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John Cleese - Can I (I) - Itv - John Cleese rows with fans over his British Empire claims ‘British didn't invent the idea’ - express - Britain
John Cleese rows with fans over his British Empire claims ‘British didn't invent the idea’
“Therefore, sadly, empires have been the fundamental unit of political organisation for Millenia.“So it wasn't the British who invented the idea.” The actor’s fans were divided on his opinions, and took to the comments to express their own thoughts. @SocialMardia said: “But it was the British who were the evil ones in the British Empire. “We can’t hang this on the romans or Aztecs.” @Klompzz wrote: “Would you agree that at the time & historically that the Empire was the lesser of evil and that the west in general is.“Do you also agree that for the past 200 years it has been the lesser evil?” John responded, writing: “Well, let me just say this...“Python never got any complaints about "What have the Romans ever done for us ?"“But I guess we will soon - after 45 years !” @Zrahul2000 said: “The British were more successful in the Empire business because they were more evil compared to others.” John once again had something to say, blasting the argument as "rubbish".It comes after John spoke about the “worrying time” he was facing due to the current trend of cancel culture. The comic slammed “woke” attitudes in a recent interview, saying the phenomenon has worsened things for budding comedians. “I think it’s particularly worrying at the moment because you can only create in an atmosphere of freedom, where you’re not checking everything you say critically before you move on,” he explained, as reported by Fox News.“What you have to be able to do is to build without knowing where you’re going because you’ve never been there before. “That’s what creativity is—you have to be allowed to build, and a lot of comedians now are sitting there and when they think of something, they say something like, ‘Can I get away with it?'"
Can I (I) - Lizzie Cundy - Lizzie Cundy, 54, flaunts ageless figure in thigh-skimming zebra print mini dress - - Britain
Lizzie Cundy, 54, flaunts ageless figure in thigh-skimming zebra print mini dress
Lizzie Cundy has flaunted her ageless figure in a thigh-skimming zebra print mini dress.Posting to Instagram on Sunday (August 7), the former WAG shared a glam snap from behind-the-scenes of her recent TV appearance on GB News.The mother-of-two posed for the striking image while leaning against a desk in the newsroom.READ MORE: Lizzie Cundy speechless as activist thrown off TalkTV after pretending to marry her catLizzie, 54, appeared on the programme to discuss the water shortage crisis and certainly left followers feeling hot under the collar with the "gorgeous" snap.The TV personality posed in a zebra print wrap dress.Lizzie paired the gorgeous frock with white stiletto heels with an ankle strap.Wearing her hair in a blonde shoulder-length style, Lizzie finished her look with a white manicure.She captioned the post: "Discussing heatwaves and running water! I’m no snitch! @gbnews #hosepipe #ban."Quick to compliment Lizzie on her snap were her 69.5k Instagram followers, with many praising the "pretty" star.One fan wrote: "Looking so pretty, Lizzie," while another commented: "You're a heatwave."Meanwhile, a third follower joked: "You're enough to give anyone a heat wave."A fourth quipped: "So gorgeous and sexy.""You look stunning; gorgeous legs too," another admirer concluded.Lizzie's latest post follows her sending fans wild during last month's heatwave with a barely-there swimwear snap.The star garnered praise from her social media followers after donning a revealing red one-piece amid soaring temperatures in the UK.The previous month, Lizzie was forced to deny claims she had had a 'bum lift' in a heated exchange with James Whale on TalkTV.Lizzie said: "Can I just tell you, that was just a massage, the girls did a
Can I (I) - Hoda Kotb - Today Show - Today's Savannah Guthrie was 'mad' at her co-star Hoda Kotb after the star didn't listen to her in a tongue-in-cheek interview - - New York - city Savannah, county Guthrie - county Guthrie
Today's Savannah Guthrie was 'mad' at her co-star Hoda Kotb after the star didn't listen to her in a tongue-in-cheek interview
Savannah Guthrie isn't just a respected broadcaster and interviewer who many wake up to on Today each morning to deliver the latest news.MORE: Savannah Guthrie reveals real reason she was absent from Today in new photo at homeIn fact, the star is also a talented singer - although she didn't necessarily want everyone to know this! In a fun interview earlier in the year alongside co-star Hoda Kotb, Savannah admitted that she was "mad" at Hoda after she ended up spilling the beans about her singing skills.Savannah was asked by Good Housekeeping what she would do if she wasn't on Today and she said that she would like to write music and play the guitar in coffee shops.VIDEO: A look at Savannah Guthrie's very private family lifeHoda interjected, saying: "Can I up you?" and went on to explain that "Savannah once sent me the most beautiful song and said 'Please don't share it with anyone,' but I didn't know what she meant by 'anyone,' and I asked some people 'Who do you think this is?' and it was you [Savannah]. And one day she will be writing songs and she will be singing."MORE: Savannah Guthrie reveals what she really thinks of Hoda KotbMORE: Hoda Kotb left 'disgusted' live on air in segment with Jenna Bush HagerHoda added: "Remember that time you got mad? You got mad at me." Savannah replied: "Yes because I said 'I sent this to you for your eyes only and then she like added ten.""Oh yes I remember now, the New York Times were doing a profile on you and I sent it to them!," Hoda responded.
Can I (I) - Bee Gees - David Leitch - The Music of ‘Bullet Train’ Delivers Mayhem to Match Brad Pitt Thriller - - USA - Japan - Tokyo
The Music of ‘Bullet Train’ Delivers Mayhem to Match Brad Pitt Thriller
Jon Burlingame editorA musical hint comes at the very start of “Bullet Train,” out now, when a new version of the Bee Gees’ disco classic “Stayin’ Alive” is sung in Japanese – because an American assassin code-named Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is going to spend the next two hours attempting to do just that, battling half a dozen other killers on a high-speed train from Tokyo to Kyoto.An over-the-top movie like “Bullet Train” demanded an over-the-top score, composer Dominic Lewis (“The King’s Man”) decided, and he spent more than a year not only writing the entire score but also producing (and in several cases co-writing) the songs heard throughout David Leitch’s action thriller.Leitch’s previous movies (“Atomic Blonde,” “Deadpool 2”) have been littered with songs, Lewis knew (“he’s a needle-drop guy”), so his concept became: “Can I write something in the style of a needle-drop, that feels like a song but is doing the job of scoring, following the peaks and troughs of what’s going on?” While Lewis trained in classical music at London’s Royal Academy of Music, he also spent time in rock bands before launching a career in movie music. “I became a mad scientist,” he says, noting that the “Bullet Train” assignment began during COVID lockdown, so he is playing guitars, bass, keyboards and singing throughout the entire score.“It’s very raw and deliberately messy,” Lewis concedes.
Can I (I) - Playboy model asked to leave bus after boarding wearing nothing but lingerie - - Britain - Washington
Playboy model asked to leave bus after boarding wearing nothing but lingerie
Playboy model left a bus driver and her passengers stunned after she got on the bus wearing nothing but blue lingerie.Francia James shared a clip of herself getting on a Washington DC bus to work at the aptly named 69th street ⁠— but she was wearing nothing but a push-up bra, matching panties, a suspender belt and a pair of black heels.In the clip, which has gained more than 441,000 likes on Instagram, Francia was seen paying to get on the bus that was parked up at a station, saying: "Hello, is this the bus to 69th Street? Can I get to 69th Street, please? I have to go to work."READ MORE: 'Britain’s most hated woman' says teen son 'begs' her to quit OnlyFans almost every day However, the female driver, who was visibly shocked by her scantily-clad appearance replied: "Can you get off please?"Sitting down in front of shocked, wide-eyed passengers, Francia simply said: "No, I have to go to work ma'am."Her followers were wowed by her abs and killer cleavage in the lingerie set as they took to the comments with heart and fire emojis.One desperate Instagram user wrote: "All aboard you can ride me anytime you love."Another added: "That's what I'm talking about, get to work girl, live yo' life to the fullest."A third said: "MMMHHH COME WHIT ME IN MY CAR ......SEX VOYAGE."A fourth commented: "Wow OMG so sexy girl." Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletter However, it isn't the first time Francia has left the public stunned as back in 2019, she stunned shopping centre customers by pretending to be Spider-Man while wearing nothing but a thong and body paint.She managed to sneak into Aventura Mall wearing a large coat, which luckily didn’t smudge any of her
Can I (I) - Love Island fans rage as finalists Dami and Indiyah are 'only ones' not verified -
Love Island fans rage as finalists Dami and Indiyah are 'only ones' not verified
READ MORE: Love Island fans left fuming at 'rushed' finale with crucial missing elementOne wrote: "why are Dami and Indiyah the only islanders not verified yet? #loveisland"A second added: "The only finalists who aren't verified are Indiyah and Dami, lemme not even get into their followers"While a third penned: "How come Indiyah and Dami are the only ones not verified yet on Insta it’s giving discrimination""Mmm something about Dami and Indiyah not being verified on insta," posted a fourth.A fifth put: "What’s even crazier is that Luca has more than Indiyah and Dami’s followers COMBINED?"However, another shared: "You have to apply for it in the app tbh account handlers should’ve sorted that"Though another fan answered: "You don’t always have to apply - Instagram usually does it themselves for notable figures like islanders, they keep an eye on it!"Which set another user off to say: "Love island contestants are not “notable figures” lmaoooooo"Then another tweeted the reason behind it was: "Because they are not yt"Whereas another viewer joked: "Coco who was in there for 5 mins to breast feed andrew got a blue tick before the black couple wow"But someone did point out that: "Andrew and Paige aren’t either but I guess that doesn’t fit the agenda"In other Love Island news, TV bombshell Kady McDermott has been branded the most "sexiest woman in the world" after she posted a swimwear snap.The reality TV star posed in front of the mirror in a black and white zebra print bikini top and black thong bottoms.She captioned the post: "Can I always be this tanned"The star had friends and fans flock to the comment section to big her up, with one writing: "There are just no words for how beautiful and perfect you are @kadymcdermott
Holly Willoughby - Can I (I) - Sean Connery - Frankie Boyle - Itv - Frankie Boyle makes jibe 'about raping and f*****g Holly Willoughby' and other TV stars - express
Frankie Boyle makes jibe 'about raping and f*****g Holly Willoughby' and other TV stars
Holly Willoughby along with other TV stars.Frankie reportedly quipped during his performance directed at the This Morning presenter: "I’d obviously kill her and rape her afterwards. I’m joking, I’d rape her first."Since, it has been claimed he still supports the offensive joke after he was questioned about it at a Waterstones launch event for his latest book.He said: "Can I just say, my routine about raping and f*****g Holly Willoughby was part of a very long routine about whether or not it’s okay to do a joke about that, and I look at it from both sides, there are pluses and minuses."He also made sure to add that the power of comedy is in the fact that it is in the "eye of the beholder".Because of this, he added that believes himself to be a "mainstream" comic, according to have contacted Frankie's representatives for comment.About the joke, a spokesperson for volunteer campaign group FiLiA said: "We are horrified that some men in the entertainment industry continue to consider the abuse of women to be comedy material."There is nothing funny about male violence and seeking cheap applause at the expense of traumatising women speaks of low-quality material."A statement continued: "We are grappling with a national crisis in which the police and the courts fail rape victims who are brave enough to come forward seeking justice."Women and girls around the country are not laughing.
Idris Elba - Can I (I) - Steven Spielberg - Richard Dreyfuss - Idris Elba's new movie thrown into chaos as lion escapes onto set amid filming - - Hawaii - South Africa
Idris Elba's new movie thrown into chaos as lion escapes onto set amid filming
READ MORE:Major chaos on film sets – stars hospitalised, near-fatal accidents, death on setsThe director said: “I’m not sure I’m ­allowed to say this, but the lion got out at one point and there was a little bit on panic on set.” The animal was caught and no-one was hurt in the drama.Mr Kormákur said the lion was used ­after he called fellow film director Alejandro Iñárritu – behind the bear ­attack scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant – for advice.He said despite using CGI to bring the animal to life, he was told to get a real lion for filming in South Africa.He added: “So I went to the studio and said, ‘Can I have a lion on set?’ The ­answer, improbably, was ‘yes’.”It's hardly the first time we've seen chaos on film sets, as iconic blockbuster Waterworld saw actors plagued by rogue jellyfish.Filmed on an artificial island off the coast of Hawaii, one of the sets collapsed in a hurricane and lead actor Costner nearly died in a squall while lashed to the mast of a boat.Actress Tina Majorino was stung multiple time by jellyfish, and two stuntmen were badly injured.Amazingly, despite going £62million over budget, the film went on to make a profit at the box office.And while directing his hit flick Jaws, Steven Spielberg was determined to shoot at sea with a life-sized mechanical shark nicknamed Bruce, but annoyingly for the director, it kept going wrong.The shoot was also plagued by seasickness and a boat carrying the actors sank, while mishaps included one actor nearly being decapitated by a propeller.Actor Robert Shaw, who played boozy shark hunter Quint was often drunk for real and he feuded with co-star Richard Dreyfuss, playing the film’s marine biologist.Spielberg previously commented after the release of the