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Ulrika Jonsson urges UK to learn from Charlotte and George as 'parents are breeding brats'
Ulrika Jonnson, 55, has fumed Britain is "building a nation of spoiled brats" as she compared the attitudes of other kids to Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, at Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral.The TV personality praised their "impeccable" behaviour and "outstanding performances" at the sad event.Ulrika has urged the country to "learn from George and Charlotte" due to their incredible manners, while the world was watching on Monday.Talking about the royal children, she said: "You could say there were adults in the congregation who displayed less upright conduct and demeanour than these two young, impressive creatures."I won’t be the only parent who was astounded by their ability to melt into the crowd of mourners at the Queen’s funeral, without attracting the wrong kind of attention."Taking into account their ages, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that there would be fidgeting and eye rolls; chatting and attention-seeking", Ulrika wrote in her The Sun column.Ulrika then went off on a tangent on her "intense dislike" for the young children of today who are mainly "over-stimulated" and require "constant" attention.She continued: "It’s breeding a nation of spoiled brats whose every whim has to be catered for."Kids are no longer expected to just be bored or to entertain themselves."George and Charlotte were the youngest mourners following the Queen's coffin through a nave packed with world leaders in an expression of continuity for the British monarchy.Goerge, who is now second in line to the throne, wore a dark blue suit as he walked alongside his father, the Prince of Wales.Charlotte meanwhile looked lovely in a black dress, which was paired with a wide-brimmed hat, alongside her mother Kate,
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Frustrated Camilla's words to Kate about cheeky Charlotte picked up by lip reader
Camilla was seen getting frustrated over Princess Charlotte and Prince George's antics at the Queen's funeral, a lip reader has noticed.After a sombre funeral service at Westminster Abbey, King Charles III led his siblings and sons Prince William and Prince Harry in a procession behind the Queen's coffin.Camilla and Kate Middleton travelled with Charlotte and George and arrived at Wellington Arch by car, while Harry's wife Meghan Markle and Sophie Wessex joined separately.READ MORE: Princess Charlotte's adorably polite comment at Queen's funeral spotted by lip readerAs the entourage lined up to join King Charles and senior royals, lip reader Jeremy Freeman spotted the fun exchange between the two young royals.George, who stands next to Kate by the car, appears to pinch his seven-year-old sister.Charlotte quickly turns around and stares at George, before facing forwards saying: "Ow!"Behind them, Meghan was seen tilting her head and smiling at Charlotte.But the exchange appeared to annoy Camilla, who frowns and points at Charlotte before turning to Kate and saying: "Take her."The moment was captured on live TV and viewers quickly pointed out the "disagreement" between Charlotte and George.One tweeted: "Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a small disagreement.