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Abbie Quinnen - Aj Pritchard - AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen left 'worried' by Strictly curse 'Really hard' - express
AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen left 'worried' by Strictly curse 'Really hard'
Strictly, it was non-stop really.They didn't want us to be together, they wanted him and his other [dance] partner to be together and that was really hard."The "Strictly curse" refers to the impact that close relationships formed on the show between dance partners can have on their relationships with their real-life romantic partners.The burns survivor also confessed that, before getting together with her beau, she hadn't been pursued by paparazzi, making the sudden attention a little overwhelming."I didn't know anything to do with the press," she added."Having to deal with that by myself was really tricky because he was just non-stop working and everyone was rooting for him and his partner to be together and no-one was rooting for me and him," she lamented, adding: "It was very sad."She tried not to take the trolling to heart, reasoning that some people may have simply been "on a power trip" when they delivered their taunts.However, it was challenging to see AJ, who worked on Strictly between 2016 and 2019, continuously being paired with a string of glamorous stars.During his time on the show, he has been professionally partnered with Olympic artistic gymnast Claudia Fragapane, musical star Mollie King of the Saturdays, Paralympic athlete Lauren Steadman and Youtuber Saffron Barker.Meanwhile, troubled Abbie was dealing with constant criticism due to their relationship playing out in the public eye.After she suffered a harrowing accident in 2021, which left her with third-degree burns all over her face and body, she realised that AJ was in the relationship for the long haul.After her imitation of a Tiktok hack to create a vase went horribly wrong, and her attempt to melt a glass bottle caused an explosion, she was rushed
Carol Vorderman - Abbie Quinnen - Oliver Cheshire - John Terry - Aj Pritchard - Carol Vorderman, John Terry, AJ Pritchard and his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen lead the way at Cheltenham races - metro.co.uk - county Cooper - city Holland, county Cooper
Carol Vorderman, John Terry, AJ Pritchard and his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen lead the way at Cheltenham races
Carol Vorderman, John Terry and more were spotted out and about on the final day of the Cheltenham Festival.The stars were out for one last day at the races on Friday with AJ Pritchard and his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen almost among the celebs dressed to impressed and making the most of the sun.Countdown legend Carol, 61, oozed style and looked as youthful as ever stepped out in a dark tan blazer over a slightly sheer black top.The clear blue skies were deceptive, as the star – who presented the Channel 4 show for 26 years – kept warm with a pair of black leather gloves, and completed the chic look with a stunning tweed-detail peacock fascinator.As ever, it’s a star-studded affair with famous faces soaking up the action with the Cheltenham Gold Cup set to be held at 3:30pm.Retired Chelsea star John Terry stepped out with his wife Toni as they were spotted wandering round the concourse, with his partner stunning in a black shirt and form-fitting pants with a red plaid coat to match her belt.Meanwhile, the former England defender kept it cool with a blue jacket and tie, completing the look with beige chinos and brown leather dress shoes.Former Strictly pro AJ and his partner Abbie were also among the punters on Friday, and the dancer looked effortlessly cool in a smart blue suit and shades.And Abbie was all smiles as she walked by his side, opting for a spring-blossom pink trouser suit.John was spotted talking to fashion designer Jade Holland Cooper – whom The Times has called ‘Mrs Cheltenham’ for her role as its ‘main outfitter’ – at the event, while she was seen beaming with Pixie Lott.The singer – who was just by husband Oliver Cheshire – looked incredible at the races as she wore a Jade-designed cape/coat in a bold black
Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Abbie Quinnen - Aj Pritchard - AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie and pal ‘almost killed each other' in Dancing On Ice stunt - express
AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie and pal ‘almost killed each other' in Dancing On Ice stunt
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby gasp in horror, Abbie Quinnen opted not just to watch Dancing On Ice, but to emulate it in her bedroom.Together with a friend, she donned her roller skates and the pair tried to replicate the risky lifts."I would absolutely love to do Dancing On Ice," she enthused by way of explanation."I remember when I was younger, when Dancing On Ice was on, I would pop on my roller skates and I would dance around my room and try and do the dances myself."I actually had a friend who used to come round and we would try to do the dances and lifts ourselves."We almost killed each other, but it was so much fun."She added: "It's definitely a passion of mine and I would love to do that show for sure."Unfortunately for Abbie, however, she hasn't been on the ice rink lately.She and fellow dancer boyfriend AJ Pritchard, who was a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing for four years in a row before bowing out in 2020, had been planning to get their skates on and refresh some of their moves."We just couldn't fit it in with my pantomime," she lamented, "and I might break a leg or something."I don't fancy hurting myself any more than I did last year to be honest."Abbie is referring to a traumatic accident during which she endured horrific third-degree burns trying to replicate a perilous TikTok hack.The flames had been used for cutting a glass bottle in half to transform it into a vase, but the result was an explosion that severely harmed her face and body.However, Abbie assured Express.co.uk: "I definitely have been a lot more careful [since] with everything I do."She has struggled with the emotional impact of learning that her scars might never totally disappear, and with the discomfort of wearing a
Abbie Quinnen - Aj Pritchard - AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen may need more surgery after horror accident - express
AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen may need more surgery after horror accident
Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard, 27, has revealed she is considering having more surgery following the terrifying accident that left her with third-degree burns.Abbie, who is also a professional dancer, is still scarred from her injuries which she sustained whilst making a social media video with AJ in January last year.The couple tried to make a “life hack” by transforming an old wine bottle into a vase.They dipped a rope into a flammable chemical, wrapping it around the bottle and lighting a flame.However, the glass exploded and the fire blew up which engulfed Abbie’s hair, face and upper body.She was admitted to hospital, underwent three skin grafts and will have to wear a compression vest and stay out of the sunlight over the next couple of years to help her skin to heal.Over one year since the horrific accident, Abbie says she is still undergoing treatment.She told OK!: "I still get treatment every six weeks, I actually get to see my surgeon in March so she will be able to tell me what we can do next.“Whether that's having another operation or what we can do to help my scars."So I'm looking forward to seeing her again to see where I stand really."She explained that boyfriend AJ had been a great support during her recovery.The dancer explained: “It's been a hard year, but I've had AJ by my side all the way through and he's been absolutely amazing.So I just feel really lucky really."Abbie added that the ordeal brought the couple "closer together" and she realised how much AJ truly loves her.She continued: "I honestly looked horrific."I don't know how he had to look at me everyday and was still there, feeding me my 27 tablets a day and was by my side and still told me that he loved me when I looked that