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'Admire your bra-vado!' Piers Morgan aims jibe at Gary Lineker amid Lioness 'sexism' fury
Piers Morgan, 57, is known for his controversial opinions and actions, most notably walking out of his Good Morning Britain gig last year.The TalkTV host has now taken the opportunity to hit frenemy Gary Lineker, 61, with a fresh jibe after the Match of the Day host sparked backlash with his "bra" joke about England's Lionesses, who roared to victory in the Women's Euro 2022 final at the weekend.In view of his 8.5million followers, Gary had written after the historic win: "The @Lionesses have only gone and done it, and Kelly is England’s heroine, bra none."It appeared to reference player Chloe Kelly, who took off her England shirt in celebration, revealing her sports bra underneath.Although Gary had repeatedly congratulated the team and celebrated their victory alongside his jokey tweet, many didn’t appreciate his comments.Piers then took this opportunity to tease the BBC Sport presenter on Twitter.The presenter shared a news article titled "Gary Linker explains why he deleted the 'bra' tweet about Lioness".He captioned the post in view of his 7.9 million followers: "Oh dear, Jugs @GaryLineker- have you been making a tit of yourself again?"Gary hastily replied: "Not at all."Piers didn't stop there, however, as he further jibed: "Admire your bra-vado. Don’t worry mate, just a storm in a D-Cup."Social media users rushed to Twitter to call out the Match of the Day host for his joke while accusing him of sexism, which led him to respond.CherylNkt81 said: "It’s just yet another example of casual sexism.
Gary Lineker - Chloe Kelly - Ella Toone - Gary Lineker deletes and addresses ‘sexist’ Lionesses ‘bra’ tweet after backlash -
Gary Lineker deletes and addresses ‘sexist’ Lionesses ‘bra’ tweet after backlash
Gary Lineker has come under fire for one of his tweets celebrating the Lioness’ historic Euro 2022 win, leading the broadcaster to delete the offending post, featuring an ill-judged pun.The former England player live-tweeted excitedly along with Sunday’s match, where goals from Ella Toone and Chloe Kelly saw the national side storm to a 2-1 victory, clinching the country’s first major trophy in 56 years.As the England women’s team celebrated their triumph, Gary posted a comment that didn’t land as well as his others, with many fans branding it ‘sexist’.The pundit wrote: ‘The @Lionesses have only gone and done it, and Kelly is England’s heroine, bra none.’His now-deleted tweet seemed to refer to Chloe removing her England shirt in celebration, spinning it round over her head, but plenty of his followers were unimpressed with the remark, sparking an online discussion.‘It’s just yet another example of casual sexism. Why mention her bra at all? Why not just congratulate her on the goal? Women put up with these kind of “jokes” all the time and we’re fed up of it,’ replied one user, while another accused the retired footballer of ‘belittling’ the team and its achievements.Another slammed his comment as ‘the puerile joke of a 13-year-old boy who has never see a bra before’.‘It’s a pity because it was a historic win.
Chloe Kelly - Lioness Chloe Kelly's journey from agonising injury to iconic sports bra celebration - - Britain - Italy - Manchester
Lioness Chloe Kelly's journey from agonising injury to iconic sports bra celebration
win the final of the Women's Euros 2022.Wembley hosted a full stadium, with over 87,000 fans cheering on the team. It was a record-breaking attendance, the biggest of the tournament's history.In a physical game, with lots of fouls and tired legs, super-sub Chloe Kelly came on to score the winner and give England its first taste of international glory since 1966, sending fans into frenzy across the country.We take a look at Chloe Kelly's journey from injury to THAT celebration and her mic drop interview.England's new hero suffered a serious ACL injury last season, keeping her out of Great Britain's Olympic team.Having scored 10 goals in last season's campaign for Manchester City, she looked a shoo-in to help compete for Gold.Instead of competing at the Olympics, Chloe was in the Wembley stands as a fan, watching on as England's men's team lost out to Italy in that penalty shootout last year.A year later, she scored the winner to bring home the trophy herself.It was not pretty, but it did not matter.The ball was pinging around the six-yard box following an England corner; Kelly was in the right place at the right time and stuck out a leg to poke it home.Wembley erupted, but celebrations were on hold as the Lionesses waited for the goal to be confirmed - but when it was, the players went crazy.An iconic moment that will stay with the players, the fans and the sport for a long time: Chloe Kelly spinning her shirt round with pure elation, sports bra on show.As author Lucy Ward put it on Twitter: "This image of a woman shirtless in a sports bra - hugely significant.
Sally Nugent - Chloe Kelly - Jon Kay - BBC Breakfast replaces Jon Kay with Ben Thompson as fans are divided over schedule - - Germany
BBC Breakfast replaces Jon Kay with Ben Thompson as fans are divided over schedule
BBC Breakfast fans were less than impressed after tuning in to the morning programme as Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson presented the show.Ben was hosting the show in place of Jon Kay and prior to the programme the England women's football team, the Lionesses, had won their match against Germany and the country was in uproar.The BBC news programme shared clips from the game, from crowds celebrating up and down the country and interviews with the football players themselves.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast in total chaos as collapse in studio leads to urgent action from crewThe first hour of the show was mainly taken up with football talk and some of the viewers were not happy.Some took to Twitter to comment on the morning's schedule.A furious fan tweeted: "That's enough football now, surely?"Another added: "Is this the only news we're going to be having for the foreseeable? For f**** sake, get a grip!"The early morning news programme took the opportunity to show patriotism and pride after the Lionesses' incredible 2-1 win against Germany.They interviewed proud supporters throughout the country and showed audiences videos from behind the scenes, including a clip of the team on the bus after the game as they jumped up and down and sang to each other.One reporter was sent to Trafalgar Square where viewers were told they could join in the festivities from 11 o'clock on a first come, first serve basis.He told the camera that the Lionesses will be making an appearance in the square and that the DJ decks will be blaring football classics such as Sweet Caroline and Freed From Desire.England player Chloe Kelly famously dropped the microphone to go and sing Sweet Caroline with her team mates during the middle of an interview after the