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Meghan Markle ‘feels safer’ in US because Brits are ‘weird’ claims Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Queen and, in turn, become more UK-based.During the chat, Laurence, 57, said: “Well, I think it's going to be difficult, they obviously have to weigh up how much time they're going to spend in the UK and by the sounds of it they're going to be pretty US-based for the near future.“That's obviously where Meghan feels a lot safer and it reflects her and her personality a lot more than being over here."It's complicated over here, we're rather weird, on one hand, we are very supportive and on the other we expect royalty to be good value and work hard for us."Despite feeling a lot “safer” in the US, Laurence went on to explain to the Daily Star that he feels the royal family have been going “out of their way” to include the Duchess of Sussex.He said that he feels it is “difficult” for Meghan to find the right balance between remaining in the US and still carrying out her role as a connection to the monarchy, but the whole of the Royal family are making her feel “very cherished” despite past claims.The interior designer went on to make a point that individuals and members of the public do not know what conversations have been had behind closed doors within the family.Claiming that navigating in-laws is “never easy” and Meghan had her work cut out trying to please “royal in-laws” which Laurence called “complicated”.Being born and raised in America it seems only natural for Meghan to want to return there, especially as that is where her young children, Archie and Lilibet are too.Defending the royal family, Laurence finished by saying: “To me, it looks very much as if she's always been welcome.”Harry and Meghan currently reside in the celebrity enclave of Montecito, in a mansion reportedly bought for $14.65m.They have also started
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Royal fans 'disprove' claims Meghan Markle was only royal to cry during Queen's funeral
Royal fans have swung back at claims that Meghan Markle was the only person to cry at the Queen’s funeral.Images showing the Duchess of Sussex shedding a tear have been circulating widely online and have caused some to claim she was one of the few members of the family to show proper "dignity".Eagle-eyed fans of the family have, however, pointed to a number of other snaps grabbed from the day of the Queen’s funeral (September 19), which show claims there wasn’t a wet eye in the house were unfounded. READ MORE: Tearful Charles can't hide emotion over 'finality' of Queen's death as a 'grieving son' Twitter user @SussexDetective posted on the site that they believed Meghan had been the only one to well up.Above a picture of the Duchess dabbing a wet cheek they wrote: “Meghan being the only one who cried for the Queen…. Sums up everything really”.Then, in an image of Harry and Meghan, added: “The only two I feel for today as they show dignity and love to the Queen for the entire mourning period.”But the claims appeared to be untrue, with a second user being quick to jump in and point out that multiple other members of the Royal Family had in fact broken down in tears during the funeral proceedings for the Queen on Monday.Responding to the tweets, @DallasJacq, said: “People just saying anything on this app lmaooo I can’t”.Then, with his image, he posted pictures of members of the family struggling to keep back tears as they said goodbye to their beloved mother, grandmother and Queen.
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Meghan Markle had 'authentic smile' when she spoke about 'very nice' UK return
Meghan Markle had an "authentic smile" on her face when she spoke about how "nice" it was to be back in the UK at the One Young World summit.The event saw the Duchess of Sussex make her first public speech in the UK since leaving the Royal Family back in 2020.As soon as they set foot on UK soil, they were spotted taking a train from London Euston to Manchester to attend the opening ceremony of the organisation which Meghan has been a Counsellor since 2014. READ MORE: Bob Geldof drops F-bomb in front of Harry and Meghan during One Young World speech Once there, the former Suits actress, who was wearing a striking red blouse and matching trousers, gave a speech about how much her life has changed and said it was nice to be back in the country.And she kicked things off by saying it was "very nice to be back in the UK".While tension around the pair seems to skyrocket whenever they touch down on British soil, body language expert Judi James claims that Meghan's smile was genuine when she spoke about her happy return.Speaking to the Daily Star, Judi said: "It was Meghan raising her hands high to clap the UK flags during the ceremony and it was Meghan telling her audience with an authentic smile how nice it was to be back in the UK."Judi also claimed that Meghan gave a "dramatic" speech about how her life has changed from being an actress on Suits to being a mum and wife."With several references to Archewell and her podcast from the host, Meghan took us through her small history as a counsellor," she added."Fluttering her eyelashes shyly as she described herself as just a ‘girl from Suits’, having to save her place card to prove she belonged there to a much more knowing smile and dramatic pause as she referenced her marriage
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Fern Britton slams Prince Charles for Harry and Meghan Markle being 'segregated'
Prince Charles over the segregation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over the Jubilee celebrations.The 64-year-old was left less than impressed when she witnessed The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sitting apart from Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Thanksgiving service.Fern shared her issues with the "segregation" of Harry and Meghan as she called the situation "troubling".On Friday, The Sussex's arrived at St Paul's Cathedral for the Service of Thanksgiving and were joined by other working members of the Royal Family.The celebration marked the first time that Harry and Meghan had returned back to the UK with their two children Archie and Lilibet since they stepped down from their royal duties two years ago.After they had entered the cathedral, Harry and Meghan placed themselves in the second row whilst Prince Charles and William sat on the other side.Noticing the clear separation, Fern took to Twitter to voice her feelings before taking aim at Prince Charles for allowing it to happen.She wrote: "I understand all the protocols and ‘soft diplomacy’ employed by the Royal Family, but for the Prince of Wales to allow Harry and Meghan to be so obviously segregated is troubling."A father should have the balls to sit as a family with his two children."It wasn't long before people quickly commented on her post which seemed to divide her 113,000 Twitter followers.One person disagreed with Fern as they claimed the decision was "totally right".They said: "I thought it was totally right for them to be sat with Eugenie and Beatrice and their partners.
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Fans say 'no photos says it all' as Royal Family wish Lilibet a happy first birthday
Royal Family wished Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ’s daughter Lilibet a happy birthday with no photo of the youngster. Lilibet, who turns one today (June 4), is currently in the UK and is expected to celebrate the big day with members of the Royal Family, including the Queen.Harry and Meghan are back in the UK together for the first time since they left their royal working roles two years ago.The couple have brought Lilibet and Archie to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee but royal fans have felt ‘sadness’ after no photos of the birthday girl were tweeted.The Royal Family’s official Twitter account posted a message with a single red balloon, which read: “Wishing Lilibet a very Happy 1st Birthday!”.Royal fans also questioned whether a photo may be being published by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex later but one fan tweeted over whether Lilibet’s birthday photos may be saved for the Duke and Duchess’s rumoured Netflix documentary project.One royal fan tweeted: “This is hilarious, no photos says it all.”Another fan tweeted: “The sadness of this tweet without a photo…(If the Sussexes decided to reserve for Netflix the exclusion of personal images that even the BRF does not have access to, that would be pretty ugly).”A third commented: “We need an official photograph with the Sussex and Prince Charles, not only one birthday message.”The Queen was due to visit the Epsom Derby today but has pulled out of the event.The decision has led to royal fans hoping this means the Queen will get to spend time with Lilibet on her birthday.One tweeted: “So special that she’s sharing her first birthday with her family in England on her great-grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.