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Billy Fletcher - Cain Dingle - Nate Robinson - Samantha Womack - Dawn Taylor - Will Taylor - Lily Rose - Rosie Bentham - Emmerdale DI Malone star now - famous ex, hair transplant rumours and family heartache - dailystar.co.uk - county Mitchell
Emmerdale DI Malone star now - famous ex, hair transplant rumours and family heartache
Emmerdale viewers will surely remember cold hearted, dodgy copper Detective Inspector Mark Malone who caused an onslaught of damage in the village before his untimely death.Playing the role of the crooked policeman in the long-running soap, actor Mark Edward Womack did a fantastic job gripping the nation with his dark and gritty portrayal.DI Mark's first appearance was on 5 March 2020 playing Harriet Finch's former colleague and boss of Will Taylor.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham parades toned legs in skintight leggings for sizzling gym snapBut although he came to the village to investigate the shooting of Nate Robinson, things quickly turned sour when he blackmailed Will, Cain Dingle and Billy Fletcher into working for him.The copper's bad antics begin to spiral out of control and he was later killed by Dawn Taylor with Harriet's assistance.Now that he is no longer in the soap, Daily Star has taken a look at what he's up to now.During his time in Emmerdale, news emerged that Mark's marriage to EastEnders actress Samantha Womack was over but they were still living together.The former couple announced that they both decided to end their relationship in 2018 but were in "no rush" to change their family dynamic.Talking about her marriage to OK! Magazine, Samantha, who previously played Ronnie Mitchell in Albert Square said: "Our family home is big enough and we’re co-existing happily."There’s no rush to change things."But now feels like the right time to be honest and admit we’re no longer together."The former couple share two children together- Benjamin Thomas, and Lily Rose and Mark also has another son, Michael, from his first marriage to Mary Therese McGoldrick.Last year, reports claimed Samantha was dating
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Original Emmerdale Lucas Taylor star's life - secret soap role to famous X Factor dad
Emmerdale has launched the career of a number of young actors throughout the years - including original Lucas Taylor star Dexter Ansell.Dexter, who has recently been seen in critically acclaimed Sky series The Midwich Cuckoos opposite Keeley Hawes, landed his big break on the ITV soap in 2019.He played Lucas Taylor, the son of Dawn Taylor – but did you know he also had another secret role in Emmerdale before this?READ NEXT: Emmerdale backstage secrets - Plastic food, real graves, tributes and spelling errorsThat's not all, as the young star has had quite the interesting life too, including following in his famous X Factor dad's footsteps.Here, Daily Star takes a closer look inside the life of original Lucas Taylor star Dexter Ansell.Although Dexter Ansell is most famous for playing Lucas Taylor in Emmerdale, the young actor had a secret role on the soap too.Between January and May 2016, he played Jimmy King's son Carl Holliday, before the role was taken over by Charlie Munro Joyce.However, he returned to Emmerdale in June 2019 as Dawn Taylor's son Lucas, where he played the role for over two years until March 2021.During this time, Covid restrictions meant that child stars were not allowed to be on set for health and safety reasons.Dawn Taylor actress Olivia Bromley said that she missed Dexter a lot on set, telling The Express: "It's sad that we've not been able to film with him."As I think it would have added an extra layer to the high stakes to have him here. He's been upstairs for a long time now!"I've been keeping in touch with Dexter – it was his birthday recently, so we had a little chat then.
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Emmerdale's Jamie Tate's death could be exposed to Kim in unexpected Gabby twist
Emmerdale.Dales residents believe that Jamie died after his car crashed into a lake, but ex Gabby Thomas has recently discovered that he faked his own death - and is convinced that he is stalking her.After thinking she was being followed in the woods, Gabby turned and shot her gun - but tonight's Emmerdale episode revealed that the body in the woods was not Jamie at all.After the episode began with haunting music and footage of the village, Noah could be heard screaming for help, before the scenes flashed to Cain Dingle passed out in his car after a crash.Viewers then saw Gabby and Dawn Taylor standing over a body in the woods - with many left wondering who the victim was.The scenes then flashed back to the beginning of the story, with Gabby telling Dawn "I've shot Jamie, you need to come quick."As the friends rushed to the woods, they discovered a body that they thought was Jamie - only for Dawn to cry in horror that the body was not his - it was her father, Will Taylor.After making the horrifying discovery in the shock twist, Gabby begged Dawn not to call the police, saying: "You know, that I didn't know that it was Will, but if I get into trouble and go to prison, what happens to Thomas?"Will later received life-saving treatment from Dr Liam Cavanagh, but Gabby looked panicked as he told her that the incident needed to be reported to the police.However after Will defended her, saying "It's a genuine mistake.
Billy Fletcher - Jamie Tate - Dawn Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath
Emmerdale, as viewers will be treated to an explosive week filled with tension, drama and flashforwards.After months of getting over the loss of her partner Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) world is about to be turned upside down for good.Loyal fans of the ITV soap will remember the traumatic ordeal the doting dad put his family through after he accidentally crashed into a lake where it was thought he died in the crash.But in the latest teaser for next week’s instalment, fans believe Jamie could be back for revenge to kill the mother of his child and kidnap his son.As the doting mum celebrates the birth of her son Thomas’, the memorable occasion soon turns sour after Millie nearly revealed that her dad is still alive after faking his own death last year.This causes cautious mother to grow incredibly suspicious and it’s fair to say the brunette beauty is determined to find out the truth.And with Gabby’s anxiety on high, things only get worse when Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) reveal they’ve spotted a suspicious figure on CCTV.While staying home along with the tot, the loving mum makes sure to keep a watchful eye over the house, determined to protect her son.And her paranoia goes into overdrive when she finds a touch outside the house, as she convinces herself that Jamie has returned after she spots the same hooded figure she saw on CCTV.Later on in the week, Gabby finds a long gift left for Thomas which sends shivers down her spine as she believes her suspicions are confirmed that Jamie is back for revenge.If that wasn’t terrifying enough, someone is also set to steal a gun from the Home Farm cupboard – is Jamie out for blood? Or does he have other things
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Emmerdale Meena star 'in tears' as she reveals 'incredible' end for ITV serial killer
Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has confirmed she is leaving the ITV soap - and has already "started crying" about the exit.Paige has played serial killer Meena Jutla on the popular ITV soap - an evil murderer who has wreaked havoc on the Dales.Paige first set foot in the soap, as Manpreet Sharma's estranged sister, in September 2020, but she's been causing trouble ever since.During her vicious on-screen killing spree, Meena has killed three members of the village.The psychopath shoved Leanna Cavanagh over a bridge to her death, beat up Andrea Tate and left her to burn alive in a fire, and fatally pummeled Ben Tucker.With Meena's fate hanging in the balance, Paige has now confirmed that she is set to leave the soap.The actress told This Morning that it's "the beginning of the end" for her character, but there's plenty more action to come before that happens.Paige said: "This is the beginning of the end for Meena but there's more drama to come!"The exit has clearly left her emotional, because Paige revealed that she's already started crying about it.She told the Mirror: "The ending’s incredible, better than I could ever have imagined, and I have already started crying."Paige went on: "[Meena] is a psychopath and believes nobody will ever get the better of her.
Leyla Harding - Billy Fletcher - Liam Cavanagh - Dawn Taylor - Harriet Finch - Emmerdale fans shocked as Liam 'kills' Meena on same bridge she murdered his daughter - dailystar.co.uk - Taylor - county Dale
Emmerdale fans shocked as Liam 'kills' Meena on same bridge she murdered his daughter
Emmerdale fans were completely shocked as Liam Cavanagh appeared to "kill" Meena Jutla on the same bridge she murdered his daughter Leanna. This week in the Dales, Meena's conniving ways continued as she kidnapped Dawn Taylor in a limo during her Valentine's Day wedding to Billy Fletcher, reports OK!.After attacking them in nail-biting scenes, the vindictive nurse had also left Leyla Harding and Harriet Finch for dead.Meena then taunts Liam about murdering his daughter Leanna which leads him to push Meena off the same bridge she killed his daughter.Avid Emmerdale fans went straight to Twitter to give their thoughts on the action and the thrilling scenes.One person said: "In all seriousness who'd of thought Liam would be the one to put a stop to Meena and come through good and strong #Emmerdale."Another tweeter wrote: "Liam showing no mercy there going straight after Meena and now he's pushed her over the same bridge when Leanna died !!! #Emmerdale."In the scenes, Liam learned that Meena was back and became worried after realising that his wife Leyla had gone to look for the newlyweds.Liam then spotted Meena running through the village as he followed her in a run-and-chase scene before they ended up by the same bridge she killed his daughter on.After being cornered by Liam, Meena said: "You know, it's funny...
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Emmerdale killer Meena's victims now - rival soap link, baby joy and popstar partner
Emmerdale viewers have been on the edge of their seats for months as serial killer Meena Jutla's reign of terror took over the village.Three residents have already met their deaths at Meena's hands, with further murders teased by soap bosses ahead of her return for Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor's wedding.It seems that there is no sign of Meena's villainous acts stopping anytime soon, with Emmerdale executive producer Jane Hudson telling the press: "There are still some more twists and turns to be had in this story."Some that you probably won't see coming but I think we can all agree that Meena can pretty much do anything."Meena may have bumped off three residents but she also tried to murder Vinny Dingle and her own sister Manpreet Sharma in dramatic scenes last month.However, the lucky villagers managed to escape the clutches of the evil nurse - but are they safe?While viewers wait to see what will happen to Billy and Dawn on their wedding day, Daily Star looks at where the actors who played her previous murder victims are now.Leanna Cavanagh became Meena's first on-screen murder victim, after Leanna discovered that not only had Meena had stolen money from a local collection and tried to pin the blame on Jacob, but she murdered teenager Nadine too.Intent on exposing her crimes, Leanna was stopped in her tracks by Meena, who then subsequently threw Leanna off a bridge to her death.Speaking about the shocking storyline, Leanna actress Mimi Slinger revealed how difficult it was to keep her character's death a secret, telling The Mirror: "It’s been so hard to keep this a secret as I’ve known about it since last December and I am so glad it is finally out."Only my mum knew, and I didn’t breathe a word to anyone until the