir Singh
Good Morning Britain's Ed Balls freaked out viewers after he offered Ranvir Singh a piece of his banana.On Tuesday's episode (July 19), the ITV co-star were discussing how to keep cool in the current heatwave.A suggestion that Ranvir brought up was to eat a banana to try and have a better night's sleep.READ MORE: GMB's Ranvir Singh replaces Susanna Reid as she and Ed Balls take over ITV showThis then led Ed to grab a banana and break it in half with his bare hands - and he offered his co-star a piece of the fruit that he had touched with his mitts.ITV viewers stormed to social media to comment on the banana revelation.One fan wrote: "#GMB oh my god did I just see Eddie break off half a banana with his bare hand and offer Ranvir that bit Jesus Christ offer her the piece left in the skin."Another added: "Ed Balls doing the 'eat a banana on live television' thing respect #gmb."While a third penned: "Oh dear god let’s wheel Dr Hilary out for his pearls of wisdom, fill a hot water bottle with cold water & drink plenty, well I’d never have thought of that and now Ranvir eat Bananas, ffs, come on GMB this is a joke.""@GMB Bananas DO help you drop off at night!! They are a cure and answer for many things and cannot be dismissed!!" shared a fourth.A fifth put: "Funny that my mum always said that about bananas many years ago #GMB.""Just seen on GMB if you eat a banana before bed that'll help you sleep all that will do is give me heartburn," posted a sixth.This comes a day after Love Island fans were left in hysterics after GMB host Andi Peters tried to set up a date for Ed Balls and Paige Thorne.For more of the latest showbiz and TV news from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Jay then jokingly
Jesus Christ - Simon Rimmer - Tim Lovejoy - Sunday Brunch - Alex James - Sunday Brunch descends into chaos as star brutally cuts finger in bloody segment -
Sunday Brunch descends into chaos as star brutally cuts finger in bloody segment
Sunday Brunch after he cut his finger quite badly on the morning show.The former Blur band member joined hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on the Channel 4 programme to cook up some steak with a helping of blue cheese, but he ended up clipping his finger in the process.Once the unfortunate accident took place, the 54 year old could be seen using only his right hand as one of the fingers on his left hand was covered in blood.READ MORE: Sunday Brunch fans gobsmacked as Channel 4 co-hosts walk off after surprising Ashley RobertsThe unexpected chop took place less than an hour into the show and presenter Simon was forced to change directions in the kitchen, due to Alex's bloody finger.While he continued to chat away in the kitchen, Simon was seen picking up a block of blue cheese but quickly said: "I'll go round there coz you've got a little bit of blood on your board," as Alex laughed.Despite his apparent injury, Alex decided to continue to work away in the kitchen. But his eagerness to carry on was picked up by viewers at home who questioned why he didn't see to his finger.Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts on the incident.One social media user tweeted: "Jesus Christ can someone give Alex James a dressing and some hand wash? Cringing here #SundayBrunch."Another wrote: "Get that bumbling blood covered oaf Alex James off - putting me right off with his bloody hand #SundayBrunch."A third said: "Alex James cutting his finger causing absolute havoc on #sundaybrunch has actually lived the show up."Meanwhile a fourth penned: "Howling with laughter watching Sunday Brunch.
Jesus Christ - Eerie image of 'Virgin Mary' appears in night sky as couple take moonlight walk - - Argentina
Eerie image of 'Virgin Mary' appears in night sky as couple take moonlight walk
religious image that appeared to be stalking the pair, who realised the Virgin Mary had shown up in a photograph of the couple.The pair had been on a romantic walk and took a photo of the night sky when they realised that the Virgin Mary had materialised in their photo.When the couple had taken a photo of the moon as they strolled along the banks of the Parana River in Bella Vista, Argentina, they were shocked to discover a religious apparition.READ MORE: Dad, 59, paralysed by freak tummy bug on tropical holiday suing TUI for £5millionSighting the Virgin Mary in their snap of the moon shocked Magali Ibanez and partner Guillermo Alcorta.Ibanez, who was responsible for taking the photo, and partner Alcorta, were amazed by the apparition. Speaking to local media at the time, Alcorta said: "It is the silhouette of Our Lady of Itati (whose principal shrine is in the city of Itati in Corrientes Province), it is as clear as day."The photo was taken by my girlfriend Magali Ibanez at 12.30am on 7th July."A shocked Alcorta continued: "Our intention was to take a photo of the moon, but we noticed a shape that appeared to the side of it and we recognised it as the Virgin of Itati."The image appears to show the Virgin Mary in a blue headdress and clothing, with the mother of Jesus Christ spotted along the Parana River.The feast day of the Virgin Mary was celebrated just two days after the photo was taken, with anniversary celebrations in full swing, which may make the potential sighting of the Virgin Mary in the photo more than a coincidence.
Jonathan Ross - Jesus Christ - Honey Ross - Honey Ross puts curves on display in plunging dress as fans brand star 'beautiful' - - Denmark - city Copenhagen
Honey Ross puts curves on display in plunging dress as fans brand star 'beautiful'
Jonathan Ross, on Celebrity Gogglebox had fans fawning over her as she reflected on her international trip after attending a wedding.Honey, 25, often uses her platform to promote body positivity as well as hitting out at trolls but rather than fighting off haters, she found herself blushing over multiple compliments.READ MORE: Jonathan Ross' daughter slams 'fatphobic' Instagram as her snap is deleted Over the weekend, the redhead travelled to the Capital of Denmark to enjoy a pal's wedding and certainly caught the attention of onlookers.Posing on a sofa in a luxury hotel, Honey looked sensational as she slipped into a floral dress which featured a plunging neckline as she beamed for the camera.Her auburn locks were styled into loose natural waves, as she threw her head back to show them in all their glory.In the makeup department, she opted for a striking blue eyeshadow which perfectly complemented her summery dress while wearing a touch of blusher on her rosy cheeks with a subtle hint of lipstick on her plump pout.Captioning her post, the podcaster typed: "Copenhagen. The most beautiful dress by @samanthapleet - wore it as a wedding guest and was told I looked like a fresh garden in bloom."Her upload which has been liked hundreds of times has since been flooded with compliments, with one fan penning: "So beautiful.""Jesus Christ that's a beautiful dress.