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People rattled by kids' rug in hospital lobby as letter shows wrong description

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viral as it shows one clearly wrong letter.The carpet shows the alphabet with symbols to signify the letters from A-Z.It has an apple for A, a bear for B, a car for C and so on.READ MORE: Worst things to say after sex – as one Reddit user asks date to test for STDBut when you get to the letter N, that's what has left many Reddit users baffled.In a post shared earlier this week, user/SleezeDemon wrote: "Kids' area of a hospital lobby.

N is for?"Typically there would be an image of night or maybe even a nose to describe the letter.But in this case, it shows a little chick.Now at first glance you might think it should fall under the letter C for chicken and only some people have sussed it out.Can you figure out what the image is supposed to signify?Over on Reddit, people paraded in with all kinds of ideas, as one wrote: "I'm going with newborn."While another joked: "Nuggets," and a third commented: "None of your business."The answer is obviously a given once you've glared at it a few times as it shows a chicken which could mean nest or nesting.Other users kept commenting with their jokes as one posted: "Nicholas Un-caged."To which someone replied: "This comment made me accidentally wake up my wife."Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox?

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