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Steve Backshall's cheeky request to Princess Anne as he he admits she took him by surprise
Princess Anne at Windsor Castle, where he was supported by his mum. Speaking exclusively to, the wildlife expert reflected on the cheeky words he said to the royal as she expressed her interest in his projects. He said of the moment: "It was amazing, the most incredible thing was she, I mean clearly had been given research by someone, but she knew who I was and talked through all my projects."We ended up chattering away about some of the places we had been to."I even asked her if she'd like to buy a part of the rainforests for me as part of one of my charities which gave her a really good chuckle."Matt Hancock's partner Gina lands at Heathrow without I'm A Celeb star"We got on famously."Steve added: "For someone like me from humble beginnings being there at Windsor Castle is something I won't forget."The BBC star chose his mum as his guest on the day instead of his wife Helen Glover."Just seeing my mum and being able to say thank you in that way, was special."That's certainly something that I'll hold with me for a long time."Steve's wife was appointed MBE in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to rowing.The sports star received her medal from Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.The presenter said he would've loved to have met the Queen, but is happy his wife was honoured by her.English and Welsh WAGs cheer on their men at World Cup 2022 in Qatar [PICTURED]Mike Tindall stays in Australia with Zara sharing loved-up snap [LATEST]Rod Stewart's heartbreak after losing 'best mates' in two months [RIP]"That's one of the highlights of her career achivements," he continued.During our chat, Steve also discussed his thoughts on I'm A Celebrity...
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'Personable' Princess Anne praised for getting the train rather than royal cars
Princess Anne enjoys a quiet life out of the spotlight and it has now emerged she often favours train rides rather than being driven around.Celebrity interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has opened up about his encounters with members of The Royal Family who live in close proximity to his home in Gloucester.Anne, 72, has recently been praised by Brits for her strength over the past 11 days since the death of her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.READ NEXT:Prince Philip scolded Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in brutal no-nonsense swipeThe Princess Royal accompanied the late Sovereign on her final journey from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace before her coffin was taken to Windsor Castle.Praising Anne, Laurence exclusively aid: "She lives quite near us and I occasionally share a train with her."I find her very switched on and so personable, she always remembers everybody and everything about everybody."This however isn't Laurence's only encounter with members of The Royal Family as he previously revealed that he was scolded by Prince Philip.He had designed part of the flooring at Buckingham Palace but it appears the Duke who died in April 2021, aged 99, was not impressed.Laurence said: "There was a bit in the corner, it was right at the beginning of my career."It was obviously something I was extremely proud of and I remember my family was very proud."I remember many years later, standing in that position with the Duke of Edinburgh because we were part of the Cutty Sark Trust, he was the main man and I was the celebrity patron."He continued: "Just trying to find something to say, we were waiting for people to arrive and I said 'you know sir, I designed the floor that used to be here.'"He had his hands behind his back, he rocks
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Inside kidnap bid on Princess Anne that saw her held at gunpoint and three men shot
Princess Anne left her held at gunpoint with a ripped dress as three men were shot in the terrifying ordeal.Anne, Princess Royal, survived her kidnapping attempt back in 1974 after an Escort driver, Ian Ball, attempted to capture the Princess who had just visited Buckingham Palace with her at-the-time husband, Mark Philips.Princess Anne's car had come to a stop and Ball jumped out brandishing a pistol, with personal protection officer to the Princess Royal, Inspector James Beaton, attempting to detain Ball.READ MORE: German magazine 'Die Queen' frontpage misinterpreted in awkward translation blunderHe suffered a gunshot wound to the arm after his Walther PPK jammed and Ball opened fire.Two other men were injured by Ball including Anne's chauffeur and a nearby journalist who had attempted to intervene.Ball then approached Anne and told her he intended to kidnap her and hold her ransom, with various sources citing anywhere between £2million to £3million.He claimed to want the hostage money to give to the National Health Service to fund its mental health treatment, and told Anne to get out of the car, to which Anne allegedly responded: "Not bloody likely."Boxer Ronnie Russell, who happened to be passing at the time, attacked Ball and bought the Princess Royal some time for police to arrive, and as a reward he was given the "Jorge" medal and the mortgage on his home was paid off by the Queen, WBA reported.Princess Anne confirmed the story years later on an interview appearance where she also spoke of a rip she received to her dress at the time.She said: "It got slightly rougher at one stage - we did in fact - when he shot the policeman and we managed to close the door, he got the door back open."But in the process of getting
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Princess Anne eyed up unusual career choice in case royal family were abolished
Princess Anne might be the hardest-working member of The Royal Family but she has a secret career lined up should she ever need to get a job.Despite rarely giving interviews, the only daughter of the late Queen often carries out more public engagements than any of her relatives but also works behind the scenes.The Princess Royal, 72, shunned London life and instead lives a much quieter life at Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire, surrounded by her two children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips.READ MORE: From Page 3 models to reality stars: Celebrities who dated and married royaltyDuring an interview with Terry Wogan in 1985, the princess was faced with the question, what would she do if the monarchy was abolished?While many would have been left speechless, she had the perfect response: "I'd have to work even harder on the farm.I think it's rather difficult to tell now what career I'd have liked to have pursued."But Terry left the Princess amused when he revealed she had actually passed her test and had a heavy goods vehicle driving license."Out of necessity, I qualified as a heavy goods vehicle driver," before adding: "I was actually asked if there was anything I could do, if as you mentioned The Royal Family was abolished and just like that."On the basis of if one didn't have a farm to work on or there was no other alternative, both my husband and I have heavy goods vehicle licenses."His is a HGV one and mine is a HGV three so it seemed like a very logical way of earning ones living."There is in fact quite a demand for good horse box drivers, we know one end of a horse from another, we thought we could probably crack that one between us."While Anne may be a sophisticated royal, many would be shocked to discover that Anne's
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Arlene Phillips shares emotional insight ahead of Queen's funeral 'Day of tears and loss'
Queen Elizabeth II since her death was announced on September 8. Having been awarded an OBE, CBE and finally a DBE, two of which were directly from the late Queen, Arlene said that her death has had a “enormous effect” on her, making the day of her state funeral (Monday, September 19) particularly difficult.Posting on her Instagram stories to her 40,000 followers, Arlene shared a picture of her receiving her OBE from the Queen back in 2001.The late monarch, dressed in a blue dress, was pictured slightly bent pinning the medal onto the professional dancer's blazer, while Arlene beamed up at the Queen.With a red heart emoji, Arlene wrote: “Thinking about the Queen all day and the enormous effect it’s had on me.“Tomorrow will be truly a day of tears and loss.”Echoing the attitude of many across the nation ahead of the Queen’s funeral, Arlene’s Instagram story extended to a montage of photos that she posted around a week ago.Sharing two pictures of her receiving honours from the Queen and one from Princess Anne earlier this year, Arlene explained how the Queen has been a “constant” in her life.She wrote the caption: “I keep thinking of our late Queen and how she has been such a constant in our lives, personally remembering back to her coronation when I was 10 years old.“As we are all in this time of mourning, I am reflecting on how she gave me something I could never have dreamed of, by presenting me with both my OBE in 2001 and my CBE in 2013.“Then earlier this year, I had the honour to receive my DBE from Princess Anne at Windsor Castle.