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EastEnders Dotty Cotton star Milly Zero teases huge paternity twist amid cast shake-up
EastEnders actress Milly Zero has teased there are some big reveals on the horizon for the BBC soap.The 23-year-old, who plays Dotty Cotton, has confirmed there are more secrets to be discovered regarding her character.Last year things came to blows between Dotty and her mum after she learnt that the infamous character Nasty Nick wasn't her dad, it was in fact Tom Cotton, known as Rocky on the show.Although it looks as though not all is as it seems for the young character.Speaking to Metro on the red carpet of the British Soap Awards, the star hinted that it's not clear if Tom Cotton played by Brian Conley, is really her real dad.Teasing that the shocking discovery isn't completely over, Milly said: "Is Rocky her dad? There’s quite a lot to come out in the next few months."She also spoke about troubled Dotty Cotton's relationship with Vinny Panesar who she's been dating for a few months.Milly continued: "I guess it’s that we don’t know about Dotty and Vinny – like, are Dotty’s feelings for Vinny mutual?"The 23-year-old actress also touched on the five characters that are being written out of the BBC One soap.It comes as new boss Chris Clenshaw is making some major cast changes.Milly said it was sad that people are leaving the show but was supportive of her co-stars.She said: "Obviously it’s sad, we’re all such a close cast it will be a sad loss, but I know they’ll all go on to do amazing things."They’ll be missed for sure."Next to Milly, Bernie Taylor who is played by Clair Norris in the soap told the publication: "Unfortunately that’s just a part of soap world.