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Superbad cast now - Hollywood sex scenes, dramatic weight loss, co-star romances
READ MORE: Lady Gaga fans go wild as star announces next huge role in upcoming Joker filmFrom brutal brawls to sex scenes and tender moments of friendship, Superbad matched outrageous comedy with poignant coming-of-age drama.To celebrate the 15-year anniversary of Superbad, Daily Star took a look at where the on-screen classmates went next.Michael Cera has famously played tons of lovably-awkward teens during his movie career, and shy-guy Evan was certainly one of them.Before Superbad, he had already gained fame as George Michael Bluth on the sitcom Arrested Development, but 2007 became a big year for the Canadian actor.Cera starred alongside Elliot Page in Juno (2007), which was nominated for several Oscars and bagged Best Original Screenplay.He went on to take the lead role in Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) and played a fictionalised version of himself in This Is the End (2013), where his character scandalously slaps Rihanna's bum.In 2016, Michael's Scott Pilgrim co-star Aubrey Plaza revealed that she had dated Cera for around 18 months after the film wrapped and they had considered tying the knot.Despite breaking up, they remain good friends.A man of many talents, Michael is also an indie musician who dropped a solo album in 2014, and has played as a bassist in the rock supergroup Mister Heavenly.Jonah Hill's character Seth had a major crush on Emma Watson's character Jules, who was both popular and nice in equal measures.Superbad was Emma Stone's first ever film role and the first of many hit teen comedies such as Zombieland (2009) and Easy A (2010).Stone would go on to win the Oscar for Best Actress for her time in La La Land (2016), the musical Hollywood romance she starred in with Ryan Gosling.Emma reportedly
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Elliot Page On How His Transition Was Incorporated Into The Umbrella Academy Storyline
Elliot Page came out as transgender in December 2020 and his real-life transition was mirrored on the latest season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.Note: Plot Spoilers Ahead.In Season 3, viewers were introduced to his character Viktor Hargreeves in season 3. Page came out as trans weeks before production for season 3 was set to commence. The series show runner recruited trans writer Thomas Page McBee to aid in curating a storyline that felt authentic and sensitive to the trans journey of Page and his character, Viktor. Page praised the showrunner Steve Blackman and writer Thomas Page McBee for handling Viktor’s transition and the character’s storyline with care, stating that he believed the arc “ultimately, and in retrospect, has been really clear in so many ways.” “Viktor’s discomfort and the walls that he puts up, I think without realising, he’s just so folded in on himself and meeting Sissy and getting to feel more embodied and self-assured, and it was really, really quite special to actually reflect on that.” The actor added that he thought the conversations with McBee ensured that they were “really able to feel what that honest progression is.”Transition Is Life Saving, Elliot Page tells Oprah WinfreyPage referenced Viktor’s siblings’ reactions as ones that echoed his own lived experience.
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Elliot Page Opens Up About How Transitioning Has 'Improved My Life Drastically'
Elliot Page is opening up about his life since coming out as trans, and how he's focusing on the joy he feels at embracing his truth and his happiness.The actor sat down with Seth Meyers on Tuesday's, and opened up about coming out in December 2020, and the journey he's been on since — including how his character in Netflix's also transitioned in the forthcoming third season.According to Page, he was a part of the process in crafting that development for the character — and it was a development fully embraced by creator Steve Blackman.«When we first talked about it, he seemed really excited about incorporating it into the show,» Page shared, adding that they also collaborated with trans author and journalist Thomas Page McBee, who «came on board and helped out and I feel proud of it and I'm excited for people to see it.»Page spoke with Meyers about his transition, and specifically the response he received from those closest to him, which Page said was overwhelmingly supportive. «I feel really grateful for that,» Page shared. «Most people [in my life] weren't surprised.»As for some of the negative feedback he's gotten — largely from strangers whom he's never actually met — Page said he's trying not to get bogged down in negativity.«What I want to focus on right now, and has been so extraordinary, is the degree of joy that I feel, the degree of presence that I feel. I feel a way that I really never thought possible for a long, long time,» Page said.