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Emmerdale Jessie Dingle star's life - Kate Bush link, singing talent and return hint
Emmerdale Jessie Dingle star Sandra Marvin recently excited fans, after she teased a possible return to the ITV soap.The star, who played headteacher Jessie between 2017 to 2019, is just the latest in a series of stars who have hinted at a return to the dales for the soap's 50th anniversary.Along with Emmerdale legend Diane Sugden, fans look set to be treated to a whole host of cameos from familiar favourites this October.READ NEXT: Emmerdale's Meena return for 50th anniversary teased as fans 'work out' prison escapeBut what is Sandra Marvin up to now, three years after leaving the soap?Daily Star takes a closer look inside the actresses' life.Sandra Marvin is best known for her role as headteacher Jessie Grant in Emmerdale, the mother of Billy Fletcher and Ellis Chapman, between 2017 to 2019.She later became a Dingle after marrying Marlon, following a long will they-won't they storyline.Their romance was not without its problems though, with Jessie's son Ellis turning up in the dales and throwing a number of punches at her future husband.That wasn't all, as ex-husband Al Chapman arrived and tore Jessie and Marlon apart, with Jessie departing the dales for good after spending the night with Al.Speaking to OK! Magazine, Sandra also revealed that she stepped away from her role in Emmerdale to take part in the theatre production Thunder Girls."I always felt I was being pulled in so many directions, still with a love for singing and theatre," said Sandra."It’s been an amazing time on Emmerdale, but I’m excited about what the future could hold."She added: "It was a really hard one as I love soaps and I always dreamed of being in one."After leaving Emmerdale, Sandra has continued to appear on stage and screen, in TV series
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Emmerdale DI Malone star now - famous ex, hair transplant rumours and family heartache
Emmerdale viewers will surely remember cold hearted, dodgy copper Detective Inspector Mark Malone who caused an onslaught of damage in the village before his untimely death.Playing the role of the crooked policeman in the long-running soap, actor Mark Edward Womack did a fantastic job gripping the nation with his dark and gritty portrayal.DI Mark's first appearance was on 5 March 2020 playing Harriet Finch's former colleague and boss of Will Taylor.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham parades toned legs in skintight leggings for sizzling gym snapBut although he came to the village to investigate the shooting of Nate Robinson, things quickly turned sour when he blackmailed Will, Cain Dingle and Billy Fletcher into working for him.The copper's bad antics begin to spiral out of control and he was later killed by Dawn Taylor with Harriet's assistance.Now that he is no longer in the soap, Daily Star has taken a look at what he's up to now.During his time in Emmerdale, news emerged that Mark's marriage to EastEnders actress Samantha Womack was over but they were still living together.The former couple announced that they both decided to end their relationship in 2018 but were in "no rush" to change their family dynamic.Talking about her marriage to OK! Magazine, Samantha, who previously played Ronnie Mitchell in Albert Square said: "Our family home is big enough and we’re co-existing happily."There’s no rush to change things."But now feels like the right time to be honest and admit we’re no longer together."The former couple share two children together- Benjamin Thomas, and Lily Rose and Mark also has another son, Michael, from his first marriage to Mary Therese McGoldrick.Last year, reports claimed Samantha was dating
Billy Fletcher - Hope Stape - Dawn Fletcher - Emmerdale’s Clemmie village’s ‘next serial killer’ as fans spot ‘creepy’ streak -
Emmerdale’s Clemmie village’s ‘next serial killer’ as fans spot ‘creepy’ streak
Emmerdale fans are sure that newcomer Clemmie Reed could be the next Meena Jutla in a horrifying serial killer twist.The youngster, who recently discovered her mum Beth died of a drug overdose, has moved in with Dawn and Billy Fletcher, along with Dawn’s biological son Lucas.But things haven’t been going well as she’s struggled to settle in, rowing with Lucas and assaulting her half-brother – with fans comparing her to Stephen King’s Carrie. READ MORE: Emmerdale Chas' soap exit 'sealed' as fans predict downfall as affair escalates Taking to Twitter, terrified fans predicted a very dark ending to the storyline, with one writing: “I get the feeling that Clemmie is going to be like Damien from The Omen…”“Clemmie is like Carrie! I mean I know she’s been through a lot but she still assaulted the lad!” another fan echoed, while a third agreed: “How f***ing scary is Clemmie? I’m waiting for her head to start spinning round!” Another echoed: “I think Clemmie will turn out to be the devil!” while someone else compared her to Hope Stape from rival soap Coronation Street, tweeting: “Clemmie is going to be another Hope!” “Clemmie is scary looking, has the look in her eyes of Hope from Corrie!” someone else chimed in.Others were worried that it could all be a plan orchestrated by Dawn’s ex Alex, Clemmie’s biological dad.One social media user suggested: “I reckon Dawn’s ex knew that Clemmie was evil and that’s why he agreed so easily to Dawn and Billy looking after her!” And a killer twist could be on its way, as one Reddit user warned: “The bad seed! Say hello to the next serial killer in Emmerdale!” Another worried: “Is this the direction they are going in with Clemmie? Sure, they could just have her be a product of bad parenting
Billy Fletcher - Ethan Anderson - Itv - Emmerdale's Emile John 'found it difficult' playing Ethan in 'controversial' racism plot - express - Jordan
Emmerdale's Emile John 'found it difficult' playing Ethan in 'controversial' racism plot
Emmerdale star Emile John has admitted that he "found it difficult to be at the heart" of the soap's "controversial" storyline about racism. Emile, who plays lawyer Ethan Anderson, told and other publications that Emmerdale was "brave" for including such "abhorrent" examples of racism on the show.Emile, 25, is in the midst of an ongoing storyline that sees his character Ethan wrestle with his conscience after agreeing to represent the racist Jordan Greenlow (Jack Parr).Jordan has been accused of racially aggravated assault after he attacked Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) last month.This is Ethan’s first case as a duty solicitor, but his role in representing the accused has caused tensions in the village. Asked what his first reaction was when he saw the script for the complex story arc with racism as its core, Emile spoke about how “abhorrent” he found the language to be.“Just looking at the scripts and stuff and also the language is just such, you know, abhorrent language that the viewers will see,” he explained. “So, being at the heart of that was quite difficult sometimes. “But yeah, it's fun to play and I'm having a lot of fun with it,” Emile reflected.Speaking about the importance of Emmerdale featuring such a hard-hitting storyline, the actor went on to praise the soap for not shying away from the issue. “I think it’s important,” he said.
Billy Fletcher - Jamie Tate - Dawn Taylor - Gabby Thomas - Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath -
Emmerdale's Jamie set to shoot Gabby dead as he returns for Home Farm bloodbath
Emmerdale, as viewers will be treated to an explosive week filled with tension, drama and flashforwards.After months of getting over the loss of her partner Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) world is about to be turned upside down for good.Loyal fans of the ITV soap will remember the traumatic ordeal the doting dad put his family through after he accidentally crashed into a lake where it was thought he died in the crash.But in the latest teaser for next week’s instalment, fans believe Jamie could be back for revenge to kill the mother of his child and kidnap his son.As the doting mum celebrates the birth of her son Thomas’, the memorable occasion soon turns sour after Millie nearly revealed that her dad is still alive after faking his own death last year.This causes cautious mother to grow incredibly suspicious and it’s fair to say the brunette beauty is determined to find out the truth.And with Gabby’s anxiety on high, things only get worse when Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) reveal they’ve spotted a suspicious figure on CCTV.While staying home along with the tot, the loving mum makes sure to keep a watchful eye over the house, determined to protect her son.And her paranoia goes into overdrive when she finds a touch outside the house, as she convinces herself that Jamie has returned after she spots the same hooded figure she saw on CCTV.Later on in the week, Gabby finds a long gift left for Thomas which sends shivers down her spine as she believes her suspicions are confirmed that Jamie is back for revenge.If that wasn’t terrifying enough, someone is also set to steal a gun from the Home Farm cupboard – is Jamie out for blood? Or does he have other things
Billy Fletcher - Liam Cavanagh - Andrea Tate - Olivia Bromley - Jay Kontzle - Leanna Cavanagh - Paige Sandhu - Manpreet Sharma - Leyla Cavanagh - Emmerdale Meena's fate 'confirmed' as Paige Sandhu explains why storyline had to end - - city Sandhu
Emmerdale Meena's fate 'confirmed' as Paige Sandhu explains why storyline had to end
Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has teased that fans will be left on the edge of their seats as Meena Jutla's trial comes to a dramatic conclusion next week.The serial killer nurse is due to stand trail in upcoming scenes for a list of grisly crimes.Over the past year, she has claimed the lives of teenager Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger), Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) and Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon).She also held Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) and her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) captive and came close to killing them.It wasn’t until she kidnapped Dawn and Billy Fletcher (Olivia Bromley and Jay Kontzle) and shot Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) that Meena was finally arrested.Meena's epic downfall was also helped by the fact that Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) pushed her over the bridge and stopped her in her tracks.Fans have been awaiting her comeuppance for months and the ITV soap has planned a huge court showdown for Meena's big finale.Opening up about what viewers can expect, Paige told Daily Star and other press: "The way the trial goes and the way it's been shot, I think the audience will be on the edge of their seats not know what's going to happen and which way it's going to go."There are points when you see the jury believing Manpreet and Liam but on the other hand you've got points when they believe Meena."With the history of Meena, she does always does get away it.
Billy Fletcher - Liam Cavanagh - Andrea Tate - Dawn Taylor - Leanna Cavanagh - Paige Sandhu - Meena Jutla - Emmerdale Meena star 'in tears' as she reveals 'incredible' end for ITV serial killer - - city Sandhu
Emmerdale Meena star 'in tears' as she reveals 'incredible' end for ITV serial killer
Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has confirmed she is leaving the ITV soap - and has already "started crying" about the exit.Paige has played serial killer Meena Jutla on the popular ITV soap - an evil murderer who has wreaked havoc on the Dales.Paige first set foot in the soap, as Manpreet Sharma's estranged sister, in September 2020, but she's been causing trouble ever since.During her vicious on-screen killing spree, Meena has killed three members of the village.The psychopath shoved Leanna Cavanagh over a bridge to her death, beat up Andrea Tate and left her to burn alive in a fire, and fatally pummeled Ben Tucker.With Meena's fate hanging in the balance, Paige has now confirmed that she is set to leave the soap.The actress told This Morning that it's "the beginning of the end" for her character, but there's plenty more action to come before that happens.Paige said: "This is the beginning of the end for Meena but there's more drama to come!"The exit has clearly left her emotional, because Paige revealed that she's already started crying about it.She told the Mirror: "The ending’s incredible, better than I could ever have imagined, and I have already started crying."Paige went on: "[Meena] is a psychopath and believes nobody will ever get the better of her.
Leyla Harding - Billy Fletcher - Liam Cavanagh - Dawn Taylor - Harriet Finch - Emmerdale fans shocked as Liam 'kills' Meena on same bridge she murdered his daughter - - Taylor - county Dale
Emmerdale fans shocked as Liam 'kills' Meena on same bridge she murdered his daughter
Emmerdale fans were completely shocked as Liam Cavanagh appeared to "kill" Meena Jutla on the same bridge she murdered his daughter Leanna. This week in the Dales, Meena's conniving ways continued as she kidnapped Dawn Taylor in a limo during her Valentine's Day wedding to Billy Fletcher, reports OK!.After attacking them in nail-biting scenes, the vindictive nurse had also left Leyla Harding and Harriet Finch for dead.Meena then taunts Liam about murdering his daughter Leanna which leads him to push Meena off the same bridge she killed his daughter.Avid Emmerdale fans went straight to Twitter to give their thoughts on the action and the thrilling scenes.One person said: "In all seriousness who'd of thought Liam would be the one to put a stop to Meena and come through good and strong #Emmerdale."Another tweeter wrote: "Liam showing no mercy there going straight after Meena and now he's pushed her over the same bridge when Leanna died !!! #Emmerdale."In the scenes, Liam learned that Meena was back and became worried after realising that his wife Leyla had gone to look for the newlyweds.Liam then spotted Meena running through the village as he followed her in a run-and-chase scene before they ended up by the same bridge she killed his daughter on.After being cornered by Liam, Meena said: "You know, it's funny...