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’Sisu’ Review: The Road Runner Versus Nazis
Dennis Harvey Film Critic Jalmari Helander hasn’t made a feature since 2014’s “Big Game,” then the most expensive Finnish film to date. It was an unabashed, bombastic, good-humored action crowd-pleaser that indeed pleased crowds — at festivals, while mysteriously failing to catch on with general audiences. Presumably his concept was just too “high” for mainstream viewers to swallow: Though they don’t have any problem with Gerard Butler or Will Smith doing similar honors, it seemed too much to accept a 13-year-old Finn boy singlehandedly rescuing the president of the United States from an obstacle course of assassination peril.  That failure must have hurt; Helander has spent the interim on episodic work. His new “Sisu” is, in many ways, cut from the same cloth as “Big Game” as a splashy popcorn action piece unconcerned with credibility, pushing well-worn ideas to outlandish, and outrageously entertaining, ends. But the writer-director has hedged his bets by moving one key piece in the game to the opposite end of the board. This time, instead of a juvenile protagonist that made viewers wonder whether they were watching a movie for kids or for grown-ups (the answer “both” apparently confused them), we get a crusty coot quite spry enough to take on all foes. Which bad guys might pretty much be termed “the entire Third Reich.” 
Buster Keaton - Heavy Metal and Yellow Submarine filmmaker and animator Gerald Potterton dies at the age of 91 - dailymail.co.uk - Canada
Heavy Metal and Yellow Submarine filmmaker and animator Gerald Potterton dies at the age of 91
Gerald Potterton, the British-Canadian filmmaker best known for his work on the adult animated classic Heavy Metal and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, has died.The director, writer, producer and animator passed away at the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital in Cowansville, Quebec, according to the National Film Board of Canada.'With a heavy heart, we mourn the passing of long-time friend and collaborator Gerald Potterton (1931-2022),' the NFB, Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor, announced on Twitter on Wednesday.  'Join us in celebrating the life of the director behind Heavy Metal & The Railrodder by revisiting his #NFB filmography→ http://bit.ly/PottertonNFB w/ Buster Keaton, 1965.'  RIP: British-Canadian filmmaker Gerald Potterton passed away this week at the age of 91; he is pictured in 2016'Gerald came to Canada and the NFB to be part of a new wave of storytelling, one that was fresh and irreverent, and he brought great wit and creativity to every project,' Claude Joli-Coeur, NFB chairperson and government film commissioner, said in a statement. He added, 'He was also a builder, helping to lay the foundation for today's independent Canadian animation industry with Potterton Productions…He was an exceptional artist and a truly nice man.'  Potterton started creating animation for the NFB back in the 1950s, and then went on to direct his own classic short films, including two Academy Award-nominated productions: My Financial Career (1962) and Christmas Cracker (1963), which he co-directed with Norman McLaren, Jeff Hale and Grant Munro. He also directed live-action films like the comedy The Ride (1963) as well as the acclaimed late-career Buster Keaton short film The Railrodder (1965).   Making