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Jamie Tate - Will Taylor - Emmerdale's Jamie Tate 'already back in village' as fans twig huge Clemmie twist - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Jamie Tate 'already back in village' as fans twig huge Clemmie twist
Emmerdale fans are sure that Jamie Tate could already be back in the village and determined to ruin his mum Kim’s life before her wedding to Will Taylor.The man himself became little more than a phantom when he faked his own death and headed off to live with his daughter Millie and mother-in-law Hazel, before tossing Hazel down the stairs and fleeing the country.Now Millie is back in the village with gran Kim, though it has been a decidedly rocky start – especially since Millie felt ousted by Dawn and Billy’s new foster daughter Clemmie Reed.READ MORE: Emmerdale star forced to up security after being victim of homophobic death threatJamie has so far only contacted Kim through the mail, though one Reddit user has hinted that Clemmie will take on a more “sinister” nature with Jamie skulking around the Dales.Convinced that Jamie has already returned, the Reddit user theorised that once Clemmie gets more “comfortable” with her new surroundings, she could show her “true colours”.Though Millie is currently back with her other gran Hazel, it's looking likely she could return, especially with Emmerdale's 50th anniversary looming.User AssociationLivid5822 penned: “What if Clemmie does something evil?“Millie has no idea what Clemmie is doing, but Clemmie frames Millie by planting the evidence on her and saying it was her.
Jamie Tate - Zoe Henry - Emmerdale Millie Tate star's life - proud mum, reason for leaving soap and charity work - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Emmerdale Millie Tate star's life - proud mum, reason for leaving soap and charity work
Emmerdale fans have gotten to know actress Willow Bell as Millie Tate on the ITV soap as she leads the way for young screen stars across the UK.The talented eight-year-old schoolgirl has thrilled viewers playing the daughter of Andrea and Jamie Tate.She appeared on the show from 2019 until 2021 before reprising the role again earlier this year.READ MORE: Emmerdale Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry's real-life romance - sweet proposal to work ruleIt’s clear to see why her family often gush over Willow's success on social media as well as her admirable charity work.Fortunately for the young star, her life off-screen is far more stable than her on-screen character.Daily Star has taken a look child star Willow's journey as she takes the soap world by storm.It’s every mum’s dream to see their child shine and Willow’s mum is certainly basking in the glory of her little one’s TV success.Willow’s mother, Jaqueline Ann Bell, often shares snaps of Willow on Instagram for friends and family, keeping them updated on the star’s life off-camera and what she’s getting up to on the ITV soap.One post shows Willow beaming as she holds up a sign saying "Emmerdale NTA winners 2020" – to which Jaqueline captioned: “Willow just arrived home to this awesome surprise."So very lucky to be part of this wonderful team.'One snap shared on mum Jaqueline’s Instagram account shows Willow posing in front of the iconic Emmerdale sign smiling at the camera.Fans may have noticed that Willow took a break from filming amid the pandemic in 2021 when she left the soap for a whole year.As the world began opening up again, Willow was allowed back on to set and Jaqueline shared her daughter's joy at being back amongst her cast members.She penned: "Can’t believe it’s
Jamie Tate - Nate Robinson - Charity Dingle - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale Mack's mystery woman's identity 'obvious' say fans after Charity affair - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale Mack's mystery woman's identity 'obvious' say fans after Charity affair
Emmerdale fans are convinced they've worked out the identity of Mackenzie Boyd's (Lawrence Robb) mystery woman. The hunky villager cheated on girlfriend Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) last month and viewers are desperate to find out who spent the night with him.He had an affair after finding out Charity had lost their unborn baby in an ectopic pregnancy.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Dominic Brunt takes major career step away from soap amid axe fearsMack was later spotted laying topless in bed with a mystery hand knocking his phone out of his hand.Some viewers think they've finally cracked the code and rumbled the other woman's identity.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Its Gabby isn't it with Mack?"A second person penned: "Its obvious who Mack had a one night stand with if you notice the pattern its exactly the same way she treated Jamie Tate after a one night stand.While another social media user replied: "Yep defo Gabby."He got a call as he was preparing for his much-needed getaway with Charity in recent scenes.In a secret phone call, Mack fumed: "Why are you ringing me?" as he tried to keep his voice quiet in a desperate bid not to be caught.He added: "Yeah yeah I'm going on holiday - not that I need to explain anything to you."Before he hung up the phone, Mack said: "Look, you promised you'd stay quiet so just stick to it, alright?"Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been determined to get back on the dating scene following her split from Jamie Tate.The other person Mack has shared the news about his one-night stand with is Nate Robinson (Jurrell Carter).Grilling his mate, Nate asked: "Someone I know? Because if it's someone from around here, it'll come out somehow.
Amanda Holden - Jamie Tate - Will Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale Jamie Tate stars now - Amanda Holden link, 'retiring' and return rumours - dailystar.co.uk - Britain - county Tate
Emmerdale Jamie Tate stars now - Amanda Holden link, 'retiring' and return rumours
Emmerdale tonight (September 13), when she finds out that her son Jamie Tate is alive.Although many of the dales residents believe that Jamie is dead following a car accident last year, viewers, as well as Gabby Thomas and Dawn and Will Taylor, all know that he is alive.With Kim's upcoming nuptials to Will taking place next month, how will this secret affect their relationship?READ NEXT: Inside Emmerdale Claire King's life - from marriage to on-screen son and steamy affairAnd will Jamie return for the wedding?As viewers wait to see what will happen next, Daily Star takes a look at where the actors who have played Jamie Tate are now.Two actors shared the role of baby Jamie Tate, following his birth in the soap in 1996.Jake Meays played Jamie for one year, before taking on the role of baby Alfie Goddard in beloved ITV drama Where The Heart Is, where his mum was played by Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.The role was alternated with Elliot Suckley, who also played baby Jamie for one year in the soap.However unlike Jake, this was Elliot's only credited acting role.According to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), Jake Meays and Elliot Suckley have had no further credited roles and appear to have retired from acting.It is also not known where the two child stars are now, or what careers they have embarked upon since.Two more child actors took over the role of baby Jamie Tate in 1997, including Sam Silson.However, it is reported that Jamie is Sam Silson's only acting role, with the star appearing to have also retired from performing.Similarly, Oliver Carroll who shared the role with Sam appears to have retired from acting too, with Emmerdale his only TV credit.Like Jake Meays and Elliot Suckley before them, not much is
Jamie Tate - Charity Dingle - Daisy Campbell - Emmerdale's Amelia actress Daisy Campbell gushes 'I love you so much' to co-star - dailystar.co.uk - county Amelia
Emmerdale's Amelia actress Daisy Campbell gushes 'I love you so much' to co-star
READ MORE: Emmerdale fans 'expose' identity of Charity's baby daddy - and it's not Mackenzie Daily let her blonde hair fall in beachy waves around her shoulders, pairing her outfit with a heart-shaped pendant necklace as she sipped on a cocktail in a hotel garden for the poolside pics.Rosie, meanwhile, showed off her new tan in a deep purple two-piece, with her brunette tresses styled into an effortless ponytail and her eyes closed for the sweet snap.She wrapped a sheer sarong around her waist, with both actresses leaving their tanned legs and shoulders on display for the snap.In an adorable nod to her best pal, Daisy added a crown emoji to Rosie’s head as she penned: “I love you so bloody much @rosie_bentham.”Both stars’ birthdays are only one day apart, with Daisy celebrating on July 28th while Rosie turned 21 on July 29th.Daisy paid another sweet tribute to the Gabby Thomas star on social media, sharing a snap of them cuddled together at a club with Rosie clutching a red rose as Daisy wrote: “My number 1’s 21st!”In another black-and-white snap, Rosie could be seen with her face close to Daisy’s and her tongue sticking out in a cheeky snapshot.For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. In Soapland, things aren’t as clear cut in Amelia’s life, as she recently discovered she was pregnant and headed to an abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy.But while there, she ran into Charity Dingle, who revealed she is also pregnant in a huge shock to the village.
Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Claire King - Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene
Emmerdale's Kim Tate, played by Claire King, left viewers baffled as they accused her of being "replaced" during a heated scene with her partner Will and Gabby and Dawn in Friday's episode.Kim's world has been turned upside down as she has discovered that her son Jamie may actually be alive, whilst Gabby and Dawn's secret quickly unraveled.As the pair interrupted a heated discussion between Will and Kim, she announced that she "knew their secret".As Gabby tried to explain that shooting Will was an accident, Kim broke down in tears as she screamed at everyone to get out of her house.Will was later left devastated as Kim told him that she couldn't trust him, meaning they couldn't get married.Baffled fans took to social media to comment on Kim's dramatic change in personality, with many saying that Kim wasn't behaving like her normal self.One posted: "Why have they replaced Kim Tate with a snivelling wreck?" Another added: " Emmerdale what are you doing to these feisty women?" A third chipped in: "Kim's actually being a somewhat decent human being for a change."Meanwhile, fans think they've worked out a huge twist with baby Thomas' father as Jamie is set to make a dramatic return.During Thursday's episode, PI Mike asked Will to do a DNA test to compare Thomas’ DNA to someone they had tracked down who looked similar to Jamie.As Mike later revealed it couldn't have been Jamie as the DNA didn't match, viewers took to social media to predict a paternity twist.One posted: "he DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate.
Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Will Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale fans work out baby Thomas paternity twist after surprising DNA results - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale fans work out baby Thomas paternity twist after surprising DNA results
Emmerdale fans believe they have worked out a major twist set to wreak havoc in the village after the discovery about Jamie Tate on the ITV soap.Just a few months ago, Jamie’s horrific fate after and presumed death was exposed to Gabby Thomas, who share baby son Thomas together after.However, fans know that Jamie faked his death in a tragic car accident back in September, and has done his been staying with his former mother-in-law Hazel and his daughter Millie ever since.In recent episodes, Will Taylor learnt that Jamie, the son of his partner Kim Tate, could still be alive somewhere and started to make some enquiries around the village.Although he still has no concrete proof of him being a live, Will secretly went on to hire an investigator to find him.On Thursday (June 9), PI Mike asked Will to do a DNA test in order to compare baby Thomas’ DNA to someone they had tracked down who looked strikingly similar to Jamie.The corrupt investigator charged £3,000 for the results only for him to reveal that the man they spotted couldn’t have been Jamie because they didn’t match the DNA of baby Thomas.But some viewers have been doing some digging into the gripping storyline, with many now believing that perhaps the DNA results proved more than they first thought.While most viewers suggested Mike was simply using Will for money, others suggested the possibility that Jamie may not be Thomas’ biological father after all.Although there was no suggestion as to who the alternative identity of the father could be, fans of the soap believe they are on to something as they swarmed to Twitter with their theories online.One user penned: “The DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate.
Jamie Tate - Will Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Rosie Bentham - Itv - Emmerdale’s Rosie Bentham pleads for co-star’s return as she hints at ‘a lot of drama!' - express
Emmerdale’s Rosie Bentham pleads for co-star’s return as she hints at ‘a lot of drama!'
Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham, 20, has expressed her hopes of seeing the return of fellow soap actor Alex Lincoln, 28, in an interview with Express.co.uk and other outlets. Rosie plays Gabby Thomas on the show, while Alex portrays the father of her child, Jamie Tate.While Jamie was presumed to be dead following a dreadful car accident, Gabby has since been given reason to believe the father of her son, Thomas Tate (Bertie Thomas Brotherton), is still alive. This month, viewers watched in fear as Gabby noticed a hooded figure lurking in the woods at Home Farm. We recently watched in horror as a paranoid Gabby went into the woods with a shotgun, shooting Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), after believing that a disguised Jamie was coming for her and their son.  Asked if she would like to see the character of Jamie return, Rosie confirmed: “Yeah, I think it’s kind of been left as a little like, ‘What's going to happen?’ and I think it'd be really good. “I'd love to see Alex back, you know, it’s good fun. “And it would be a lot of drama, which would be good, and he hasn't even met the baby yet. “So he needs to come back and be a dad,” she teased mysteriously. Speaking about the dramatic events that occurred during the infamous episode involving the shooting, Rosie shared: “Yeah, I was really excited about this week.
Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Liam Cavanagh - Dawn Taylor - Will Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale's Jamie Tate's death could be exposed to Kim in unexpected Gabby twist - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Jamie Tate's death could be exposed to Kim in unexpected Gabby twist
Emmerdale.Dales residents believe that Jamie died after his car crashed into a lake, but ex Gabby Thomas has recently discovered that he faked his own death - and is convinced that he is stalking her.After thinking she was being followed in the woods, Gabby turned and shot her gun - but tonight's Emmerdale episode revealed that the body in the woods was not Jamie at all.After the episode began with haunting music and footage of the village, Noah could be heard screaming for help, before the scenes flashed to Cain Dingle passed out in his car after a crash.Viewers then saw Gabby and Dawn Taylor standing over a body in the woods - with many left wondering who the victim was.The scenes then flashed back to the beginning of the story, with Gabby telling Dawn "I've shot Jamie, you need to come quick."As the friends rushed to the woods, they discovered a body that they thought was Jamie - only for Dawn to cry in horror that the body was not his - it was her father, Will Taylor.After making the horrifying discovery in the shock twist, Gabby begged Dawn not to call the police, saying: "You know, that I didn't know that it was Will, but if I get into trouble and go to prison, what happens to Thomas?"Will later received life-saving treatment from Dr Liam Cavanagh, but Gabby looked panicked as he told her that the incident needed to be reported to the police.However after Will defended her, saying "It's a genuine mistake.
Jamie Tate - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale fans 'work out' who body in the woods is amid Jamie Tate return rumours - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale fans 'work out' who body in the woods is amid Jamie Tate return rumours
Emmerdale fans have been sat on the edge of their seats over the past week after the ITV soap piloted a brand-new formula on the long-standing show which gives viewers an insight into the drama yet to come.As of Monday (May 9), each episode of the nail-biting show has started with an eerie flash forward scene which sees the beloved characters in a whole host of trouble in the heart of the Dales.Tensions have been rising in the village all week as Gabby Thomas’ paranoia peaked after she became convinced that her “dead” ex-Jamie Tate is back to kidnap their son after she learnt a hooded figure had been spotted on a security camera.Willing to do anything to protect her son, the blonde belle ventured out into the woods on her own armed with a loaded gun.But the question that has been on everyone’s lips this week is the identity of the mystery person who was seen lying in the middle of the woods.And it’s fair to say the gripping show has sent fans wild with theories as to which unlucky character it could be.While viewers anxiously wait for the big reveal on Thursday (May 12), Daily Star have taken a look at all the theories behind the identity of mystery body.Many fans suspect Gabby may have finally followed through on her plan to kill her former flame after he faked his own death back in September last year.Earlier on this week, Jamie’s older daughter Millie revealed that her father wasn’t really dead when she attended baby Thomas’ christening.After Gabby spotted the little one amongst the crowd of people at the celebratory event, she overheard her talking through a baby monitor as she hinted that he was finding a way to return to the village to see his son.Just days later, the loving mum was left completely terrified after
Joe Tate - Jamie Tate - Alexander Lincoln - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ identity of Gabby’s stalker as they spot clue it’s Joe Tate - dailystar.co.uk - Morocco
Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ identity of Gabby’s stalker as they spot clue it’s Joe Tate
Emmerdale fans are sure they’ve solved the identity of Gabby Thomas’ stalker - and it isn’t her ex Jamie Tate.Instead, eagle-eyed fans are sure that the figure Gabby is watching on the CCTV tapes is actually former regular Joe Tate, especially after Kim mentioned him last year during the poisoning saga.With her son Jamie eventually revealed as the poisoner, Kim was sure that a bouquet of flowers had been sent to her by Joe, leaving fans certain he was set for a comeback.Though they ended up being from Jamie after all, the hype around Joe hasn’t yet died down, especially as he was never officially killed off.Teasers for next week’s batch of episodes have revealed that Gabby’s anxiety is set to rise after learning Jamie is still alive after faking his own death, with things ramping up as Billy and Dawn spot a mysterious figure on the CCTV at Home Farm.Gabby later spots the hooded figure for herself, and finds a suspicious gift for Thomas which convinces her that Jamie could be back for revenge - or to steal her son.But fans are sure it isn’t Jamie that left the gift.Taking to Reddit, one fan wrote: “Ok so I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers for this week coming but after seeing that CCTV footage I think that looked an awful lot like Jamie.“What do you think? Or who do you think it was?”Someone else was sure the character can’t be returning, as actor Alexander Lincoln has been busy filming other projects.They explained: “Unless they recast the role, then it's a fakeout.
Billy Fletcher - Jamie Tate - Dawn Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath
Emmerdale, as viewers will be treated to an explosive week filled with tension, drama and flashforwards.After months of getting over the loss of her partner Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) world is about to be turned upside down for good.Loyal fans of the ITV soap will remember the traumatic ordeal the doting dad put his family through after he accidentally crashed into a lake where it was thought he died in the crash.But in the latest teaser for next week’s instalment, fans believe Jamie could be back for revenge to kill the mother of his child and kidnap his son.As the doting mum celebrates the birth of her son Thomas’, the memorable occasion soon turns sour after Millie nearly revealed that her dad is still alive after faking his own death last year.This causes cautious mother to grow incredibly suspicious and it’s fair to say the brunette beauty is determined to find out the truth.And with Gabby’s anxiety on high, things only get worse when Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) reveal they’ve spotted a suspicious figure on CCTV.While staying home along with the tot, the loving mum makes sure to keep a watchful eye over the house, determined to protect her son.And her paranoia goes into overdrive when she finds a touch outside the house, as she convinces herself that Jamie has returned after she spots the same hooded figure she saw on CCTV.Later on in the week, Gabby finds a long gift left for Thomas which sends shivers down her spine as she believes her suspicions are confirmed that Jamie is back for revenge.If that wasn’t terrifying enough, someone is also set to steal a gun from the Home Farm cupboard – is Jamie out for blood? Or does he have other things
Jamie Tate - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale spoilers: Death horror as body found, gun showdown and shock return - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale spoilers: Death horror as body found, gun showdown and shock return
Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Al Chapman and Cain Dingle's feud will continue to mount and next week it looks like their war will take centre stage.But will the two men's bickering lead to an unexpected death?With a mystery body on the scene, viewers will have to wait and see who it is.Elsewhere, Gabby Thomas' fears regarding Jamie Tate's return will soon consume and overwhelm her when she sees a mystery person walking around Home Farm.Could it be Jamie returning to take baby Thomas away from Gabby?As the terrifying week kicks off, the opening scenes will begin with a misty graveyard where viewers will see an open grave.The slamming of an iron police cell door can be heard in the background and the sound of a gunshot rings out in the woods before viewers see a crumpled car steaming in the gloom having just had a terrible accident.But whose body was involved in the carnage and what does it all mean?Viewers will later see that Al and Cain's feud continuing to escalate but could either of them be involved in the accident that was previously seen before?On Monday, Al becomes increasingly annoyed when Cain has returned his car but finds a cable tie securing the drive shaft in the engine.Al quickly assumes Cain has further sabotaged the car so tells the mechanic to prove it is safe by driving it.Cain agrees to do exactly what Al says but roars the car at full speed down Main Street straight at Al.Both men don't look like they will budge anytime soon as Al holds his nerve standing in front of the speeding car.As Cain stands firm, Cain drives the vehicle directly towards him in terrifying scenes.Cain manages to screeche to a halt in the nick of time, but will Al be left unscathed or will there be an accident?Despite feeling
Jamie Tate - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale body found as Jamie returns in shooting horror leaving Gabby in danger - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale body found as Jamie returns in shooting horror leaving Gabby in danger
Emmerdale fans can expect plenty of drama next week as a body is found in the woods after Jamie Tate returns to leave a gift for baby Thomas.Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) recently learned that the father of her child could be alive.Following Jamie’s crash into the lake, Gabby and Kim (Claire King) have moved on with their lives, convinced Jamie had died.But unbeknownst to everyone in the village, he’s very much alive and living with his ex wife Andrea’s mum Hazel (Kate Anthony).After Thomas' christening, Gabby overheard Millie, Jamie’s daughter, talking about dad.Millie was speaking as though Jamie is still alive, but Gabby told herself it was just a way of her coping with her dad’s death.Gabby came very close to learning Jamie had faked his death but was interrupted by Hazel, who quickly swept her granddaughter Millie away.Since then, Gabby has told Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and vowed to find out the truth.She broke into Hazel’s house and found an old watch belonging to Jamie, leaving Gabby to wonder if he had recently been there.Gabby fears Jamie is back in the village next week and takes action to protect baby Thomas. When Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn admit there was a hooded person on the CCTV Gabby’s terror mounts, knowing she's home alone all day.Despite Dawn doing her best to reassure her, Gabby explains her instincts are screaming at her that Jamie will return to snatch Thomas and it's not a matter of if but when.
Jamie Tate - Laura Shaw - Gabby Thomas - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale boss promises 'terrifying' never before seen stunts in upcoming episodes - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale boss promises 'terrifying' never before seen stunts in upcoming episodes
Emmerdale viewers are certainly in for a treat, as producers promise "terrifying" stunts that have never been seen on the show before.Discussing what's in store in a recent round table event, producer Laura Shaw said fans of the long-running ITV soap have a lot to look forward to in the next few days as the programme introduces another special week.Laura also added that viewers will feel they are "right in the middle of the action" with the new filming techniques imposed.Speaking candidly she said: "As well as the week of drama, the week will feature action too, with big stunts that have been really exciting to plan and film."We've not done anything like it before, not in the 20 years I've been at Emmerdale and we've had a lot of conversations and scratching of heads on how we can achieve it."She added: "We had to build a very special prop, which you will see in the episodes."We've also used some new very different filming techniques which will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action and I can tell you it's absolutely terrifying."Again, I don't think we've ever done it this way in Emmerdale before but it was really great to watch our hugely talented team do new and exciting things and just make the show look absolutely so incredible."However, the producer was unsure whether she could divulge further, just in case she gave away a huge spoiler.Viewers will have to wait and see which characters will definitely be involved in the jaw-dropping stunts on week 19.Laura did reveal though that on Friday's episode before the big week, Noah Dingle's obsession with Chloe Harris will be explored.