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BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty makes dig at Carol Kirkwood as she 'won't stop talking'
BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty made a veiled dig at Carol Kirkwood as Charlie Stayt fumed the she "wouldn't stop talking". Giving a weather report on the autumnal climate and chatting to Naga about outdoor activities like golf, the pair spoke of how Friday's weather wouldn't be good for a day on the golf course.After Carol finished reporting on the weather Naga said: "It is getting windy, I don't like the wind and the rain but I like the temperature - how's that Carol, does that work?"READ NEXT: BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt brutally cuts off MP and fumes answer was 'not sufficient'Carol then replied: "Well, yeah, that works, but the wind can sometimes temper with the temperature - so it will feel cooler than the temperature - but it's good enough.""If you say so," replied Naga, before Carol handed back to her and Charlie.Charlie then made a jibe at the weather presenter and said: "She's still talking now," sounding mildly frustrated, albeit jokingly."Sometimes you can have enough of Carol, can't you?" responded Naga as she made a veiled dig towards her colleague and friend in a jokingly manner.Charlie laughed along with Naga as the pair then moved onto the next segment of the show.This came as Charlie brutally interrupted and grilled a Conservative MP over the mini budget and cost of living crisis.Speaking to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom – Chris Philp – Charlie didn't hold back when his answer wasn't quite up to par.Charlie asked the MP about his thoughts on the value of the pound dropping by 1%, but when he failed to give a straight answer, the BBC presenter grew frustrated.
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BBC weather presenters now - tragic death at 51, famous family and career U-turn
BBC weather forecasters provide viewers with the best and worst news, revealing whether those summer barbecues will be going ahead or if they'll be rained off.And while the presenters aren't on screen for too long, faces like Carol Kirkwood and Owain Wyn Evans have become stars in their own rights – and some of their stories are far more interesting than the weather.Carol and Owain are just a few weather presenters who have garnered huge fanbases.Another is BBC presenter Tomasz Schafanaker, who reportedly counted the late Queen Elizabeth II as a fan.READ NEXT: BBC National Lottery stars now - sudden death, Phillip Schofield feud and flashing fansBut who were the weather presenters who came before Carol, Owain and Tomasz, to name a few?Here, Daily Star takes a look at where some of the BBC Weather stars are now.Long before Tomasz Schafanaker, Owain Wyn Evans or Carol Kirkwood, another meteorologist made history when they became the first person to broadcast the weather live on TV.After working as a weather forecaster for the Royal Air Force (RAF), George Cowling joined the BBC and presented the first televised weather broadcast on January 11, 1954.The broadcasts were much different from what we know today, with the BBC describing the presenter as using "charcoal sticks to draw weather features on two charts, one for today and one for tomorrow's forecast."Presenting alongside Tom Clifton, they became the first weather personality celebrities, with the press at the time naming them "Mr Shower and Mr Shine" and "Mr West and Mr Dry".It is reported that George was also a keen golfer, alongside fellow BBC weather presenters Jack Scott and Bert Foord, so it is handy that he knew what the weather would be like before setting out
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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood says she’s a ‘broken woman’ in candid on-air confession
BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood admitted she is a “broken woman” in a tragic on-air confession.The weather presenter was giving an update for the week alongside Jon Kay and Tina Daheley, who was replacing Sally Nugent on the iconic red sofa during the holidays.Following on from a segment on local photography, dubbed ‘Life’, which featured pictures of a sewage plant among other minimalistic snaps of chip shops and local industry, Jon commented: “Beautiful pictures, aren’t they? Stunning.READ MORE:BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood warns 'I'm not kidding' as host forced to defend himself“And I doubted that a sewage plant could look beautiful, but it did.”Things then took a turn for the awkward, as Tina attempted to follow up: “Er, and… I’m not sure! I’m trying to think of a way to link in to Carol, but with the word sewage…”An incredulous Jon replied: “What, from sewage?! Good luck with that, Tina” as Tina said: “Well, exactly! So I’m going to leave that there, and instead mention the word ‘muggy’, that you mentioned earlier, Carol.”Trying to keep a smile on her face, Carol responded: “Ah, top of the class to you today, you are absolutely right!”Jon chimed in: “Well recovered, Tina!” as Carol continued: “I know, I was a broken woman there for a minute.
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BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood admits to 'throwing a tantrum' as Jon Kay in disbelief
BBC Breakfast turned tense after Jon Kay joked that beloved weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood “throws a tantrum” behind the wheel.During Monday’s (August 22) visit to the BBC studio, the 52-year-old broadcaster and his co-host Tina Daheley welcomed viewers back onto the red sofa to discuss the latest headlines to hit the news this morning.One of the biggest stories on everyone’s lips was a recent study which informed parents up and down the country when they could typically expect their children to have a tantrum during a lengthy road trip.READ MORE:BBC Breakfast's Tina Daheley caught using phone live on-air as Jon Kay left stunnedBut it turns out road trip tantrums aren’t restricted just to younger members of the family, after the TV presenter reassured viewers that even some of the sweetest members of the team could crack under the pressure when behind the wheel.As the pair welcomed Carol onto the show, Tina confessed that she could never believe that the blonde beauty would ever have a temper tantrum on the road.She said: “Shall we hear from someone who I can’t imagine has ever thrown a tantrum in her life, Carol.”It was at this point that Jon turned a shocked face over to his colleague as he reassured her: “Oh, she has!” to which the 60-year-old explained: “Especially when I'm driving, Tina.”The poor meteorologist went on to share her biggest driving pet peeves as she confessed she can be a frustrated driver on the road.She said: “When they don’t indicate, I pull out in front of you, stay in the fast lane, oh my goodness.
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BBC Breakfast hosts brand Carol Kirkwood 'most normal' in veiled dig at co-stars
BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent and Jon Kay were left giggling after they branded weather presenter Carol Kirkwood as the "most normal" member of the cast.Show regulars Jon and Sally passed over to their co-star Carol so that she could inform viewers about the current weather situation.The UK is experiencing a heatwave and a drought, so sudden rain and expected thunderstorms may bring flash flooding for some.READ MORE: BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst issues apology after sharing concern for 'struggling' co-hostAfter Carol gave her forecast, she passed back to John and Sally in the BBC studio.Jon breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Almost normal."He then clarified that he meant "the weather, not Carol," and Sally giggled.She responded with: "Carol's the most normal out of all of us!"Sally's cheeky comment comes as Carol has recently shared fears over leaving her job as a weather presenter for the early morning news show.Kirkwood has admitted that she is worried to face the axe due to concerns about her age and said that her exit may be within the next 10 years.The 60-year-old has been with the show since 2000 and with BBC News since 1998.Carol has revealed that she would like to be with the show way into the future, but reckons she won't be around the BBC studios at 70-years-old.In an interview with Western Mail, Carol opened up about her career woes.She said: "Hopefully it will be natural, but I also have to acknowledge I’m 60 and [I'm] unlikely to be at the BBC when I’m 70, I would have thought. It’s the natural course of events.
Andrew Neil - Carol Kirkwood - Andrew Neil takes swipe at BBC Breakfast over drought segment in veiled Twitter dig -
Andrew Neil takes swipe at BBC Breakfast over drought segment in veiled Twitter dig
BBC’s ex-political presenter Andrew Neil has taken a veiled dig at his former employer after a segment on BBC Breakfast about the current drought.Neil left his role at the BBC in 2021 and has been vocal about the company since his departure.The 73-year-old left to join GB News and recently took to Twitter to poke fun at the BBC’s early morning news show, hosted by Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt.READ MORE:BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood reveals when she thinks she'll be axed from showDuring their show, Naga and Charlie spoke about the current heatwave and noted that some areas of the country are being severely affected by the drought.They spoke to a firefighter, who has attended a number of fires since it began, and weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas informed viewers that temperatures were on the rise.The presenters also spoke to Environment Agency expert John Curtin who said that rain could have “a detrimental effect”.He said: “When you turn on a tap or have a shower, that water comes out of rivers [...] that means we’re taking it away from the environment, or taking it away from a farmer that could be using it to irrigate or harvest crops that we will need for food [...].”He branded it as “something beyond normal” and that “rain in the next week" could "bring some respite from the drought”.Curtin then told viewers that there will be a “risk” that “comes with” the downpour, and showed them how “little the baked Earth absorbs the water”.As a result, there could be “flash floods” and farmers may “have to become makeshift firefighters” to “stop the fields burning”.A sceptical viewer didn’t hold back and tweeted about what they’d just seen.They wrote: “According to BBC Breakfast, even rain is bad now…”Former BBC presenter
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BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent caught in awkward blunder as Carol Kirkwood covers for her
BBC Breakfast saw one beloved news anchor turn red-faced during Wednesday morning's edition of the show.Ben Thompson and Sally Nugent headed up the red couch this morning (August 10), but it was between the sport and weather when things really got going.Chatting about Serena Williams' tennis career and whether or not she will decide to retire soon, Sally segued away from the sport and introduced the weather.READ NEXT: BBC Breakfast's Jon Kay still missing as co-star replaces him alongside Sally NugentBefore she welcomed Carol Kirkwood though, Sally made an awkward blunder that Carol sweetly played along with after the news anchor was left red-faced on the red sofa."Let's evolve away to the ten-" Sally said when she made the blunder, laughing it off and appearing a little taken aback and tongue-tied."Not the tennis, to the weather now," she quickly added to cover up her mistake.Laughing it off, Sally said "morning" to Carol before she appeared on-screen from a rooftop in the capital city.Covering up for her pal, Carol played along and said: "I was thinking you saw us actually, we were having a quick game of tennis up here earlier, Sal."Later on she appeared back on our screens when she was trying to talk loudly over some rather loud drilling in the background.This comes as Jon Kay is still missing in action from his fairly new role after taking over from Dan Walker.Jon was hired to present the programme alongside Sally from Monday to Wednesday with Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt taking over for the remaining days of the week.He was missing from his new role on Monday, August 8 - and again today - with his Twitter untouched since July, 31.Discussing the new job offer when the news broke earlier this year, Jon told fans