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Scientists used computer to predict exactly when society will collapse in 21st century

Scientists during the 1970s used a computer and observations on changing trends to predict exactly when society would collapse.The scientific observation was carried out by a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) more than five decades ago.According to their findings, the prediction made was that society would crumble near the midpoint of the 21st century in 2040.The group looked at data patterns from various factors, including the population, the use of natural resources and energy consumption to make their prediction.The team's academic study has been published by Club of Rome and identified "upcoming limits to growth" that would cause the collapse.In 2009, a different team of researchers did a similar study which American Scientist published.They issued that the model's results were "almost exactly on course some 35 years later" - with a few appropriate assumptions.The predictions have not been invalidated and appear to be quite on target.In 2020, the Dutch sustainability researcher Gaya Herrington affirmed the bleak predictions made in the study.Gaya, who works at multinational accounting firm KPMG, told the Guardian: "From a research perspective, I felt a data check of a decades-old model against empirical observations would be an interesting exercise."She investigated the predictions made back in 1972 and compared them to current data trends.It revealed a worst-case scenario of economic growth coming to a halt at the end of this decade and collapsing around ten years later.Gaya did shine some light on how changing attitudes and habits could reposition the discourse despite the gloomy observation.She added: "The key finding of my study is that we still have a choice to align with a

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