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Paul C.Brunson - Mel Schilling - Charlene Douglas - Married at First Sight fans brand show a 'joke' as cheating couple allowed to stay - - Britain
Married at First Sight fans brand show a 'joke' as cheating couple allowed to stay
Married At First Sight fans have blasted the show a “complete joke” after cheaters Matt and Whitney were allowed to remain on the show.Matt, who was married to Gemma, and Whitney, who was married to Duka, had secretly engaged in a romance behind their partners backs, before admitting their connection over a dramatic dinner with the other couples.The pair snook off and kissed and their rejected partners were left in the dust, despite their best efforts to make their marriages work.READ MORE:MAFS UK's George modelling past exposed - shirtless snaps, second job and 'dad bod'The two stunned fans further by asking the show’s counsellors if they could remain on the show as a couple and finish the experiment.The therapy team, which includes sex therapist Charlene Douglas, psychiatrist Mel Schilling and matchmaker Paul C Brunson, were seen having serious talks with the couple and expressing their dismay at the pair’s behaviour, telling them it was “unacceptable.”However, they revealed that science had shown them to be a good match and ultimately decided to allow them to remain on the show as a couple, not a married couple.Viewers immediately took to social media to react, with many slamming the decision.“This is what we have been waiting for. These two should not be allowed back into the experiment.
Charlene Douglas - Married at First Sight UK viewers all share same complaint about E4 dating show - - Britain - county Potter
Married at First Sight UK viewers all share same complaint about E4 dating show
Married at First Sight UK viewers all had the same complaint as they tuned into the latest episode of the E4 dating show.Wednesday's (September 21) instalment of the current series saw the couples attend the third commitment series. While majority of the couples decided to stay, Whitney wrote down she wanted to leave the experiment as she opened up on her struggles with her relationship.READ MORE: MAFS UK Jess Potter's hottest snaps - teeny bikinis, busty display and leatherWhitney tied the knot with Duka after meeting him for the very first time at the alter and it hasn't been smooth sailing for the pair.In recent scenes, they struggled during the intimacy challenges set by expert Charlene Douglas.They both sat on the sofa this evening and shared exactly how they felt.While Duka wanted to stay and work on their relationship, Whitney opted to leave.However, as Duka opted to stay they both will remain on the show for another week.As the couples made their decisions at the commitment ceremony, viewers at home were distracted by the amount of episodes during the 85 minute show.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Why are there so many ad breaks?"Another added: "A break every 5 minutes, what is this?"A third person posted: "How many f***ing ad breaks wtf."While a fourth social media user said: "#MAFSUK coming like Love island at this point with all the ad breaks!"It comes after reports which suggest that Whitney cheats on Duka another husband in upcoming scenes.She allegedly spent the night with Matt who also had an affair behind his wife Gemma's back.The cheating scenes have yet to air on the show but Daily Mail reports that the scandal happens when the stars of the show go away on a couples retreat.
Paul C.Brunson - Mel Schilling - Charlene Douglas - Married at First Sight UK star branded 'dishonest' by expert ahead of first dinner party - - Britain
Married at First Sight UK star branded 'dishonest' by expert ahead of first dinner party
Married at First Sight UK star Paul C Brunson brands bride Jess "dishonest" in upcoming scenes set to air tonight (September 7).The first dinner party of the 2022 series kicks off during Wednesday's episode.In an exclusive clip from the show, Jess and Pjay share their excitement about catching up with the cast mates and wait patiently for the other newlyweds to arrive.READ MORE: Married at First Sight UK star Duka's secret stripper career exposed after Pjay backlashJess tells her husband: "I'm so excited to see how everyone was on honeymoon and if they got on."He replied: "Maybe some drama."Watching on a screen from a separate room, experts Paul, Mel Schilling, Charlene Douglas watch on and examine the couples as they enter the room.Confidence coach Mel brands dentist hygienist Jess and Dreamboys star Pjay "uncomfortable to watch" as she offers her opinion.She says: "It's that forced, using a bit of humour and trying to do anything to avoid focusing on what's happening between them, or not happening."Thomas and Adrian later arrive arm-in-arm and are greeted by an excited Pjay and Jess.Mel adds: "Lovely to see them linking arms, great big smiles, mega wattage, love it."Thomas tells pal Jess she looks "incredible" before asking "and are you happy?".After an awkward pause, Jess simply replies: "Yeah!" leaving the three experts gobsmacked.Charlene says: "So body language doesn't lie. We saw a bit of hesitation there."An unconvinced Mel adds: "A bit?"Paul continues: "Jess just did something there that's a tell that she's being dishonest."The pitch of her voice went up but she did something else, the shoulder shrug.
Paul C.Brunson - Mel Schilling - Charlene Douglas - How many episodes are in Married at First Sight UK season 7 – and when does it end? - - Australia - Britain - Ghana
How many episodes are in Married at First Sight UK season 7 – and when does it end?
Married At First Sight (MAFS) UK is returning to E4.Relationship experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will once again help singles find their perfect match.Known for always bringing the drama, the reality show is much-loved by fans, and was last year the third most streamed show on All 4.READ MORE: Married At First Sight UK 2022 cast - Dreamboys hunk, Miss GB and Sheryl Crow linkThe show is back for 2022, and Channel 4 bosses have promised it will be "bigger and more dramatic than ever".With the show kicking off tonight (Monday, August 29) on E4 at 9pm, we take a look at how long the show will be going on for.This is the biggest MAFS UK series to date – with 30 episodes confirmed.That means the show should run for around seven weeks.Although the final episode hasn't been confirmed yet, that should take us to Tuesday, October 18.The show, which kicks off on August 29, will air on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.The last episode is usually a reunion episode, where the couples reunite to reflect on their experience.Last year the UK series had 21 episodes – so viewers are in for a treat.For Married At First Sight Season 7, 16 contestants will be taking part – among them a former Miss Great Britain, a former Mr Ghana and a member of Dreamboys.This series will also see the show's first lesbian couple.The GroomsThe BridesRelationship experts Mel Schilling, Paul C.
Paul C.Brunson - Charlene Douglas - Married At First Sight 2022 brides' hottest snaps - lingerie, thong display and bikini - - Australia - Britain - Chelsea
Married At First Sight 2022 brides' hottest snaps - lingerie, thong display and bikini
Married At First Sight UK returns to our screens on Monday (August 29) evening. Fans of the E4 reality show have been waiting for the new series, which has recently changed its format due to the success of the Australian version.The line-up of hopefuls looking to find true love was unveiled earlier this month.READ MORE: Married At First Sight star Ella May Ding joins Made in Chelsea in major cast shake-upEight couples who have never met before will take their vows at the alter as part of a social experiment.Experts Paul C Brunson, Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas will all be on hand to offer some words of wisdom.Ahead of the 2022 series debut, Daily Star has taken a look at hottest snaps of the eight brides-to-be.Former Miss GB April paraded her toned figure in a black lingerie set in February this year.Showing her new husband what he could be waking up too, the dress designer sat in front of her bed while posing in front of the camera.The TV star stared seductively down the lens as she oozed sex appeal in the sheer two-piece.Chanita looks worlds away from her social worker role in her swimwear snap.Posing for the camera while standing in the clear blue sea, she donned a leopard print swimsuit.Clearly enjoy the glorious sunshine, Chanita flashed a sweet smile as she braved the cold water.She hilariously captioned her post: "No one likes shady beaches.
Paul C.Brunson - Mel Schilling - Charlene Douglas - Adam Aveling - Daniel Mackee - Victoria Avelingа - Married at First Sight sexperts vow reunion special will be 'bigger and better' than ever -
Married at First Sight sexperts vow reunion special will be 'bigger and better' than ever
Married at First Sight sex expert Charlene Douglas vows the follow-up will be “bigger and better” – and just as explosive.An upcoming reunion episode will show parents-to-be Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling and MAFS’ first gay couple Matthew Jameson and Daniel McKee enjoying married life.READ MORE: Married At First Sight's Mishel Karen 'had no idea' she'd signed up to 12-person orgyPlus fans will discover what happened to the others whose couplings failed, ahead of the new series.Intimacy expert Charlene promises: “It’s going to be bigger this year.“We are still in the process of filming the last few scenes and it’s going to be amazing.“We have more diversity, a lesbian and a gay couple, so it’s going to be huge – bigger and better.”SurpriseSitting on the panel of experts alongside professional matchmaker Paul C Brunson, left, and psychologist-turned-confidence-coach Mel Schilling, right, Charlene has seen it all.She says: “Paul, Mel and I are always shocked by how people present.“You can think someone is going to present in a certain way then they fully surprise you weeks down the line.“I don’t know if all of the couples acknowledge the emotional rollercoaster that they go through when they’re on a show like this.“When you get into a new relationship often things come up for you that have happened in your past.“Married at First Sight is a big show and people come on thinking, ‘I’m going to find the love of my life.’“Hopefully they do but they also have to face some of those areas that have triggered in the past as well.”The show has introduced weekly dinner parties, where the couples come together as in the Aussie version, resulting in plenty of fireworks as the contestants make their feelings clear.Charlene, 41, says:
Charlene Douglas - Sex therapist says couples can rediscover the 'G-spot jackpot' by using cushions - - Britain
Sex therapist says couples can rediscover the 'G-spot jackpot' by using cushions
London's leading sex therapists Charlene Douglas believes the "sex furniture" can be one way to bring the "bang" back to bed.She said: "Sex should be fun and pleasurable for everyone who chooses to engage in it."Charlene added: "For so many people sex can be painful, uncomfortable and unsatisfying."Sex aids help couples to find that perfect position for their body, so that they can experience ultimate pleasure."During lockdown, some of clients found that sex had become too much of a routine and wanted to try new things.A sex aid, such as a specifically-designed sex cushion, can help to increase intimacy, pleasure and confidence.She continued: "Sometimes couples find that their joints ache when they are in the same position for a prolonged period of time."A sex aid can provide that extra bit of comfort, allow for deeper penetration, and gives your partner a better view of your genitals."Sex cushions and pillows are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure from parts of your body, for example your hips or back."Sex aids really should form part of your sexual world."Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletter Bang On is a UK-based firm which has just launched a range of sex cushions and wedges.Created by Jody Bullough, 51, the female-led brand was started to provide supportive sex furniture for people with breast cancer.It was also produced to help benefit those with conditions that might negatively impact sex. You can view the Bang On range at the official website where the company is offering 10% off until March 31 with the code PRV10.