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Pete Davidson - Charlize Theron - Chrissy Teigen - Ariana Grande - Lindsay Lohan - Gal Gadot - Taylor Lautner - All the celebrity names you’ve been saying wrong all this time: Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Lautner, Ariana Grande and more -
All the celebrity names you’ve been saying wrong all this time: Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Lautner, Ariana Grande and more
Lindsay Lohan pretty much broke the internet and TikTok alike by revealing her name isn’t actually pronounced ‘Lo-han’, fans have been questioning everything they ever thought they knew. From Twilight stars to singers, there are actually far more celebrities whose names are pronounced differently to what they are usually known as. Here’s whose names you have been getting wrong this whole time. Lindsay Lohan had everyone’s minds blown after she joined TikTok and inadvertently revealed that her surname isn’t pronounced they way we have all been pronouncing it for years. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoIntroducing herself on the video site, fans were baffled to hear her say her name as ‘Lowen’ rather than ‘Lo-han’. While some had been saying that way themselves, most fans were stunned to learn they have not been saying their favourite Mean Girls actress’s name correctly. While most people have been saying ‘Grande’ the way you would while placing your Starbucks order, that’s actually not how you pronounce Ariana’s surname at all.The singer had fans shook in 2018 during her brief engagement to Pete Davidson when she discussed potentially hyphenating her name if they got married – and said her surname completely differently. Ariana revealed it was pronounced ‘Grandee’ not ‘grand-ay’ due to the way her beloved late grandfather used to say it, and that is what she goes by to honour his memory. Hey locas, the king of middle parts has spokenTwilight star Taylor Lautner also blew fans’ minds when he revealed his surname is actually pronounced differently than we all assumed. While most have been saying ‘lort-ner’, a recent video showed that Taylor himself
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Review: Death on the Nile is a slow boat
Death on the Nile (★★☆☆☆) miscalculates from the start, marching into a mystery Christie herself showed no interest in exploring: the origins of Hercule Poirot’s trademark mustache.Director and star Kenneth Branagh, helming his second Christie adaptation following the 2017 hit Murder on the Orient Express, digs into a black-and-white, WWI-set prologue that firmly establishes Belgian sleuth Poirot as the film’s romantic hero.Christie’s sturdy plots and colorful characters certainly invite inventive reinterpretation, but it feels misguided making this or any Poirot story more about the man solving the mystery, than about the mystery that Poirot must solve.The sprightlier 1978 version of Death on the Nile, directed by John Guillermin and scripted by Sleuth playwright Anthony Shaffer, struck a more satisfying balance between the famous detective and the cast of suspects all harboring motives for murder.That whodunnit boasted a lineup of eccentric legends — Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury, Maggie Smith, David Niven, and, of course, Peter Ustinov as Poirot — inhabiting Dame Agatha’s larger-than-life characters while swooning about in Anthony Powell’s Oscar-winning ’30s-era costumes.The result was gloriously camp, as much as it was wickedly intriguing.