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Margot Robbie - Guy Pearce - Kylie Minogue - Jason Donovan - Karl Kennedy - Neighbours boss explains why scenes were cut from finale after backlash from fans - - Australia - Britain
Neighbours boss explains why scenes were cut from finale after backlash from fans
Neighbours fans have been left fuming after finding out that some scenes were cut from the season finale. The iconic Australian show wrapped up on Friday night, where fans saw some touching scenes such as a speech from fan favourite Karl..However in the episode that was aired in Australia included a video message from Sky Mangel as well as a touching scene where Dr Karl Kennedy told Toadie that he was a son to him but British fans didn't get to see these touching moments. READ MORE: Ex-Neighbours soap star savages star-studded finale as ‘unwatchable’ Another scene where Beth Brennan mentioned her son Ned Willis was also cut.Explaining the reason, Herbison said that the finale was 'always intended as a one-hour special' but the Australian channel Network 10 decided to give them a 90 minute episode to wrap things up.He said: “As you can imagine, with so much story at play, there was a lot of material left on the floor."There is easily another 15 minutes of unseen footage in the last episode, including the video messages.“Perhaps one day we can do a special cut and cover such important questions as – how did that street party come together so quickly?”Neighbour has been a popular Australian soap for 37 years.Fans have been left begging for a reboot of the soap after its final episode saw over 3 million viewers tune in to say goodbye.The grand finale saw past stars returning to the soap including Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce as the residents of Ramsay Street said a fond farewell to Erinsborough.The same episodes in Australia aired on Thursday and drew the biggest ratings in over a decade.UK ratings enjoyed an average of 2.6 million viewers, hitting a peak of 2.9 million.
Margot Robbie - Natalie Imbruglia - Guy Pearce - Kylie Minogue - Jason Donovan - Susan Kennedy - Jackie Woodburne - Mike Young - Ian Smith - Neighbours fans 'in puddles of tears' as retro cast return for emotional final episode - - Australia
Neighbours fans 'in puddles of tears' as retro cast return for emotional final episode
Neighbours has closed out its final moments with emotional reunions, a joyful wedding and a nostalgic tribute to past and present stars.After 37 years on screen, the Australian soap ended with a double-episode special on Friday which featured star-studded cameos from Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie and singer Natalie Imbruglia.The show first aired in 1985 and followed the cul-de-sac community of Ramsay Street within the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough.READ MORE: Neighbours Toadie star's life - forgotten roles, huge weight loss and Big Brother stintIn the opening of the finale, it becomes clear Ramsay Street as the community once knew it is coming to an end as Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne, looks at all the houses up for sale around her home.Harold Bishop, reprised by Ian Smith for the closing episodes, tells Susan and her husband Karl they are the “last of the custodians” of the area and suggests she should write the introduction to their “History Of Ramsay Street” photo album.Another fan-favourite character to return to their old hunting ground is Mike Young, played by Guy Pearce, who shows his daughter Sam (Henrietta Graham) around the area.After bumping into his old friend and former love interest Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones, they take a trip down memory lane by going through the houses on Ramsay Street and revisiting memories from their youth.They recall special moments including his reaction to her makeover when she went without her glasses for the first time and when her mother would not let him visit her.However, their time reminiscing does not go down well with Jane’s former partner Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) who ends up in a drunken row wielding a lamp at Mike, saying:
Guy Pearce - Mike Young - What happened in Neighbours' emotional finale - - Australia
What happened in Neighbours' emotional finale
Neighbours has come to an emotional end after more than three decades on Australian TV screens with one of the biggest series finales of all time. So what happened?WATCH: Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Daniel MacPherson reflect on Neighbours From emotional farewells, to special appearances from old favourites, plenty of tears and one last Ramsay Street wedding, there was so much to see.The show kicked off with a special tribute to all the years gone by, including every title card from 1985 until now.One of the first big reveals came when it waas confirmed that Sam was Mike Young's (Guy Pearce) daughter, with her heartthrob dad turning up in a slick leather jacket for his Ramsay St return.Meanwhile Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) broke down and confessed she was only with Karl and Susan Kennedy's son Mal because she wanted their "love and acceptance" and "a reason to come back" to the street.Who could forget Charlene and Scott?And just as Jane Harris (Annie Jones) seemed ready to forgive Clive Gibbons (Geoff Payne), she quite literally bumped into Mike and it was clear there was still plenty of emotion between the old flames.Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) came to her senses and realised she wasn't in love with Jarrod 'Toadie' Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) right before his wedding to Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden).Jane took Mike on a journey down memory lane as they explored each of the houses up for sale, with flashbacks to some of the most iconic moments from the series.Clive confronted them, leaving Jane and Mike to really think about what they wanted after all these years...
Margot Robbie - Alan Fletcher - Guy Pearce - Kylie Minogue - Jason Donovan - Karl Kennedy - Shane Warne - Jesse Spencer - Delta Goodrem - Ryan 'Toadie' Moloney reveals how Neighbours ends -
Ryan 'Toadie' Moloney reveals how Neighbours ends
Neighbours, will come to an end on July 28.And with anticipation steadily building, actor Ryan Moloney has been able to give the fans a little bit of extra gossip about the ending they’ve been waiting to see.WATCH BELOW: Kylie Minogue discusses her return to NeighboursSpeaking to radio’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Ryan – who has played Jarrod Vincenzo ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi since 1995 – let slip who will have the last word in the finale.“I’m not allowed to but I’m going to,” he said when he was asked live on air.“Is it you?” Wippa asked him.“No, it’s not me,” he said. “It’s Susan and Karl.”Susan and Karl are played respectively by Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher.Susan and Karl Kennedy began on Neighbours in 1994, and have been mainstays on the show ever since.With so many episodes, storylines, and influence under their belts, it’s only fitting they would get to deliver the final line of the series.However, there will be a lot more to see in the finale before the final words, which was also teased by Ryan this morning.Toadie took time to share some details from the finale.When asked about the actors returning to the show as guest stars, Ryan revealed: “There’s so many, I think there’s about 60 in the last scene.“I had to write down a little cheat sheet.
Guy Pearce - Mike Young - Guy Pearce's life - Neighbours return, tragic loss, famous partner and £20.8m net worth - - Australia - county Young - Victoria, Australia
Guy Pearce's life - Neighbours return, tragic loss, famous partner and £20.8m net worth
Neighbours icon Guy Pearce returns to Ramsay Street tonight, as the final episodes of the soap air.Guy played Mike Young in the popular Australian soap, and in tonight's episodes, he reunites with former flame Jane Harris for a nostalgic journey through time.Neighbours shot Guy Pearce to stardom back in 1986 - with the actor going on to achieve Hollywood success in the decades since.READ NEXT: Neighbours' Izzy star’s life - pop career, grandmother paternity twist and bullying hellAs Neighbours fans prepare to get their tissues at the ready, Daily Star takes a look inside the life of one of its original icons, as Guy Pearce steps onto the street one last time.Guy Pearce was born on October 5, 1967 in Cambridgeshire, England to parents Anne, who was a school teacher, and father Stuart, who was a plane test pilot.Along with his eldest sister Tracey, the family moved from England and settled in Victoria, Australia when the star was three years old.However five years later, Guy's father sadly died in an accident while testing a plane, when the actor was just eight years old.Guy has spoken openly about his father's death in the years since, revealing to The Guardian that he thinks the intensity he brings to his acting roles has links to the loss when he was younger.He said: "I think from losing my dad when I was young. It means I have this whirring sort of emotional story that I’m keeping contained all the time.
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Cheers to the TV WEEK Logie Awards winners for 2022!
TV WEEK Logie Awards are back after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Australia's brightest stars were out in force for the big night.WATCH: Nominees for the 2022 TV WEEK Gold LogieThere were plenty of fashion hits and misses on the red carpet before the ceremony even began, as well as a few cheeky comments from some of our favourite celebrities.But let's be honest - you just want to know who won!From the Graham Kennedy Award for New Talent, to the biggest award of the night - the TV WEEK Gold Logie for Most Popular Presenter on Australian Television - keep scrolling for the full list of winners.Will Hamish Blake take home the gold again?TV WEEK GOLD LOGIE FOR MOST POPULAR PERSONALITY ON AUSTRALIAN TELEVISIONHamish Blake (LEGO Masters Australia)Julia Morris (I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!)Karl Stefanovic (Today, 60 Minutes)Melissa Leong (MasterChef Australia, Celebrity MasterChef Australia)Ray Meagher (Home And Away)Sonia Kruger (Big Brother, Holey Moley, Dancing with The Stars: All Stars, The Voice, The Voice Generations)Tom Gleeson (Hard Quiz)TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE FOR MOST POPULAR ACTORBernard Curry (Wentworth)Guy Pearce (Jack Irish)Hugo Weaving (Love Me)Ray Meagher (Home and Away)Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor)Stephen Peacocke (RFDS)TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE FOR MOST POPULAR ACTRESSAda Nicodemou (Home and Away)Anna Torv (The Newsreader)Bojana Novakovic (Love Me)Deborah Mailman (Total Control)Kitty Flanagan (Fisk)Sophie Dillman (Home and Away)WATCH: Sophie Dillman and Ray Meahger do the TV WEEK 2 Minute ChallengeBERT NEWTON AWARD FOR MOST POPULAR PRESENTERCarrie Bickmore (The Project)Hamish Blake (LEGO Masters Australia)Leigh Sales (7:30)Melissa Leong (MasterChef Australia, Celebrity MasterChef
Guy Pearce - Charlene Robinson - Kylie Minogue - Mike Young - Kylie Minogue on returning to ‘Neighbours’ finale: “There was quite a bit of pressure for me to come back” - - Australia
Kylie Minogue on returning to ‘Neighbours’ finale: “There was quite a bit of pressure for me to come back”
Kylie Minogue has revealed that there was “quite a bit of pressure” for her to appear in the upcoming finale episode of Neighbours.In an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers yesterday (June 8), the singer discussed her early days on set of the Australian soap opera and how she will reprise the role of Ramsay street resident Charlene Robinson, who last appeared on the series in 1988.“I got this role in Neighbours in 1986… There was quite a bit of pressure for me to come back, so I shot my scenes back in Australia,” Minogue revealed.Elsewhere in the interview, Minogue credited the show with her later success as a musician, saying that its popularity “exploded” during her tenure and comprised “a large part of how [she] entered the music industry.”“England just went crazy about [Neighbours], so it’s been with me ever since…You know, you’re in people’s households [and] the show was played twice a day,” she recalled.Minogue also talked about how fellow Neighbours alum Guy Pearce, who landed his breakout role on the show in 1986 as troubled high-schooler Mike Young, would likewise return for the finale. The pair played friends during Pearce’s three-year run on the soap, and Minogue hinted at the emotion of their forthcoming reunion.“[Guy Pearce] was also on the show.