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Fern Britton's brutal quip about toothless Jeremy Kyle guests in unearthed clip
This Morning presenter Fern Britton is no stranger to sharing what is on her mind and a resurfaced clip has revealed her brutal comments about Jeremy Kyle Show guests.Fern, 65, presented the popular ITV morning programme as a guest from 1993 but later became a full-time presenter in 1999, fronting the Friday edition.However, she went on to take over as the main presenter in 2002 alongside John Leslie before appearing alongside Phillip Schofield.READ MORE: This Morning fans call for major presenter shift as Vernon Kay and Rochelle host showDuring her time on the show, Fern interviewed some of the biggest names in the world, including Spice Girls star, Melanie C.Now, fans of the I Turn To You songstress have unearthed a clip of Melanie appearing on the show back in 2007, shortly after announcing the group would be reuniting.However, several months prior to her appearance, Melanie had told Fern and Phil that she would not be getting back with the group any time soon.A disgruntled Phillip said: "The last time we spoke to Melanie C, in May this year, she had this to say about the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion," before showing a clip of Melanie explaining she didn't "really want to go back".Phillip added: "When we asked that question, were you thinking 'poker face because I already know'," to which Melanie explained that she couldn't remember the dates."I feel like I'm on Jeremy Kyle actually, I feel like I've just done a lie detector test," joked Melanie."Really? I'm going to put you on a lie detector test, plug her in," exclaimed Phillip.However, Fern interjected, adding: "I was also going to say, you're not mentally challenged, we've all got teeth!"Melanie burst into fits of laughter before Fern commented: "That was
Jeremy Kyle - Ex-Jeremy Kyle show guest cries in court after bottling woman in drunken row - - Boston
Ex-Jeremy Kyle show guest cries in court after bottling woman in drunken row
Jeremy Kyle guest cried when she appeared in court for bottling a woman in a drunken row.Chloe Gill, who appeared on the controversial ITV show for a lie detector test in 2018, narrowly escaped immediate custody for hitting the victim over the head at a house in Chaddesden.Derby Crown Court heard how the 23-year-old had been drinking when an argument began and she suddenly struck the victim with the weapon and left the property. READ MORE: Paedo jailed for 'depraved' abuse of 8-week-old baby appeals 'excessive' prison sentence The convicted fraudster's sentencing hearing was told that a child was also present when she launched the assault, DerbyshireLive reports.Handing her a four-month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, Recorder Patrick Upward QC said: "You must understand that thumping someone over the head with a bottle could have horrendous consequences not just for the woman you hit but for you."David Eager, prosecuting, said Gill had come to Derby with her sister on July 16, 2021, to visit a friend. He said the three of them were together at a Chaddesden address and all had been drinking, then had an argument.The prosecutor said that Gill admitted picking up a bottle and striking the complainant with it to the head, which left a large egg-shaped lump on the head and two cuts to the forehead.The judge asked: "She did not break the bottle?"Mr Eager replied: "No, there was broken glass on the floor but the crown cannot prove that was from the bottle.
Piers Morgan - Celia Walden - Jeremy Kyle - Piers Morgan brands wife 'high maintenance' as she opens 'applications' for new pool boy - - Los Angeles
Piers Morgan brands wife 'high maintenance' as she opens 'applications' for new pool boy
Piers Morgan has branded his wife Celia Walden as “high maintenance” as he warns his loyal legion of fans against applying to be her new “boy.”The 57-year-old broadcaster is currently away filming true crimes specials with serial killer for the start-up station talkTV as his wife continues to work at their home in Los Angeles.And it appears as though the blonde bombshell, 46, is ready to replace her husband of 21 years after the told her 52,000 followers that she has opened “applications” for a new “pool boy.”READ MORE: Piers Morgan demands security intervene as Jeremy Kyle 'destroys his set'The established journalist shared a stunning snap of herself laying out by the pool which featured a sign saying: “Wanted pool boy – no experience needed” as she posed up a storm in a black bikini.It’s fair to say the broadcaster put on a glamorous display as she beamed effortlessly to the camera while she shielded her eyes behind a pair of black sunglasses while her hair sprawled out across the pool ledge.She cheekily captioned the gorgeous snap: “Applications now open” which saw the star quickly receive a flood of compliments from eager candidates online.One user penned: “Ha ha just love this [four applause emojis]” as another added: “Piers is punching [cry laughing emoji].”A third assumed: “Piers had the sack then! [cry laughing emoji]” while another quipped: “I’d definitely get the last bit corrected to ‘Experience preferred’!! [winking emoji].”However, her loving husband couldn’t help but poke fun at his missus while he was away as he warned her fans that she can be quite the handful at times.He commented under the stunning snap: “Warning to applicants: like the pool, HIGH MAINTENANCE.”It comes after the TV star made the bold
Paul Sinha - Jeremy Kyle - Bradley Walsh - The Chase fans convinced player walked into wrong studio as she opens up on family drama - - New York
The Chase fans convinced player walked into wrong studio as she opens up on family drama
The Chase were left stunned after a contestant revealed a series of scandalous family revelations to host Bradley, with many convinced she was appearing on the wrong show.As contestant Jane chatted with host Bradley Walsh ahead of her Q&A, Bradley asked her what she enjoyed doing in her spare time.Her answer left viewers in utter shock as she revealed she has a passion for genealogy and began detailing some of the discoveries she made about her father.“Well I discovered my father had two secret families,” she said.“My mother knew nothing about it either.”She also revealed that he grandfather’s brother used to run an illegal booze trade off the ships and sell them in New York and had his own speakeasy.“He made a lot of money,” said Linda“It’s still there so I’d like to go and see, it” she added.Bradley was left stunned, telling her: “You’re dad was a right slimy guy wasn’t he!”Fans at home also reacted, with many saying she belonged on a different show.“Her dad sounded like a right scumbag I thought i was watching #longlostfamily,” said one player.Another added: “She's confusing #TheChase with Jeremy Kyle”A third said: “She thinks she's on who do you think you are #thechase”“You're on the wrong show. Long Lost Family is that way ==>,” said a fourth.Jane further stunned viewers when she opted to take the high offer of £52k against chaser Paul Sinha, aka, The Sinnerman.
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Former Big Brother winners now - prize money donation to drug addiction
Big Brother is making its comeback after nearly four years, with a shock teaser announced on yesterday's Love Island 2022 series finale.Big Brother first hit our screens back in 2000 on Channel 4, and ran for 10 years until it moved over to Channel 5 in 2010.Channel 5 took the Big Brother torch for another eight years but then halted its coverage back in 2018.Now though, ITV2 has announced it will be returning in 2023With further details on a presenter, and when the show will take place still to be announced, we take a look at Big Brother's past winners and where they are now.The first winner, 22 years ago, was Craig Phillips from Liverpool.He left the Big Brother house with £70,000 and donated his entire prize money to his friend Joanne Harris, to pay for her lung and heart transplant.Joanne sadly died in 2008.Craig has since spoken about his experience having won the first ever series.“It was really, really crazy I don’t think I went home for 97 days, I changed hotel every night, I had bodyguards chaperoning me around. It was life-changing overnight, instantly overnight," he said.The first winner is now a property developer.Pete Bennett was an iconic victor of Big Brother, winning over the hearts of the nation and raising awareness about his Tourette's syndrome.In an interview with Jeremy Kyle, Peter revealed he had wasted his prize money on drugs.After returning to work and getting himself clean, he started a cleaning business called "Celebriclean" reportedly charging £100ph.
Jeremy Kyle - Sharon Osbourne - Tonia Buxton - Jeremy Kyle brands millennials 'lazy' and 'entitled' in fiery generation row - - Britain
Jeremy Kyle brands millennials 'lazy' and 'entitled' in fiery generation row
Jeremy Kyle took aim at millennials in an angry rant on TalkTV's The Talk UK which he presented alongside Sharon Osbourne.Last night (August 26), the pair joined Esther Krakue, Tonia Buxton and JJ Anisiobi to discuss the day's biggest headlines on the news show.When the discussion cast a light on a younger generation getting jobs after a dyslexic accountant was fired for being a "demanding millennial", Jeremy let rip on them.Jezza said the younger generation was lazy and needed to get off their "backsides".He raged: "I am going to try and be really calm because there is one word for me that sums up this generation and it's 'entitlement'."We can all say this, we started at the bottom, the work you put in got you to where you were, and there is this feeling amongst the younger generation."I deserve everything, I want everything, everybody else has got it, I'm going to do it, I have five kids, and the moment they hit 16, they have to go and get a job."That is absolutely teaching them the work ethic, teach the value of money, I'm not going to wipe your backside," he fumed.Jeremy also slammed the welfare state - saying it only left millennials three options, including going on benefits.He said: "There is a lot of laziness, and they need to get off their backsides and go and make a living! So we're all agreed, you've had it too easy, get off your backsides and make a living."Esther, who is aged 26 and a millennial, then weighed in on the debate - stating she thought "a lot of the points are fair".She said: "I don't think entitled is the right word, I think it is more spoilt, which isn't much better, but I think the thing is we are growing up in a very glossy social media generation."We think all the highlight reels of all
Ozzy Osbourne - Jeremy Kyle - Sharon Osbourne - Tonia Buxton - TalkTV's Sharon Osbourne makes subtle Love Island dig as she criticises millennials - - USA
TalkTV's Sharon Osbourne makes subtle Love Island dig as she criticises millennials
Sharon Osbourne appeared to make a cheeky dig a Love Island while criticising millennials on her TalkTV show The Talk.The 69-year-old presenter was back on the panel show alongside Jeremy Kyle, Tonia Buxton, JJ Anisiobi and Esther Krakue on Tuesday (April 26) evening.During a debate on wether Millennials are "too entitled in the workplace", Mrs O didn't hold back on her thoughts."Working for it doesn't exist anymore," she claimed."They watch all the influencers and they see they can work from home and teach you how to makeup on and whats in fashion and all of this and they want some of it."Listen I don't blame them but only if life was so easy."They go on Love Island get the old kit off and think if they act like whatever it is 'I'll be rich and famous' and life isn't like that."The Talk launched on Monday (April 25) evening and Sharon opened up about her recent face list.She joked that she had to hold her nose in place "stop it falling off".Sharon emphasised how much pain she was in when she had her "whole face done seven months ago".She explained: "It was the most… as you get older, believe me, it gets worse, the pain. It was excruciatingly painful.She then placed her hands over her nose and joked: "See, I’m holding my nose on so it doesn’t fall off".Sharon also revealed how her family feel about her cosmetic procedures, admitting that neither her husband, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, nor their three children are fans."I do it for myself.