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Rebecca Sarker - Charles Anderson - Emmerdale Naomi star's hottest snaps - plunging top, skimpy swimsuit and 'gift from god' -
Emmerdale Naomi star's hottest snaps - plunging top, skimpy swimsuit and 'gift from god'
Emmerdale's Naomi Peters has been at the centre of drama since she set foot in the Yorkshire Dales back in July.After the teen runaway unintentionally reunited with her long lost father, better known as village vicar Charles Anderson, she decided to stick around.But fans can't quite work out what the character's ulterior motives are, with many believing Charles' recent fall after their heated argument has something sinister to do with Naomi.READ MORE: Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker sizzles in tiny red bikini during sun-drenched getawayWhile the teen is trying to find her place amongst the village residents, 31-year-old Karene Peter is world's away from her teen character.Here are some of her glam snaps away from the dales, from a skimpy bikini to a daring cutout number.Karene sent pulses racing in this snap posted to her Instagram in September 2020.Sat on her knees, the Emmerdale actress oozed confidence as she stripped down to a thigh-high swimsuit in a smoking-hot display for her followers.The multi-coloured one piece allowed the actress to show off her striking array of tattoos which included a giant dream catcher on her arm and two birds on her thigh.Floored by the stunning display, one fan took to the comments and wrote: "You are actually a gift from god, wow," while another gushed: "Yesss give the people what they want."Ringing in her 30th birthday, Karene was all smiles as she posed for a stunning snap that lit up Instagram in January 2021.To celebrate hitting the milestone in style, the star opted for a grey-toned mini dress that featured thin straps and a plunging neckline.Giving a sneak peak of the tattoo she has positioned on the middle of her chest, Karene sported a beaming smile as she posed holding a 30 balloon
Andrea Tate - Paige Sandhu - Meena Jutla - Charles Anderson - Emmerdale’s Meena exit theories - Graham return, prison death and escape from justice - - county Tucker - city Sandhu
Emmerdale’s Meena exit theories - Graham return, prison death and escape from justice
Emmerdale fans are desperate to know when serial killer Meena Jutla will finally meet her sticky end.Currently behind bars, Meena has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes - attempting to frame her sister Manpreet for Andrea Tate’s death, and working on vicar Charles Anderson to get him on side.And she left fans shocked when appearing in court and pleading guilty to one of the charges against her - though she continues to claim that she killed Ben Tucker in self defence.But with Paige Sandhu confirming her exit from the ITV soap - and with nowhere else to run for the killer - fans are divided as to how she will finally leave the village.And some reckon she’ll be back for the 50th anniversary later this year.Some fans are certain that Meena is set to be killed off the soap herself someday soon - as they noticed a chilling clue that hints to extensive injuries.In her prison scenes, Meena has been seen clutching her ribs and moving slowly, as well as groaning when she sits down.After she was pushed off the humpback bridge by Liam - the same bridge that killed his daughter - it makes sense she could be suffering from internal injuries after falling on the jagged rocks.Taking to social media, eagle-eyed fans declared: “I think Meena has internal injuries and could die in her cell.” Someone else pointed out: “Who thinks Meena is going to die from internal bleeding? She keeps heavy breathing and clutching her ribs."As another fan guessed: “Meena will probably die of internal bleeding in prison!”Others are certain Meena could be murdered by another prisoner, after one inmate was caught glaring at her while she used the phone.But a quick death could mean Meena escapes justice for good - and she wouldn’t pay any real
Andrea Tate - Manpreet Sharma - Meena Jutla - Charles Anderson - Emmerdale fans 'work out' devastating Meena exit plot after Manpreet alibi clue -
Emmerdale fans 'work out' devastating Meena exit plot after Manpreet alibi clue
Emmerdale viewers think they've worked out exactly how serial killer Meena Jutla (Paige Jutla) will exit the ITV soap.The evil nurse recently framed her own sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) for the murder of Andrea Tate.Manpreet visited Meena in prison in recent scenes and it wasn't long before the villain was up to her old tricks.She taunted Manpreet about Andrea's death and her rekindled relationship with ex Charles Anderson (Kevin Mauthrin), saying how she should be "grateful" that Andrea is "out of the picture".A distressed Manpreet slapped her sister before calling her an "evil monster" with police guards having to get involved.After Manpreet's visit, Meena was seen making a new statement to DS Rogers as she accused her sibling of being responsible for Andrea's death.She lied and told the copper that she was scared of Manpreet and that when she had kidnapped her earlier this year, it had been her idea and that she was there of her "own free will".The episode ended with Meena shouting: "Why can't you see through her? Manpreet killed Andrea!"However, fans of the ITV soap were quick to point out that Manpreet also has an alibi for Andrea's death, which could backfire for Meena.When Meena murdered Andrea during the survival challenge, Manpeet and Charles fell into choppy water after the rope bridge collapsed.They eventually managed to get to dry land with Charles suffering a head injury and a cut on his leg.