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Jacob Gallagher - David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Leyla Cavanagh - Emmerdale fans point out major David blunder as he leaves village after nasty accident - dailystar.co.uk - Portugal
Emmerdale fans point out major David blunder as he leaves village after nasty accident
Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads during the latest visit to the village as David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) left the village.The shop owner went to visit Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) during Tuesday's (August 2) episode to inform her that her sister Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson) had suffered a nasty accident in Portugal.He said she injured herself while taking a selfie, ended up in hospital and now needs his assistance to help her recovery.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Clemmie actress was rejected from roles through self-tapes multiple timesHowever, as David fled the village to help his ex, viewers at home were left confused as he recently admitted he was struggling for cash.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "David was skint the other week, now he’s booking flights lol."Another added: "Portugal ? He was skint 5 minutes ago."A third person posted: "How can David afford to do to Portugal?"While a fourth social media user said: "The other week David was struggling for money now he’s setting off to Portugal to look after an ex.""Could the writers not come up with something at least a wee bit believable for David's disappearance? He is up to his eyes in debt, yet can jet off to Portugal at the drop of a hat, supposedly to look after an ex?," a fifth said.David's shop has been knocked by the Coronavirus pandemic.Just like the Woolpack, the businessman failed to take in enough money back in 2020 due to the lockdowns.Last year, David and his partner Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) were also away from the Dales for a considerable amount of time.This left Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) to primarily run the shop on his own.While Jacob managed, he was incredibly stressed and far too focused on everything else
David Metcalfe - Daisy Campbell - Emmerdale fans left 'cringing' as ITV soap airs romantic David and Victoria scenes - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale fans left 'cringing' as ITV soap airs romantic David and Victoria scenes
Emmerdale fans were left cringing behind a cushion after they watched Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe awkwardly holding hands in a summer field.During Monday’s (July 3) visit to the ITV village, fans watched the womaniser make amends with the residents in the village after he floated the idea of exploiting insurance fraud.After struggling with his crippling debt as his corner shop continues to struggle to survive in the visit, David has been looking for a way to bring customers back to the business.READ MORE: Emmerdale stars Rosie Bentham and Daisy Campbell wow in teeny bikinis on Ibiza tripAnd after the doting dad found himself in a minor car crash with Nicola King, he decided to capitalise on the crash.But the TV hunk was left worst for ware when his son Jacob and his loving girlfriend discovered his plan to commit insurance fraud.And in an attempt to prevent her boyfriend from getting arrested in his attempt to save his crumbling business, Victoria toyed with the idea of selling her inherited farm land from her grandmother to cover his debts.As she took in the gorgeous view of Beckindale from the the top of her family farm, the TV beauty was joined by her partner as they talked about how they are going to battle their money issues. She said: "Dreams aren't real but what we have is and if my gran was here she'd tell me to do what makes me happy and so would my dad.
David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Kim Tate - Rhona Goskirk - Matthew Wolfenden - Lisa Riley - Emma Atkins - Zoe Henry - Priya Sharma - Emmerdale star's eye-watering net worths - Marlon Dingle star to Kim Tate actress - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale star's eye-watering net worths - Marlon Dingle star to Kim Tate actress
Emmerdale this week, after Priya Sharma tells Victoria Sugden that he has missed payments ahead of their wedding.With David feigning an injury for an insurance claim and ignoring Victoria's questions about the wedding, will he reveal the truth about what is going on?However away from Emmerdale, David Metcalfe actor Matthew Wolfenden is one of the soap's many high paid stars - with the cast reported to earn anything between £400-£2000 per episode.READ NEXT: When will Lisa Riley be back on Emmerdale? Mandy Dingle actress returns after heartbreakWith over six episodes per week, the cast could make a substantial amount from their appearances, and here, Daily Star takes a closer look at some of the star's net worths.Emma Atkins is one of the soap's longest serving cast members, having appeared in Emmerdale for over 20 years since 2000.Between family feuds, a shock return to the village and taking over ownership of The Woolpack Pub, her character Charity Dingle has been at the centre of some of Emmerdales' biggest storylines.She has also had starring roles in Casualty and Doctors away from the soap too.It is no surprise then with her long run on the show and long acting career, that the star is estimated to have a net worth of over £8m.Zoe Henry joined Emmerdale in 2001 as Rhona Goskirk, before taking a break from the dales one year later.
David Metcalfe - Lisa Riley - Emmerdale's David leaves fans baffled as they spot major issue with cash making scheme - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's David leaves fans baffled as they spot major issue with cash making scheme
Emmerdale fans have called out David Metcalfe’s latest entrepreneurial project after his father Eric invested in his free delivery service.During Monday’s instalment of the popular ITV soap, fans caught up with the shopkeeper after his white van was stolen outside of his home.Over the past few months, the businessman has been struggling to keep the business afloat and it’s clear to see as star has been desperately asking his close friends and family to invest in his business.READ MORE: Emmerdale star Lisa Riley confirms Many Dingle is making a return to the soapIn an attempt to bring business back into the shop, David has started offering a free delivery service to customers if they spent more than a certain amount online.Luckily, his father Eric managed to spare some cash to invest in his new business plan, but it’s fair to say he didn’t approve of the idea.Before he handed over the much-needed cheque, Eric said: "I hope you've done your homework." David optimistically said: "Well, there seems to be a market for it, so." Eric added: "I'm talking about fuel costs, David," to which he replied with: "The van's electric." But Eric wasn't willing to let him off that easily as he argued: "Yes, and electricity prices have soared through the roof, and you are offering free delivery around Hotter district for nothing? "Whereas people who live around her buy, I don't know, a loaf of bread? Half a dozen eggs, salami - where's your profit margin there? And who's going to be manning the shop when you're doing all the deliveries?" Furious with his response to his big idea, David snapped: "Well, I'll have to find someone won't I?" before he stormed out of the shop.For more of the latest showbiz and TV news from the Daily Star, make
David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Aaron Anthony - Matthew Wolfenden - Isabel Hodgins - Ellis Chapman - Emmerdale real-life controversies - race row, £30k bill and 'alarming' Covid cases - dailystar.co.uk - county Dale
Emmerdale real-life controversies - race row, £30k bill and 'alarming' Covid cases
Emmerdale is known for its fair share of onscreen drama.The ITV soap will celebrate its 40th anniversary later this year, with a number of dramatic storylines set to reach their crescendos.While there have been many upsets and scandals onscreen, incidences of real life drama have also been known to brew up in the Dales.From a recent race row which led one actor to allegedly quit and another two actors to be temporarily suspended, to a £30,000 restoration payment and an 'alarming' Covid-testing scandal, Daily Star investigates the biggest real life scandals to emerge from Emmerdale across its 40-year history.Earlier this year, Ellis Chapman actor Aaron Anthony left Emmerdale after three years amid an alleged incidence of racism on-set.The actor's final scenes aired in February.It was reported that Aaron had quit the soap after an investigation was launched into claims two of his co-stars had mimicked 'the accent of a mixed-raced actress' while filming a big on-location stunt.In December, a source told the Sun: "Aaron has been very vocal in his opinions about the allegations and about the way in which the enquiries have been handled by the bosses."He now feels his position on the show is untenable."The actors investigated for the claims were Isabel Hodgins and Matthew Wolfenden.After a three-month absence from filming, in which the investigation concluded the alleged remarks had been "misheard" and no formal action would be taken against them, the duo returned to Emmerdale in January.Their characters Victoria Sugden and David Metcalfe have since featured in a number of big storylines, including a recent engagement fail.In 2012, Emmerdale fan favourite John Barton (James Thornton) was memorably killed off in a gut-wrenching
David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Matthew Wolfenden - Isabel Hodgins - Emmerdale Victoria star Isabel Hodgins sends fans wild with sweet engagement snaps - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale Victoria star Isabel Hodgins sends fans wild with sweet engagement snaps
Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins has shared a behind-the-scenes look at her rejected onscreen proposal by her co-star Matthew Wolfenden.The 28-year-old actress has played Victoria Sugden on the ITV soap since 2008, recently returning to screens after a lengthy hiatus.The character was recently proposed to by her partner David Metcalfe (Wolfenden) while the pair were enjoying a walk in a wooded area, with a stunned Victoria savagely rejecting his proposal.As the couple are set to be tested by their different desires for the future, with the potential of a break-up for David and Victoria on the horizon, Isabel has shared a number of on-set pictures.Posting to her Instagram stories on Wednesday (May 25), the actress revealed the weather conditions on set had been less than ideal.The first snap showed her and Matthew looking miserable in a pair of coats as they were swamped with bad weather.Matthew can seen with his arm around Isabel's shoulder as she frowns at the camera, while Matthew's own coat can be seen zipped up above his mouth.Alongside the snap, Isabel wrote in a caption: "Proposing in the sun, then the rain, then the hail."Other pictures shared by the star show her wearing the engagement ring which her character rejected.Another snap sees a forlorn Matthew sat on the ground with his phone in his hand, while the Emmerdale crew can be seen crouching underneath umbrellas with their camera equipment in another image.Victoria and David recently returned to the Dales.After his awkward proposal, Victoria asked David if he was "completely mad" and asked for her boyfriend to give her "some space" after lashing out at his grand gesture.Victoria said: "This? Five minutes after we said we were happy as we were? "It's like you
David Metcalfe - Victoria Sugden - Matthew Wolfenden - Isabel Hodgins - Emmerdale Isabel Hodgins' hottest snaps - sheer gown, minidress and awards glam - dailystar.co.uk - Victoria
Emmerdale Isabel Hodgins' hottest snaps - sheer gown, minidress and awards glam
Emmerdale stars have wowed fans both on and off-screen with their glamorous looks and fabulous outfits, including Victoria Sugden actress Isabel Hodgins.The star has sent fans wild with her seriously glamorous social media snaps, where she has showcased a number of incredible styles throughout the years.Isabel has also delighted crowds on the red carpet at some of the biggest TV and soap events in the awards show calendar.As David Metcalfe, played by Matthew Wolfenden, prepares to propose to her character Victoria in Emmerdale, Daily Star takes a look at some of Isabel's most glamorous snaps.Isabel dazzled on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards 2013, alongside her fellow Emmerdale cast members.The actress wore a black mini dress, featuring a busty sweetheart neckline with lace detailing, that framed Isabel's slender waist and showed off her endless legs.Paired with a gold necklace, honey coloured locks and a pop of pink lipstick, Isabel looked every inch a style icon as she posed for photographs.In the same year, Isabel debuted one of her most daring looks yet, wearing another black dress - but adding a slightly edgier look to the outfit.The velvet gown featured cut out panels at the sides, which showed off Isabel's toned torso and sun kissed skin, with the glamorous dress flowing to the floor.Complete with a satin clutch bag, gold earrings and an up-do hairstyle, Isabel's eye catching look was one to watch out for on the night - and we loved it.Away from Emmerdale, Isabel has sent fans wild with a series of sizzling snaps on Instagram.The star posed for a photograph with friends on a night out, wearing a sexy sleeveless black crop top featuring a lattice front on the bust.Paired with a tartan mini skirt, smoky eyes
David Metcalfe - Kerry Wyatt - Chloe Harris - Itv Emmerdale - ITV Emmerdale fans 'work out' Chloe's dad twist story after Noah Dingle's arrest - dailystar.co.uk - county Dale
ITV Emmerdale fans 'work out' Chloe's dad twist story after Noah Dingle's arrest
Emmerdale viewers think they’ve cracked an upcoming storyline involving Chloe Harris’ father’s identity after Noah Dingle was recently arrested, thanks to Charity and Kerry.Recent action in the Dales has seen Charity Dingle report her own son Noah after she discovered that he had been stalking his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Harris.Fans of the ITV soap will be aware of the ongoing storyline between Noah and Chloe, which appears to have been put to rest - for now.Chloe unearthed hundreds of pictures that Noah had taken of her, even some using a drone to invade her privacy.To try and teach him a lesson, Kerry Wyatt threw him into a grave where he was eventually discovered and rescued by David Metcalfe.A seemingly changed man, Noah tried to apologise to his mum, but it was all too late as police cars came whizzing round the corner to take him away.Amid speculation over Noah’s fate, some fans think they may know what is coming next in the Emmerdale plot.Viewers have shared their thoughts on social media and many of them seem to agree on the same thing,Chloe’s father, Damon, is currently serving time in prison, and some fans may remember that Chloe ran away from him due to his controlling behaviour.His face is yet to be shown to viewers but some think that he could play a vital role in the storyline.An inquisitive follower wrote: “Will Noah go to prison and meet Chloe’s dad?”Another social media user said: “I think so, Noah could be beaten up by Chloe’s dad.”One fan called it a “good thought” and noted that it would be the best way for audiences to “see who he is, at last”.The plot twist comes after fans took to Twitter to question the identity of Chloe’s gangster father and wondered whether Noah would have taken things as far as he
David Metcalfe - Kim Tate - Noah Dingle - Sarah Sugden - Charity Dingle - Amy Wyatt - Kerry Wyatt - Chloe Harris - Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror - dailystar.co.uk
Emmerdale's Noah exit teased as he appears in court after sick Chloe stalking horror
Emmerdale troublemaker Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) finds himself in court next week.The young lad was reported to the police by his mother Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in recent scenes after he was caught stalking Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).As his solicitor informs him of his defence plea for the hearing, Noah simmers with resentment but holds his counsel.Charity’s incredulous when Noah tells her he doesn’t want to plead guilty.Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) glowers at Noah as he passes her and the two exchange words.Back at home, rattled by his run in with Amy, Noah tells his mum that he wants to do a runner.Charity doesn’t agree to go along with Noah’s plan and he frustratingly heads out leaving Charity concerned.Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) finds Noah sitting alone and she gets him to try and see sense by attending his court hearing.Noah takes her words on board but he is still unsure whether he’s going to plead guilty or not leaving mum Charity’s anxious.Later at court, as the legal advisor reads out Noah’s charges, he asks Noah what he pleads..Last week, Noah finally opened up to his mum, telling Charity he loves her and wants to change his behaviour.However, they were interrupted by the police who were there to arrest Noah.After spending the past week covering for her son, Charity ultimately had a change of heart and decided to report him for stalking.Outside villagers looked on to see Noah being taken away in a police car.Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Chloe thanked Charity when they realised she was responsible.But when Kim Tate (Claire King) told Charity she admires her bravery over the situation, Charity admitted she was more worried how her family will react.Elsewhere in the village next week, David Metcalfe’s
David Metcalfe - Charley Webb - Matthew Wolfenden - Emmerdale's Charley Webb 'furious' with husband Matthew Wolfenden over hamster row - express
Emmerdale's Charley Webb 'furious' with husband Matthew Wolfenden over hamster row
Emmerdale, where he plays David Metcalfe, explained in a video that she had already said no to Bowie after he asked for a hamster.However, Matthew defied her decision, and told the excited youngster they could go to the pet shop to get the tiny animal.Speaking to her fans about the situation, Charley said: “So, Bowie is desperate for a hamster.“I said no to the hamster, Matthew has said yes to the hamster. “Not only has he said yes to the hamster, he then said it’ll need a friend, so we’ll have to get two hamsters.”Matthew could then be heard giggling cheekily in the background of the clip before he appeared in the video to tease his other half.She fumed: “It’s not funny Matthew. “So we’re now going to the pet shop to have a look - furious!”Detailing how long she’s struggled to put off the hamster purchase, Charley captioned the video: “This has been going on for months.” The soap star went on to post a poll to her Instagram stories, asking “do we get them?”Charley added the options “just let him”, or “absolutely wouldn’t”, so fans could share their opinions on the debate.To make matters worse for the actress, she didn’t have a peaceful trip to the pet shop, as her children could be heard fighting in the backseat.Charley and Matthew share three sons, Buster, 12, Bowie, and two-year-old Ace Gene.The star glared at the camera as her children bickered, before sighing: “This is what our life sounds like.”Clearly still in two minds about the hamster, Charley asked her followers whether or not the animal would “stink”.She added: “So it’s 50/50 on whether we should get one.“All I care about is if it stinks, that’s it,” before adding another poll to figure out whether or not the hamster would smell bad.Eventually, Charley gave
David Metcalfe - Charley Webb - Matthew Wolfenden - Vanessa Woodfield - Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle ‘to return’ as fans twig Mackenzie Boyd romance twist - dailystar.co.uk - Scotland
Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle ‘to return’ as fans twig Mackenzie Boyd romance twist
Emmerdale favourite Debbie Dingle looks set to make an epic return to the ITV village after a year away from our screens.Though actress Charley Webb announced she had quit the soap last year after originally heading on maternity leave, the door was always left open for her as her character Debbie was never killed off.Her husband, Matthew Wolfenden, still appears in the soap as David Metcalfe.And now fans are sure they know exactly how Debbie will return, after an epic affair with her mum's boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd.Charity and Mack went through a rough patch recently, with Mack departing for Scotland after Charity looked set to rekindle things with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield.But emotional scenes eventually saw him return, and the pair have since patched things up.Fans are now suspicious that Mack could have found another Dingle up in the highlands, however, as it is known to fans that Debbie currently runs a garage up in Scotland.And she could come back hot on the heels of their affair.And it wouldn't be the first time mother and daughter have shared the same partner - as they have both slept with Ross Barton and Al Chapman in the past.Debbie also had a fiery feud with her aunt Chas after they were both seeing villain Cameron Murray at the same time. Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan posted: "Mack goes back to Scotland and meets Debbie downer Dingle # emmerdale." As another cheered: "What are the odds Mack gets with Debbie when she gets back?! #emmerdale."When Mack was originally leaving, someone else penned: "Mack don’t go to Scotland, might end up with Debbie Dingle!""Wouldn't surprise me at all.