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Black Love: Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Through the Years

ESSENCE.View ESSENCE’s Exclusive Photos of Barack Obama’s Campaign Trail »  Michelle greets Barack after his electrifying speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.View ESSENCE’s Exclusive Photos of Barack Obama’s Campaign Trail »  The couple makes their way off stage after the 2004 DNC Speech.

Barack shares in his best-seller “The Audacity of Hope” that Michelle gave him the final boost as they embraced before he took the stage and told him, “Just don’t screw it up, buddy.”View

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The friendship endures. Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Former President George W. Bush shared another small moment together that caught the eye of Twitter users. At the January 20 inauguration of Joe Biden, the two caught up, along with their significant others (George’s wife, Laura Bush, and Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama). Although they were all wearing face masks, it was evident from their eyes that they had smiles on their faces as they gathered in a group and chatted.
What a day! Alex Rodriguez, Barack Obama and more stars celebrated President Joe Biden and V.P. Kamala Harris as they were sworn into their White House duties on Wednesday, January 20, at the United States Capitol.

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