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Max Bowden - Callum Highway - Tony Clay - Lewis Butler - BBC responds to EastEnders viewers' complaints over Ben Mitchell rape scenes -
BBC responds to EastEnders viewers' complaints over Ben Mitchell rape scenes
BBC has issued a statement in response to a number of complaints about a recent episode of EastEnders in which Ben Mitchell was raped.The scenes were part of a pre-announced storyline to raise awareness of male rape.During the upsetting story, Ben, played by Max Bowden, came to blows with his husband Callum Highway, played by Tony Clay, over Ben's vigilante actions against homophobes.This caused a rift between the couple, with Ben going home with online hook-up Lewis Butler, played by Aidan O'Callaghan.Ben tried to leave but sex attacker Lewis refused to let him go and raped him in disturbing scenes.A number of viewers took to Twitter to respond to the pre-watershed scenes.One person wrote: "That was awful to watch. Made me feel physically sick."Another said: "This was not suitable TV before the watershed," while another put: "That genuinely made me feel sick to the core."The BBC has now responded to a host of viewer complaints over the soap's storyline.The broadcaster has confirmed they received complaints from viewers who were unhappy with the content in the episode.They have issued a statement in response, writing: "EastEnders has been a pre-watershed BBC One staple for over 37 years and has a rich history of dealing with challenging and difficult issues and Ben’s story is one of these."We have worked closely with organisations and experts in the field to tell this story which we hope will raise awareness of sexual assaults and the issues surrounding them.
Max Bowden - prince Albert - Callum Highway - Lewis Butler - EastEnders fans 'traumatised' by Ben Mitchell's devastating rape scene -
EastEnders fans 'traumatised' by Ben Mitchell's devastating rape scene
EastEnders fans were left "traumatised" following Ben Mitchell's harrowing sexual assault during Monday (May 23) night's episode.Over recent weeks, the character - played by Max Bowden on the BBC One soap - has been going through a difficult patch with his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay).After yet another fight with Callum, Ben decided to drown his sorrows and download a dating app where he made contact with the new manager of The Prince Albert and bartender Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan).Ben and Lewis grew close as they spent an evening together, with Ben opting to go upstairs with Lewis as soon as The Prince Albert closed. While heading upstairs with Lewis, Ben received a text from Callum which saw him and Lexi pose for a selfie.After receiving the text, a sobering Ben could be seen having second thoughts and decided to call off his date with Lewis.While Ben tried to leave, Lewis refused to let him up and events soon took a horrifying turn.In harrowing scenes, the bar manager decided to rape Ben in the same location his mother Kathy was raped by Wilmott Brown years ago.The tough scenes had a devastating impact on EastEnders viewers.Posting to Twitter, fans of the soap said they were "traumatised" by the "sad" scenes and expressed their horror at the awful situation.One gutted viewer wrote: "Seeing Ben sobbing and fighting is so sad."Another tearful fan replied: "The MULTIPLE times he said no, saying it once should ALWAYS be enough!"Broke my heart watching how traumatised Ben was to the point his face was blank, he couldn't move, couldn't react, he couldn't believe THAT just happened to him."Meanwhile, a third fan said: "I'm traumatised.
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EastEnders star Max Bowden expecting first child with ex-girlfriend
The Sun, a source said: "Max and Roisin are delighted they're expecting a baby – even if they are no longer together."They broke up earlier this year, there was no one else involved, it just simply didn't work out."They went on to add that insurance broker Roisin was "thrilled" when she found out she was pregnant, and that her and Max have remained good friends."Although they have kept the news low key until now, they have told friends and family," the source continued to the media outlet.The Sun went on to report: "Those who know Max and Roisin could not be more excited."It has been a tough year for Max so he was delighted when he found out he is going to be a dad."The couple had been together since October 2021 and frequently shared romantic snaps to Max's Instagram page over the course of their relationship.Max joined the cast of EastEnders as Phil Mitchell's son in 2019, where he's married to policeman Callum Highway and dad to ex-girlfriend Lola Pearce.Despite Max bagging buckets of success on the screen in recent years, he tragically lost three of his close pals last year.This is a breaking showbiz story and is being constantly updated. Please refresh the page regularly for the latest news, pictures and video.You can also get email updates on the day’s biggest celeb stories straight to your inbox bysigning up for our showbiz newsletter.Get all the very best headlines, pictures, opinions and videos on the day’s top showbiz stories by following Daily Star every time you see our name.
Callum Highway - Sam Mitchell - EastEnders fans convinced Ricky Mitchell has been replaced in rare appearance -
EastEnders fans convinced Ricky Mitchell has been replaced in rare appearance
EastEnders fans are convinced Jack Branning’s son Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) has been recast as the young teenager made a rare appearance alongside his half-sister Amy.During Tuesday’s (April 12) instalment of the popular BBC One soap, the TV detective bumped into his fellow police officer Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and husband Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) in Kathy’s Café.As his children picked out a cake to share between the three of them, the TV hunk prepared couldn’t help but poke fun at the copper for stripping down to his boxers after a recent modelling gig.But eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but spot the brother and sister duo looked worlds away from their usual attire as Ricky now towered over his younger sister by a fool foot.As viewers watched the blissfully ignorant detective rat out Ben's scheming plot to prevent his husband from modelling, fans of the soap swarmed to social media to share their thoughts on the teen's rare appearance. One user asked: "Is that a new actor for Ricky or has it just been a while since he's been on screen? #EastEnders." Another agreed: "Oh my god Ricky's been recast?! #EastEnders" while a third joked: "I though Ricky was Will for a moment [skull emoji] #EastEnders."Meanwhile, one fan of the show theorised: "Ricky's made an appearance with a new head, Sam Mitchell's return must be very close! #EastEnders."But in actual fact, the TV character is still played by the young actor however it has been quite a while since the pair last appeared on the long-standing show.