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Ian Beale - Dot Branning - June Brown - Dot Cotton - Adam Woodyatt - Chris Clenshaw - EastEnders fans spot nod to Dot Branning as residents set to discover news of her death - - Ireland - county Brown
EastEnders fans spot nod to Dot Branning as residents set to discover news of her death
EastEnders fans were left emotional on tonight’s episode of the BBC soap as they prepare to welcome June Brown’s character Dot Cotton back onto screens.Dot’s granddaughter Dotty was seen looking for a new place to live after Kathy falsely accused her of making a mess in her house.She was seen asking Sonia Fowler if she could move in with her after she contemplates calling her grandma to ask about a house she owns.READ MORE: EastEnders Ian Beale legend Adam Woodyatt lands new job with mega salaryThat’s when fans began predicting show bosses will bring Dot back onto the show for her funeral after actress June Brown passed away in AprilOne fans said: “How's Dotty gonna ring Dot and when will the Square find out what's happened to her...”“Looks like dotty’s storyline is build up for dot’s passing,” added a second.A third penned: “I feel sorry for dotty.”EastEnders bosses have announced plans to pay tribute to the late June Brown in an upcoming storyline.Fans can expect "an emotional goodbye" to June's iconic soap character, when news reaches Albert Square that Dot Branning has sadly passed away.Dot has been living in Ireland since early 2020, but in scenes airing this winter, her funeral will take place in Walford as per her final wishes.Friends and family of Dot will gather to say their goodbyes at the service, which has been described as "the send-off she so very well deserves".In real life, June Brown passed away in April 2022 at the age of 95.
Graham Foster - Jeff Brazier - queen Vic - Billy Mitchell - Chris Clenshaw - Freddie Slater - EastEnders fans floored as Jade Goody's son is 'identical' to dad and makes BBC debut -
EastEnders fans floored as Jade Goody's son is 'identical' to dad and makes BBC debut
EastEnders viewers were left pleasantly surprised on Tuesday evening as Bobby Jack Brazier made his debut on the BBC show.The son of late Jade Goody and actor Jeff Brazier left an excellent impression on viewers as many were quick to compliment his acting skills as he appeared on the long running soap.Playing the role of Freddie Slater, some viewers also noticed how similar he looked to his Postcode Lottery father Jeff.READ MORE: Who is Bobby Brazier playing in EastEnders and when will he join the cast?Jumping onto Twitter, spectators were happy to share their thoughts on the young chap and his first appearance on the popular BBC drama.One viewer penned: "Oh wow bobby Brazier can act really well ngl, looks promising."Another chimed: "Looks like his dad, sounds like his dad…all he needs now is a stint on the Postcode Lottery and he’s got the trifactor!"A third said: "Bobby is such the spit of his dad @JeffBrazier Jade would be so proud proud of you."Meanwhile a fourth added: "Great couple of episodes of #EastEnders the show has really turned a corner under it's new showrunner Chris Clenshaw & Bobby Brazier for his debut episode tonight as Freddie Slater I was very impressed! Jade Goody would be proud."Although Bobby's character Freddie belongs to the Slater family, on Tuesday night's episode he dropped a major bombshell by telling Billy Mitchell that he is also his son.Although he may not be related to Billy biologically, Freddie's mum, Little Mo was once married to Billy for a short period of time.After her turbulent and abusive marriage to Trevor, Mo finally found love with Billy and appeared to be happy.
Phil Mitchell - Shane Richie - Chris Clenshaw - EastEnders Shane Richie says Alfie was initially Peggy's love interest but plot was axed -
EastEnders Shane Richie says Alfie was initially Peggy's love interest but plot was axed
EastEnders actor Shane Richie has revealed the iconic Kat and Alfie romance almost never happened.The soap star, 58, has played cheeky chap Alfie Moon on and off since 2002 and it was confirmed last month that he would be returning to the beloved role.The last time viewers saw Alfie, he had been revealed as the father of Kat's cousin Hayley Slater's baby after they had a brief affair.READ MORE: EastEnders' Jake Wood shares advice he's given co-star James Bye ahead of Strictly debutDespite Alfie trying his best to win Kat back, she couldn't move on and he eventually ended up on the bad side of Phil Mitchell after stealing money from him, forcing a speedy exit from Albert Square.Alfie's return coincides with Kat's upcoming nuptials to Phil, leaving fans to wonder whether there is any hope for a reunion between the iconic duo.Kat and Alfie's tumultuous relationship has spanned nearly two decades and they cemented themselves as one of the most iconic pairings a long time ago.But in an exclusive chat with Daily Star and other publications, Shane revealed that producers had a different vision for how Alife's love life would pan out.He said: "When I turned up 20 years ago, they were going to recreate 'The Graduate' story with Alfie and Peggy."The former I'm A Celebrity star added: "And then off-camera, me and Jessie [Wallace] were having a right laugh and the writers saw this chemistry, and so that relationship purely happened by accident."And now 20 years later after all the things that have happened between Kat and Alfie, there's still a spark there."Speaking about his return as the iconic character, Shane admitted that he was on tour when he got the call from EastEnders' executive producer Chris Clenshaw who explained he
Robbie Williams - Rita Ora - Stevie Wonder - Chris Clenshaw - EastEnders Avery star Omar Lye-Fook's life - music stardom, Stevie Wonder link and MBE - - Britain
EastEnders Avery star Omar Lye-Fook's life - music stardom, Stevie Wonder link and MBE
EastEnders star Omar Lye-Fook MBE has had quite the life.The 53-year-old joined the BBC soap last month as Mitch’s estranged big brother, Avery Baker.Avery will soon be joined by on-screen by his sons Felix (Matthew James Morrison) and Finlay (Ashley Byam).READ MORE: EastEnders Peter Beale star's life - model girlfriend, topless snaps and co-star bondSpeaking about the Baker family's arrival in Walford, EastEnders executive producer Chris Clenshaw said: "The Baker Family bring a fresh, fierce, fun and exciting energy to the Square."Prior to his soap debut, Omar had a years-long music career which landed him a duet with Stevie Wonder as well as an MBE.Daily Star takes a look inside his life off-screen.Omar Lye-Fook enjoyed a successful music career long before landing his EastEnders role.The artist is best known for his many years as a musician, with a number of Omar's songs appearing in the UK Top 20 singles chart over the years.Omar released his first single Mr Postman in 1985.In 2017, Omar appeared alongside Stormzy, Robbie Williams and Rita Ora on the chart-topping Grenfell cover of Bridge over Troubled Water.His appearance on the charity single followed years of solo music success, with his debut single There's Nothing Like This reaching number 14 in the UK singles chart upon its re-release in 1991.Omar's other hit singles include the tracks Doobie Doobie Doo and Feeling You, which featured soul legend Stevie Wonder.Across his successful music career, Omar has described his duet with Stevie Wonder as his 'crowing achievement'.The EastEnders star collaborated with the world-famous 72-year-old musician on his hit single Feeling You 14 years after the pair's first meeting.Omar previously revealed that Stevie had been a